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That simple sentence contains the answer to our so called illegal immigration problem.


Situation: a police officer on regular patrol pulls over a vehicle that has run a red light, rolled through a stop sign, speeded or some other moving violation. All legitimate reasons for stopping any vehicle (the only profile is illegal operation of a motor vehicle). The officer approaches the driver and asks for license, insurance and registration (standard procedure, haven’t we all been there) and the driver is unable to produce one or more of the documents. The driver of the vehicle is now demonstrably in violation of the law. The police officer now has the obligation to investigate the driver further and finds that the driver is undocumented. At this point the officer has a choice 1) given today’s political climate in all likelihood the driver is told to drive more carefully and is allowed to go on their way, 2) the police officer detains the driver and transports the driver to the police station where further background information is researched. Upon verifying that the driver is in fact in the country illegally the police office contacts the Feds (ICE) and the feds take custody of the driver and deports him following their investigation.


Proponents of changing the immigration laws claim that option number 2 is way too costly for the US government as there are 11 plus million individuals that would need to be identified, rounded up and processed for deportation. I totally disagree and here’s why; go back to my first sentence. When you know that there is a very good chance that you will be caught you correct your behavior so you do not provoke anyone in authority to detain you, as in proper driving techniques when around police officers. The same holds true for immigration violations. We do not need to round up every illegal in the country, just begin enforcing the laws we now have and a huge majority of them will get the message and leave on their own. Of course coupled with that is making certain that only those individuals that qualify for state/federal assistance (legal US citizens) receive that assistance. Stop enticing non US citizens to break our laws and enter the country as illegal’s just to get free stuff. Bottom line is we have all of the laws on the books now we need to effectively enforce and eliminate this problem. There’s no need for congress to waste its time and our money concocting new and cumbersome statutes that cloud the issue even more. As the old saying goes “KISS” Keep It Simple Stupid.


Don’t believe that? Think back a few years when the economy was rapidly dropping off, do you remember the news reports (not many) about the fall off of illegal border crossings? It turns out that work in the US was drying up and there was no reason to come or even stay so they began to leave – ON THEIR OWN! WOW what a concept huh?

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