May 3

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Herman W. Kovar, Sr. commented on James C. Watson DC's blog post Never forget this!
"Who do I  trust?.....Myself and a 'few' others!......I won't be here in 10 or 20 or 30 years to see what is going on in America, but whoever is, it won't be pretty! POLITICIANS living high on the hog....off the backs of the American…"
Jan 30, 2013
Herman W. Kovar, Sr. commented on Admin Melony B. DeFord's blog post A Beautiful Poem
"FOX News should show this........Great Poem.......Thank You!"
Aug 5, 2012
Herman W. Kovar, Sr. left a comment for Don
"Hi Don,  you sir are way more smarter than I could ever hope to be!  For 1 you live in Arizona,  while I reside in my birth state of this sespool called Illinois! Believe it or not, 10+ years ago Illinois wasn't too bad a place to be born in and…"
Apr 1, 2012
Herman W. Kovar, Sr. commented on Doreen Taft's blog post The Silver Bullet that will stop the Beast!!
"and one more thing, what is there ? 455 politicians total in congress ?? and they are holding MILLIONS of Legal Citizens hostage !  How is that ? ............ "We the People" better DO SOMETHING NOW!!!!!!!!"
Apr 1, 2012
Herman W. Kovar, Sr. commented on Doreen Taft's blog post The Silver Bullet that will stop the Beast!!
"A Fools Gold Bullet "We" need .......Silver Bullet is for vampires/warewolves!"
Apr 1, 2012
Herman W. Kovar, Sr. commented on Burt Keefer's blog post Obama's Muslim Dream
"" WHEN " it is all said and done....The FBI and others will claim THEY had "O" under close watch and were just waiting 'long enough' for "O" and ALL the Others to "hang themselves"!........their (FBI) copout!
Law Enforcement is great and WE need…"
Mar 29, 2012
Herman W. Kovar, Sr. left a comment for franklin w. miller
"Hi Frank...What PATCH is that??....I'm old & slow now. "Nam" Vet Army 69-71 !
Let me know what patch you are talking about please. I'm curious too and may want one also!
Thank's,     Herm  -}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}--------------------->
Mar 11, 2012

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  • Well I don’t pretend to be smarter than anyone.  But I am old enough to sort of be set in my ways.  I was not born in Arizona I was born in Pennsylvania but left there when I was 19 and will not ever move back although I do sometimes visit.  I was back there some 5 years ago.  I do admit I am not much of a Illinois fan.   But that means nothing because I do care to much for many of the Northeast or north Midwest states.  I spent a month one night in Minnesota.  But different strokes for different folks.  Been here for over 50 years. 

  • Dear Herman,

    I just read your last post on Obama's Muslim Dream and I don't think we have ever communicated before. From what I gather you are kind of hanging in there, but not much more. I am kind of doing the same, hanging on while in retirement. I am a Swiss immigrant (1964) and went to Parks College /SLU, near your neck of the woods, class of 1969. So here is my question to you:

    If you'd like to visit me in the Palm Springs area and have the means of transportation to get yourself out West then you are welcome to visit me. Except for the liberals in Cali and a few other nonsensical and nutty things the weather is at its prime and you can do pretty much anything you'd like from my house (meaning you could travel to your hearts desire and use my place as your base, or just park yourself until you've had enough) - FREE. If that is something you'd still like to get under your belt then give me your e-mail and we'll communicate. I have two sons, one in in CO, and the other in TX. Two dogs here with me, and I smoke. You sound like a good fella who could use a change, and if this sound like something you'd still like to do (before you kick the bucket) then I just want to extend my welcome to you. It's just a thought and I don't know if you ever really got out of your town, other than when you served your Country. NO STRINGS ATTACHED AND ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS LET ME KNOW. I retired in 2003 and got stuck in PSP, and am waiting to go back to Colorado. I don't know whether you still have the means and the ability to travel, or the desire to do so. BUT IF this is something you'd still like to do then give me your e-mail and we'll hook up.

    Thanks again for your service to our Country, I am proud of you and hope that all is well!

    Heartfelt regards to you and yours, and please stay safe my Friend!


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