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The Real Election Battle Is Between Wall Street Cronies And Non Wall Street Donald Trump

Donald Trumps Wealth Isn't Tied To Or Earned Through Wall Street


The Real Election Battle Is Between Wall Street Cronies And Non Wall Street Donald Trump

Tea Party Main Street | 2-5-2016

So what's the problem with the "Non Wall Street" New Yorker Donald Trump who will only be good for the U.S.? Donald Trump doesn't rely on other peoples money to build his business. Donald Trump takes his own earned income and constantly reinvests it in deals that will double down and earn him more. Donald Trump is great at it and will do it for "All U.S. Citizens". Except for Donald Trumps huge skyscraper towers which he used borrowed bank money to build most of Donald Trumps properties were paid for out of profits through "Buy And Sell" ventures.

The two paragraphs below are just a general outline of the way Wall Street fleeces the public out of money. The public cries about losses when the economy crashes as the wealthy come out on top and the public gets flushed down drain. When the public gets flushed the financial institutions always claim hardship because the money for the financial institutions survival has already been transferred into the 1 percenters pockets and private bank accounts and they won't transfer it back to save their own asses, hence, "Taxpayer Money Gets Used To Save Retirement Accounts" because the financial institutions have paid the politicians to protect them. Politicians are also involved with the financial institutions in their wealth building .

Wall Street cronies grab other peoples money and buy stocks in businesses then stuff the excess profits the business investments make them into their own pockets which translates into billions of dollars. The people that let these greedy crony Wall Streeter's use their money only see a little bitty 3% return if your so lucky. Where's the other 97%? Operational costs? B.S.. The other 97% goes to pay for someone's lavish lifestyle. When you borrow a banks money or use your credit card you can pay anywhere from 18% to 23%. Why are financial institutions that borrow your money for investment purposes only paying you out a measly 3% (compounded daily of coarse). Worst of all you put your money in a bank for safe keeping and the banks loan your money to someone else or invest it without your permission and only pay you 2% or 3% and tell you the other 97% goes to operational costs. The U.S. government regulates fixed priced home loans but if you chose a variable rate loan you can get screwed big time when the economy goes into recession and the banks lose money and the borrower always has to pick up the cost of the banks screw up by paying more on their home loan as their interest rate is increased.     

Wall Street invents financial investment products that are on paper only and sells them to everybody who wants to earn pennies on the dollar (compounded daily of coarse). Huge amounts of retirement funds get dumped into these invisible paper financial products and when the stock market crashes people who have dumped their retirement funds into these invisible financial paper products lose it all and it always comes back to the banks and financial institutions as the cause of the stock market crash.   
The point of the above paragraphs is to show how Wall Street engages in making the public pay for their bad investment decisions while they make their wealth off of paying out very little and not having to take losses when they mess the economy up. Donald Trump didn't make his wealth engaging in this behavior.

Donald Trump doesn't earn his money this way. Donald Trump buys "Real Property" mostly old buildings, fixes these building up and resells them or rents them. Donald Trump didn't make his fortune off Wall Street or from corporations. Corporations and Wall Street are tied to each other hand in hand. Donald Trump has nothing to do with the "Wall Street & Corporate Crony" relationship. Donald Trump Buys and Sells real estate and sells his name to the highest bidder like these Hollywood actors do which is called branding. If a business wants to use Donald Trumps name to sell stuff Donald Trump charges a fee to the business to do so and this has nothing to do with Wall Street.

Donald Trump's buy and sell business is one of the last "U.S. Owned And Controlled" businesses. Donald Trump may have some stocks and bonds he owns but didn't create his wealth off the stock market. Donald Trump may even have some investors involved in developing his buy and sell properties but the investors are not stock market associated and are reimbursed through legal contract. Donald Trump purchases defunct business properties, gets them started up again and profitable then either keeps them or sells them the old fashion way as car buffs do by taking an old classic car to fix up and resell for profit. Donald Trump makes his money as a baseball card collector does by buying a pack of baseball cards, getting a rare star player trading card then selling that rare trading card for profit. Donald Trump just did it with real estate.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are fully funded and controlled by "Wall Street Money" so if your looking to change the government to the better you won't do it with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio or any other of the crony Wall Street funded candidates. If I had to pick a candidate other than Donald Trump it would have to be Carly Fiorina now that Rick Santorum got pissed off at voters and decided to get back at voters by endorsing Marco Rubio. Carly Fiorina is Wall Street connected since she worked for Hewitt Packard but if we have to pick turd it may as well be Carly because the stink isn't as bad as the other candidates who will indeed flood the U.S. with immigrants to satisfy Wall Street.

* Politicians and business professionals that buy and sell to make their money, "Alright".

* Politicians and business professionals that make their money off  Wall Street and corporations, "No Way".

* Anyone that makes their money off of government or investing while in government beyond a paycheck should be crapped on.

Vote For Donald Trump Or Be Stuck With Whatever Income The Wall Street Gang Lets You Have After They Pay For Their Cheap Immigrant Labor.

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The True Beginning Of The Now "Tea Party"

4064203460?profile=originalThe Real Beginning of the "Tea Party" is Ross Perot's "Reform Party" that was formed back in 1995.

Article: The True Beginning Of The Now "Tea Party"

Back in the 1990's the republican party had no idea the democrats had turned to communism because it was so well covered up. The Reform Party went dormant after 2000 due to them splitting the vote and causing losses for republicans then came to life as the now "Tea Party" in 2008 when Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs sparked conservative protests commentating about Barack Obama's social communist roots. The Reform Party still exists but is still 3rd party without its supporters who are now active in the republican party base known as the "Tea Party" wing.

Ross Perot's dream political party did in fact become reality after 8 years of laying dormant with no leadership after the leadership of it's beginning fell apart due to Ross Perot not realizing the 3rd party movement was not working and he endorsed Pat Buchanan as the reform party nominee over Donald Trump for the 2000 presidential run then went further by endorsing George W. Bush over the reform party nominee which killed the reform party movement.

Ross Perot's reform party still existed between its fall in 2000 and the rising up of its supporters as the now "Tea Party" in 2008. The leadership of the present day reform party still hangs on to the failed 3rd party ideals while its supporters remain active as the now "Tea Party" in the republican base. The failed 3rd party ideals of leadership that never listen to or follow their supporters will always fail good or bad and only goes to show leadership that sticks to failed ways will always be the leadership of themselves only.

Had Ross Perot endorsed Donald Trump and ran Donald Trump on the republican ticket all the social and economic problems of today would not exist. There would be no Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and libertarian Bush's screwing up our lives and losing us our incomes. The borders would be closed and the economy booming in favor of U.S. citizens. The middle east war would have been ended and U.S. energy supplies would be abundant at a low cost.
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Donald Trump's Statement Concerning Vladimir Putin's And U.S. Government Death March


The Sacrifice Of U.S. Citizens By The U.S. Government

Remember, "Donald Trump Is Not A Trained Politician" with the scripted words that eventually get the trained politicians that are in and have been in control of the U.S. into office we have no desire for. Donald Trump doesn't use teleprompters and just states the unscripted truth as his supporters have come to realize is absolutely truthful. Donald Trump doesn't elaborate and you have to be able to understand reality in order to make sense of Donald Trumps words and what Donald Trump means when he is saying his words.

It's good that Vladimir Putin made some positive comments about Donald Trump after Donald Trump stated he would have a good relationship with the Russian president. This means Donald Trump and Putin are, "Going To Talk" seriously about the middle east and other world affairs. These talks need to happen and if a rosy appearance develops between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin that's not a bad thing at all. "They Will Talk". WWIII between Russia and the United States needs to be avoided. A rosy relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin? I'll take it over WWIII any day. Donald Trump has proven himself to be "Tea Party" over and over again so he will be given the trust of dealing with Putin through "NEGOCIATIONS" that are not the strong point of the other presidential candidates or past presidents that got us into this mess.

Donald Trump stated Putin is the leader of Russian as chosen by the people of Russia after the liberal reporter on MSNBC told Donald Trump Putin murders reporters. Putin in fact does murder reporters and his rivals but Putin is the leader of Russia and the "People Of Russia Will Not Correct The Problem Of Putin" and the killing machine of the Russia government. Donald Trump cannot refuse to talk to Putin or any other world governments that kill their rivals to stay in power. You bet, "If Obama And The Communist U.S. Democrats Stay In Power The Russia Way Of Killing Off Rivals Will Develop In The U.S. Without A Doubt".

As for Donald Trump stating the U.S. government kills people also? "THAT HOLDS TRUE" if you look at all the "Massive Unchecked Immigration" that's being allowed by our failure ridden U.S. government. The 9/11 World Trade Center deaths were caused by U.S. government intent as to being an intent of our corrupt U.S. government putting immigrants in front of the safety of U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens have become not even secondary to the U.S. government but in fact, " A USELESS NUISANCE" so our deaths that are caused by foreigners are just calculated into the overall plan that transforms the U.S. into a communist nation like the military estimates the deaths of soldiers prior to an invasion of a military opponent. "True". Even though an order wasn't directly given by the U.S. government to kill the over 3000 people in the World Trade Center it was known by the U.S. government that U.S. citizens would die due to their plan of flooding the U.S. with massive amounts of legal and illegal immigrants.

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Donald Trump Will Temporarily Stop The Bad To Keep U.S. Citizens Safe From Elitist Gain


Donald Trump Will Temporarily Ban The Bad That Keeps The Bad Politicians In Business

Muslims are muslims first over being patriot U.S. citizens. Muslims are patriots to the muslim faith and "Sharia Law" over being patriots to the foreign countries they are living in. The muslims enter the U.S., have children then teach them to be sharia patriots that are anti country they are born in. This is true in the case of hispanics also and has been proven time and time again.

The good will that has grown and has been installed since the beginning of the U.S. by the founding fathers is being abused by the "Rino" establishment republicans and communist democrats to change the U.S. constitution away from the protection of U.S. citizens to meet their ideology of changing the U.S. from a nation of citizens to a nation of their control of U.S. citizens and advancing their warped group ideology over the warped group ideology of their competitors ideology. U.S. citizen advancement and well being doesn't even factor in to their plans of making their history changing move geared towards "Self And Group Self".

The passage written on the Statue of Liberty that reads, "Bring Us Your Tired, Poor And Hungry Masses" is being used as a deception to flood the U.S. with the worlds tired, poor and hungry masses in an attempt to take the rights of U.S. citizens away and make government by the communist democrats and/or business communism pushed by the libertarian establishment republicans the dominate governing entities over U.S. citizens. Our value outlook towards immigrants and human life is being used against U.S. citizens for the personal and political gains of everything that keeps U.S. citizens under the "Control" of the elected communist democrats or libertarian communist business republicans who fight a battle against each other for control over U.S. citizens? Or will U.S. citizens rise up and install Donald Trump as president of the United States who will fight the battle to enrich U.S. citizens over the anti U.S. citizen libertarian GOP communist business power and democratic communist government entities?

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President Donald Trump Mocking A Reporter Or Mimicking A Womans Natural Fright Position?


The Truth Of A Sissy Boy Afraid To Stand Up To What He Wrote


It's the wonders of what the brains of our money hungry media can come up with when told to do so by their glorious CEO's and owners that are only out to attract readers and watchers for gain. The media has gone, "All Cash" to keep the businesses that advertise with their news outlets happy. If the businesses don't like a candidate for the people and want a libertarian candidate that's the puppet of cash then the media news outlets will of coarse stand on the people to keep the businesses paying the cash to advertise in their news outlets. Who says the news outlets are not a businesses themselves? Does anyone have the thought of Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, New York Times and other news outlets paying out million dollar salaries a year to their staff through good will and bleeding hearts? Well, if you do I have some, "NEWS FOR YOU".

There are some good online news outlets like Breitbart and Newsmax but sometimes they too just print the narrative with only light investigation. Andrew Breitbart before his passing was an intense investigator of what's true so the news organization he founded follows what was. There's stories I've read on other online news outlets that appear to be uncorrupted but are unknown as people go the easy route to get their manipulated news as human nature dictates each individual states they are educated enough to figure things out themselves. I myself used to go the way of human nature and be a self proclaimed person that knew what I didn't really know then "BOOM", I started researching issues myself to find out what reality is and "POW", I became what I thought I once was.

Now, this issue of Donald Trump mocking the disabled reporter Serge Kovaleski seems to be far fetched because they automatically assumed and heavily reported by libertarian CNN and "Fox News" reporters just to smash Donald Trump. The news reporting of this event just showed a frame from a news video clip of Donald Trumps hand bent. I started to feed into this narrative also when I first saw the reporting all over the internet then decided to investigate myself and found out the way Donald Trump was acting out was similar to the way tough men act out and treat sissy boy men.

What I found out was women do indeed go into this position shown by Donald Trump during his campaign speech. Donald Trump wasn't lying as he stated he was not mocking that reporters disability but instead mimicking lets say, "Billiary Clinton" or any women that gets startled. Some women will naturally position their arms to protect their mid section and chest area when frightened or startled and if you add in "Rosie O'Donnell" you get this positon plus "Whiny". Donald Trump looked like he was mimicking a whiny frightened women and this is a stigmatism women have picked up over the years. When a men get sissy what Donald did on stage is the natural response by other men to the "Sissy Men". Donald Trumps father did make Donald Trump work construction, Donald did play sports and Donald was in the military until the military doctors kicked Trump to the streets for having bad feet which is where this portrayal of to "Sissy Boys" comes from.

Without a doubt I was correct in doing my own investigation as I ran across the full video clip that showed Donald Trump poised like a "Women Going Into Fright Position directed At A Sissy Boy Reporter Who Retracted His Story To Make Donald Trump Look Bad". This reporter printed a story of muslims cheering 9/11 in the U.S. then retracted the story 14 years later to spite Donald Trump. This disabled reporter working for the New York Times was most likely ordered to retract his story by his bosses to make Donald Trump look bad in the eyes of the public.
Read Full Long Article HereDonald Trump Mocks Or Mimics A Sissy Boy
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The Tea Party Killing Machine "Trump Card LLC" Libertarians Plan To Attack Donald Trump

"Trump Card LLC" Libertarians Plan To Attack Donald Trump

The news about the new attack PAC against Donald Trump is starting to circulate and will be well known fast as the lips can fly and the fingers can tap buttons on the keyboards. Yes, our shiny establishment libertarian republicans have put together a PAC of business wealthies to show the strength of the their collected dollars to a candidate that has his own dollars. The PAC won't let their donor list go public so there's something about the something and I myself am under the thought that some of the donors are of the democratic communist party. I've always stated the rino population that has infiltrated the republican party are the libertarian half democrat, half republican creatures of our despare.

Many many business entities are named, "The Trump Card" and some may or may not be connected to the new "Tea Party Killing Machine" Trump Card LLC. There are even foreign business entities with the name "The Trump Card". "The Trump Card" is a popular name most likely playing off of Donald Trumps popularity. Using the name "Trump Card" is a good laugh for the libertarian republican rinos and mixing the name "Trump Card" in with all the other businesses named "Trump Card" is a good way to conceal the organization that plans to attack Donald Trump.

There are several "Trump Card" business entities. The "Trump Card LLC" I'm investigating was created August, 2015 and is connected to "Paracorp Plus" under the name of "Parasec". Paracec is the registered agent for "Trump Card LLC" that's out to kill Donald Trump and the Tea Party. All the names listed in the next paragraph are without a doubt "Libertarians". My first thought that's not proven is this "Registering Agent Business" Parasec could be and most likely is the connecting rod for the libertarian political machine. Why would the "Trump Card LLC" Tea Party killing machine use someone else's registered agent business and not one of their own? Parasec is "Global".

What is the "Trump Card LLC" and/or "Trump Card Inc.", well, I got hold of a list of participating directors:  Liz Mair, Elizabeth Mair, Michael Hanlon, Michelle Hanlon, Reince Priebus, RNC, IGH Holdings Inc, Ron Pauls Private Republican Liberty Caucus, New Media Strategies, Hynes Communications LLC, DCI Group LLC, MAIR Strategies LLC, Rick Wilson.

The " Congressional Republican Liberty Caucus " may be confused with " Ron Paul's Private Non Congressional Republican Liberty Caucus " that is connected to "The Trump Card LLC" attacking Donald Trump. The "Congressional Liberty Caucus" was created by Justin Amash and as of this day the "Republican Congressional Liberty Caucus" does not have any libertarian members and will not attack Donald Trump. MARK SANFORD and  RAUL LABRADOR have good conservative voting records in opposition to the GOP libertarians.

If you go to " Ron Paul's Non Congressional Liberty Caucus " you will see they have Ted Cruz and Rand Paul listed as members. After all the research I've done on Ted Cruz there's no doubt at all Ted Cruz is libertarian and "Lying" about his stance on illegal immigration. Ted Cruz will legalize illegal aliens if he happens to get elected. Other libertarians out to take control and distort the "Tea Party" with libertarianism are: Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Rand Paul a most if not all of the republican presidential candidates. Ben Carson is dipped into the libertarian puddle also. Half of Fox News anchors, reporters and contributors are libertarian.

Here's the link to the "Libertarian Republican Rino" list. Libertarian Rinos

Article: The Libertarians Believe U.S. Citizens Into Their Non Reality

Read Full Article Here: The Tea Party Killing Machine

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The United States needs a leader and not a politician with baggage that preaches the Tea Party message but has done nothing to further Tea Party values other that run their mouths about how much they will get done when they are already in elected offices and have done nothing but run their mouths. We don't need any first term senators that have done nothing but speak the game then avoid staying away from getting rid of all the illegal aliens. Closing the border is one thing but getting rid of the illegal aliens that are here is the first and foremost issue the Tea Party wants "Done" without question. Time for some new blood and Donald Trump fits the Tea Party agenda.


Please take a moment to view this new Donald Trump web site. All Tea Partiers are invited. We support all "Tea Party" true conservative anti illegal alien web sites, persons and candidates.

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You have to ask yourself, "What's Going Through The Minds Of The Sociopath Brain?" and "How Did This Person Get Elected To Keep Us Safe?". The answer is clear if you look beyond what you think you know and have been fed and into what the sociopath doesn't want you to know. Sociopath's are not all dumb and can get well educated. Not all sociopaths murder but produce murderers. Sociopath's that don't murder have no emotion for those who are murdered and relish the deeds of those who do. A government that is controlled by persons without emotions for others is always a government of communists. You just have to look around the world and compare countries in Asia, South America, Africa, Central America and Mexico to find sociopath governments where people with normal emotions let themselves be dominated by the mental illness of others that have very little to no emotions.

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This is a specific voting poll between Donald Trump and Ben Carson. This poll is unrestricted and anyone can register a vote. No matter how many times you click the vote button for one of the candidates only the first vote will be registered so make sure you are sure of your pick. Thanks For Voting. The results of this poll are accurate, "Really".

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This is a specific voting poll between Donald Trump and Ben Carson. This poll is unrestricted and anyone can register a vote. No matter how many times you click the vote button for one of the candidates only the first vote will be registered so make sure you are sure of your pick. Thanks For Voting. The results of this poll are accurate, "Really". No registration or signups are required to vote. Just click onto the page and cast your vote.

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