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Sheriff Joe

To me it is insane that our government is breathing down Sheriff Joe's neck because he's doing his job.  The EPA, the ACLU, the Department of Education, all need to go.  The days of political correctness are past.  Speak now or run the risk of losing the right to speak and be heard.  What part of ILLEGAL does President Obama not get?  And who in the world does Eric Holder think he is?  The second amendment clearly gives us the right to bear arms. 

Since OWS started trashing NYC, there are those who have likened that movement to the Tea Party.  OWS doesn't hold a candle to the Tea Party.  They're a bunch of worthless do nothings sponsored by the very liberal left.  Tea Party members are solid backbone of the country types who are honest hardworking, moral, and who know how to show respect to our flag.  

There is something very wrong going on in our country and it started 50 years ago when the EPA came into being.  Since that time, we've been told what to do, when to do it, who to hire, who not to hire, what to say, what not to say to the point that I'm SICK. 

Since the beginning of time, weather has changed and moved in cycles.  There will always be minorities.  There will always be prejudice; it is the nature of man.  Everyone has an opinion.  The government can't change that.  They can only brainwash us if we allow them to do so. 

In the end, it is the differences we share that make us great as a country.  That is part of our uniqueness.   What we need to remember and really focus on is not the color of skin or ethnicity, but the fact that all AMERICANS, (whether black, brown, white, American Indians, Asians, Jews, Protestants, Italians, Germans, French, Mexican, Irish, etc)  need to stand together against tyranny and against those who would break our laws, and those who would like to take our FREEDOMS away.

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