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Forrest replied to Admin Melony B. DeFord's discussion Hanoi Jane enourages people to 'mess' with Critical Infrastructure
"She's a stinking Communist . Shoulda lined her as s up in front of a military firing squad and done with long ago . And she's not the only one !"
Jun 10
Forrest commented on Joela Cornilus's blog post Waking Up Real Patriots
"There is not one way to straighten out this Communist destruction of our Great Nation and all we stand for . We've tried talking , voting , which ended up being the biggest obviously nation wide rigged caN our nation has ever suffered from , and…"
May 25
Forrest commented on Mitchina Soli's blog post Is This Communist Obama’s Real Father? Was communist mentor intimate with Obama's mother?
"The rabbit hole goes veeerrry deep ! But , those of us with common sense and eyes that CAN see plainly, know this commie pos is a terrorist plant , hell bound on the destruction of OUR Great Nation and everything she stands for .I for one will do…"
Jun 21, 2012
Forrest left a comment for Jim Bourland
"Hello Jim , I went to the site you mentioned , I'm having trouble signing up and joining . I'll keep trying tho , and will do my best to bring my fellow Patriots into the fold . Excellent site and very much needed I might add !  Thank you for the…"
Jun 4, 2012
Forrest commented on Rose Colombo's blog post "Why is the Question of Eligibility Off-Limits in America?"
"@ Grace Polaris , You are 100% right in your acessment , THEY ARE, and have been ,from the very beginning !"
Jun 4, 2012

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  • oh, by the way, it reads "I LOVE NY" in Arabic, ha-ha

  • 4086114351?profile=original

    Thanks for the friend request - I see your avatar T-shirt and raise you one! ;)

  • Hi Forrest, Are we in a mess or what. I think our biggest obstacle is our inability to unite. If we can't do that its curtains. What part of the country are you in? Here are my contacts by cell 662 574 1621 emai jbourland60@aol.com

  • Howdy Forrest.

    glad to accept your friendship here Pard.

    Semper Fi.


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