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And The Beatdown Goes On

   Three years ago, Nancy Pelosi said that we had to pass the bill to see what was in it. Well, those who weren’t paying attention back then are now finding out why we had to pass the law first, before the people could find out what terrible things were in the bill. Many of us knew what was to become of the best healthcare in the world and were ignored or worse. To paraphrase Barack Hussein Obama’s pastor, the chickens are coming home to roost.

   We were told by every Democrat that if we liked our plan, we could keep it. Obama told us that after the bill passed, then later campaigned for re-election on it. He continued that until the insurance companies started sending out the cancellations and placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of Obamacare. I remember one of our senators, Kay Hagan, proclaiming the same thing in speech after speech. She repeated the mantra that Obamacare was going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread and that everybody would greatly benefit from the law. Many other democratic congresspeople were declaring the same thing. Well, so far, 5.9 million people have lost their policies, with more to come. The democrats are so alarmed that Obama has delayed, unconstitutionally, the small business mandate. When all the delays are finished, there will be as many as 125-150 million cancelled policies, resulting in new policies with premiums three to four times more and much higher deductibles. All this so that 30 million uninsured could get insurance. Estimates are that after the dust settles around 30 million people will be uninsured.

   Besides not being able to keep our policies, we are finding we can’t keep our doctors. Many doctors are retiring or closing their offices due to the low rate of pay under Medicare, Medicaid and Obamacare. By 2015, the rate of pay for doctor services will be 16 cents on the dollar. To top that off, many doctors are being overlooked or ignored by Obamacare. Inclusion in the Obamacare networks is by invitation only huge numbers of doctors, and indeed hospitals, were not invited. If a doctor finds that he wasn’t invited, nobody can tell them how to get invited. The obvious result of this will be massive wait times for even simple treatments. Didn’t we point this out even when Hillarycare was being talked about in ’93? I remember pointing out the example of Canada and their wait times.

   Now, we find out that, beyond plans, doctors and hospitals, we can’t keep our medicines. The list of approved prescription medications is highly abbreviated, whole classes of drugs not available under the Obamacare policies. You may be able get those drugs, but it will be out of your own pocket and the price doesn’t apply against your deductible. You remember that purple pill for indigestion that used to cost you $20 under your prescription policy. How are you going to like paying the $138 per month  for the same thing, or more? What about the costs of drug cocktails for cancer or HIV? How will people be able to afford the drugs required to fight the life-threatening diseases that are being fought today?

   Yesterday, the news broke that volunteer firefighters were going to be the latest victims of Obama’s government-run healthcare law. According to the IRS, the Obamacare Gestapo, the volunteers, whether paid or not, for the purposes of Obamacare, are to be designated as employees, therefore required to be enrolled in Obamacare. Many rural areas rely exclusively on volunteers to fight fires. Many volunteers come to help regular fire stations. But, now, some, if not all, of those volunteer fire departments will have to be dropped as being too expensive to operate, posing considerable loss of property and life in the process.

   The more we know about Obamacare, the more we realize that it is an assault on almost everything we have, from our health, our life and our property. This goes beyond a wealth redistribution; it’s an affront to our Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

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An Abusive Executive

   Last Tuesday, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on the President’s Constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws, as laid out in the US Constitution in Article II, Section 3. The speakers for the hearing were, Michael Cannon, a director for health policy affairs at the Cato Institute and Jonathon Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University. Together, they blasted the President’s execution of Obamacare, or, more accurately, his failure to execute. They pointed out that, after passage of the law, Obama has on numerous occasions, changed the details of the law. From collecting taxes that were not authorized to choosing to delay taxes that were authorized, he has picked which parts of the law to enforce, while disregarding other parts and failing to enforce others.

   The aforementioned Article II, Section 3 of the US Constitution, lays out the duties of the President of the United States, one of which is “he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed”. This was the subject of the hearing Tuesday and, together, Cannon and Turley dismantled the handling of the laws by Obama and made it abundantly clear the Framers of the Constitution would not approve of the piecemeal attention given the law by the President. As egregious as the abuse is in this regard, I believe Obama has gone way beyond this charge in his attempt to grab powers from the other branches of government.

   In the last five years under Obama, He has intimidated the Justices of the Supreme Court, gone around the Houses of Congress and consolidated central power not in the government, but in the Executive branch. His EPA, has passed regulations without Congressional approval. Those regulations have laid waste to companies, levied fines and destroyed employment across massive swathes of the country. They have killed the coal industry, causing concern among the electric companies. The last large lead smelter will close in the next week or two due to regulations, amounting to back-door gun control. His Border Guards are ordered not to enforce laws regarding illegal aliens (yes, I said it) entering our country and they dictate which, if any, violators get deported.

   Then, there are the multitude of executive orders given. Under Obamacare, one of the provisions was that doctors were not required to ask certain question of patients. One of those questions was whether or not there were guns in the house. Last year, Obama penned an executive order that it was okay for doctors to ask the question, under penalty of Medicare money. Another order okays questions of sexual orientations and behaviors. There are orders for government grabs of food, crops and water in the event of a national emergency. The President decides when to declare a national emergency. There are guidelines and executive orders for when martial law can be declared, with more orders giving even more power to the President. Evidently, the National Defense Authorization Act of a few years ago didn’t go far enough.

   There are many websites that someone could visit with many conspiracy theories, from FEMA Camps to be used for detention of American citizens opposed to big government to others.The problem is that a lot of those theories are rooted in the possible abuse by a government bent on control. As I look at our history, it occurs to me that many of the things that are going on in the government are the same things that Thomas Jefferson laid out as grievances against the King of England in the Declaration of Independence.


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Our Role In Afghanistan

    So, according to reports, the US government is negotiating with the Afghan government with regards to the role of our military in their country. If you remember, over a year ago, the administration said that we would be out of Afghanistan, leaving a small contingent. Evidently, now they are trying to finalize the terms.

    The yet unsigned agreement calls for a contingent of American troops to remain in Afghanistan in a security and training capacity. The agreement says that although there may be a need to conduct missions against Al-Qaeda, Afghan officials do not want American forces to have the ability to arrest or search homes or other real estate properties.  They also want the troop numbers to be between 10,000 and 15,000 personnel, while the administration claims the number will be around 6,000 to 8,000.

    Current rules of engagement under which our men and women operate basically puts targets on their backs. Soldiers and Marines under fire must get permission to return fire. If insurgents are seen entering a building or home, our troops can’t fire on the structure until it is certain there are no innocents in the building. Unfortunately, the insurgents don’t operate under the same ROE. They don’t even care if they kill some of their own people during a firefight. In the end, they’ll blame it on the Americans.

    This plan will keep billions of taxpayer money going to fund and equip the Afghan military, which is thoroughly infiltrated by insurgents. It places the American troops mostly defending outposts, the positions of which are known by those insurgents. This agreement for all intents and purposes places our troops in the position of hostages to the Afghan government to ensure future payments and equipment, possibly indefinitely. This administration even helps the enemy by giving millions of dollars to companies to build in Afghanistan, even though they are known to fund terror groups.

    The Afghans want one more thing. They want an official apology from the President of the United States for anything they think any American may have done at anytime that might be construed as offensive to any Afghan. This is being considered by this administration. It is, after all, one of the few things Barack Hussein Obama does well; apologize for American Exceptionalism wherever it remains uncrushed by his administration!

    It is time (or way past time) for our troops to be pulled out of Afghanistan and let Karzai and his Afghan leadership sink or swim. There should be no further funding to their government or no other shipments of arms unless paid for by them. Let the Afghan government be concerned with winning the hearts and minds of their own people. The policy of the United States should be if we must send in our troops to help another country, they should be given the rules of engagement that allows them to win decisively, then come home!

    With regards to the apology, I’m an American and never have I apologized for that. I served in Vietnam and never apologized for that (nor will I ever). I served in the US Marines for 25 years and am proud of my service and have never felt apologetic for that service. I’m positive those who have served in Afghanistan, as well as Iraq, feel the same pride. The administration should never apologize for the men and women  who serve our Armed Forces. He should apologize TO those in the military. Perhaps he could start with the families of those he helped kill in Benghazi and those he helped kill during Extortion 17!

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Letter To The GOP

For over forty years, from the time I was allowed to vote, I have been a registered Republican because their views most closely reflected mine. Today, I can no longer say that. You see, I am one of those “wacko birds” from which you no longer want to hear. I believe in the United States Constitution as put forth by the Founding Fathers. I believe in limited government, lower taxation, a balanced budget, paying off the national debt, the elimination of the thousands of destructive regulations, and the free market system. I believe that the Constitution gives the federal government limited powers and those not implicitly granted to the fed, remain with the states and, most importantly, the individual.

It is apparent to me that the GOP no longer believes the same things that I do. You claim to agree during election time, but your actions always fall well short of those claims, with very few exceptions. Then you turn around and vilify those few exceptions.  The recent elections are a case in point. While you threw money into the race for governor in New Jersey, where there was a left-leaning moderate who hasn’t done much in lowering the tax rate in the state and wants tighter gun control, while basically making a no-show in the governor’s race in Virginia, where there is a candidate that opposes government controlled healthcare, opposes abortion up to the time of birth, while favoring the US Constitution. Virginia proved that you favored electing a Democrat rather than turning the state over to a Conservative. Something is very wrong with that!

Several recent polls should grab you attention. One of them said that, while 42% of the respondents identified with Obama, another 42% identified with the Tea Party. That means you are trying to get the remaining 16%. Another poll stated that people of the United States had grown more conservative. You, on the other hand are trying to move more left of center. If that is your goal, perhaps you should save time and just change the “R” to a “D” to get it over with. Well, at least YOU haven’t denied G_D, like the rest of the Democrats!

I once thought that I represented your base, but, now I no longer do. You once craved the Independents (Cuccinelli beat McAuliffe in getting the Independent vote), but now, you are driven to the left-moderates. Since that is now the case, I will not be sending money to fund your efforts. I will not help you fund liberal Republicans like Lindsey Graham. I doubt you’ll be helping Nancy Mace or Lee Bright in the South Carolina race. As for my own state of North Carolina, where Kay Hagan will be defeated, I’ll be spending money and effort to elect the conservative candidate over your establishment candidate!

I know this letter will be ignored by you, just as my principles have been held in disdain by you. However, as long as you following the advice of the left-moderates (Karl Rove comes to mind), just slightly right of Democrat socialists, We have to part ways. I, and the people like me, the Tea Party Patriots, have to save the country from what you have done to it!

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