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  • God is all powerful... omnipotent and omniscient.  We also know that he is a Spirit and that He is not bound by the common laws of physics as applied to this universe OR dimension.  As such, one could apply several terms to describe God's substance (being or essence)... as He transcends our ability as humans too fathom the depths of His being.

    We do know that he is not bound by time... being the first and the last... he is infinite in His being.. We also know that He is able to be present in every thing at the same moment in time... that He is in me and every being... while, we are also in Him.  Therefore, God is not matter in His eternal essence He is Spirit... or the power of life... the essence or SPARK if you will of all substance, matter, energy, space, time, all become finite and quantifiable in  Him... as the Creator of all things.

    Scripture tells us He has always been and that nothing that exists, exists separate of His being see: (St. John 1:1-3)  Where men make their mistake in dealing with God is in their private interpretation of Him... in their imaginations and ability to ascribe His being in human terms.  We know that God has 7 primary names in scripture... that are more or less descriptive terms of His existence and powers.  So, what is in a human name... how can man codify God in his native tongue... the God of Creation is not quantifiable in terms our natural mind can grasp.

    Let us therefore, consider God for who He says He is and leave the mind of man to construct an image and likeness based on the inspired Word of God... the Scriptures which amount to mankind's authoritative and cumulative brief on God ... remembering that God said "I am that I am", when asked by Moses... who he should tell the people of Israel who sent him. 

    I choose to acknowledge God as God... the Father of Spirits, who came in the flesh as the person Jesus Christ... both God and Man... God in Spirit and man in the flesh... an Iconic emblem of what we are also to become... be born again... be transformed from this body of death... time ridden, decaying mass... to put off mortality and too put on immortality in Jesus Christ the first born of many.

    Marvel not that I said you must be born again... for the wind blows where it may and you hear its sound but cannot tell from where it originated, or where it shall go... terminate... so is everyone who is born again of the Spirit of God... they go to another place... a new dimension where mortality no more holds us in decay/death... Behold, we become a new creation in Christ (the spirit/anointing) freed from our mortal cocoon... too live eternally with the Father as intended in the beginning ... we return to our Creator in His image and likeness... after God's Kind. 

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