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I write this from a position of a guy that is old enough to have been a kid during WWII. I remember the ladies that worked on the assembly lines, food stamps and rationing. I remember saving nickles and dimes to buy war bonds, when I was in the first grade. The kids that went to war came back as men with terrible memories. They came home to provide a better world for their kids and thus the baby boomers. All of this diatribe is important only so you'll understand my perspective. What I see today is not the America I grew up with. Frankly I'm scared but hopeful. My concern, is more for, my grandkids than myself. I'll likely be dead before this scenario plays out. They will bear the brunt of the results of the current trends.

As I listen to the news, read opinions and hear comments from people I know, a lot of them seem to have a cure for what "ails us".

Every opinion has some basis in truth and the positions they take to turn this country around is always a solid piece of the puzzle.

The thing that concerns me is looking at pieces instead of the total picture.

This is my summation of the current activity. The total of the " old man math " is a unbelievable negative for personal freedoms.

Stimulus Package= more government = POWER
Student Loans = more government = POWER
Take over GM = more government = POWER
Pay Czar = more government = POWER
Cap and Trade = more government = POWER
Health Care = more government = POWER
IRS Police = more government = POWER

Our government should have very limited powers according to the constitution. We have allowed " big brother " to steal rights from states and continue to grow. It's not the fault of Democrats or Republicans, it's our fault. We have had our heads stuck in the sand for a very long time.

Now that we have suddenly taken our heads out of the sand and looked around we see that being a political figure has become a profession. It was designed by our founders to be a " serve the people " position of short duration. It must get back to that.

If we want to reduce the POWER of the federal government we should only support candidates that commit to creating term limits. I don't hear any real push for that position. If every candidate knew that they would not be able to make a lifetime endeavor, of their position, we would see a real difference in actual representation for the people. If they went to Washington and shortly had to come home and run their businesses or work for a local company their approach would be very different.

In my personal opinion they should be required to sign an agreement that stipulates that they will bring bills to the house and senate that create those term limits, in their first term.

If we view every bill, every developing new position taken by the congress and senate, in light of the POWER it creates for the federal government, we will have a clear understanding of what is really happening.

I'm sure that my thoughts are a little simplistic but I see it in that black and white manner.

There are many specific items that make me scream at my TV. They are subjects for a discussion at another time.

Give it some thought....

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