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June 8

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Doc left a comment on Florida
"This is just one more example of why we need to fire each and every one of those immoral and incompetent politicians! This is not what our founding fathers intended, and there is NOTHING about this so-called health care plan that is legal or…"
Jan 17, 2010
Doc left a comment on Florida
"Exactly Bob ...

Brian noted below "I don't know that the problem is with the politicians. It is the two party system that causes the issues we are seeing." ... I have to disagree with that, and agree with Bob.

The problem IS the politicians!…"
Dec 30, 2009
Doc replied to Pat Eubank's discussion Just a thought in Florida
"I fully agree with you Pat! Replacing money greedy, power hungry, criminals with other like criminals (whatever party they belong to) will accomplish nothing! We need to fire each and every republican, democrat and independent life-time politician…"
Dec 29, 2009
Doc left a comment on Florida
"Bill: I agree with your comments that the Tea Party movement is too fragmented to really do much good. Another thought: What are we going to replace all those "lifetime politicians" with? More of the same, just under a different umbrella? Replacing…"
Dec 17, 2009