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Note the similarities between this agenda and the so-called "Progressive" Democrat Socialists in the United States today.

Both Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, the fathers of communism, were Jewish by birth. The were also atheists by choice. Many of the early supporters of communism were Jewish; that is to say, Jewish by birth, but atheists by choice.

This is where the crux of the matter with anti-Zionists lies. They refuse to differentiate between those who were born Jewish, but espoused atheism. Not all Jews are atheists, just as not all people who call themselves Christians truly espouse the faith. Many politicians tell the world they are Christians, but only because of political expediency. They do so to court the votes of the largest voting block in the U.S., evangelical Christians; at the expense of those who are ignorant to their debauchery.

An interesting parallel in America today is those who consider themselves to be Christian, but their actions and belief systems will tell you different. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton tell the world they are Methodists, but their actions and lifestyle say otherwise. There is NOTHING Christian about their lives. Bill is a philandering, unrepentant adulterer, while Hillary is an AC/DC (bisexual) lesbian; both of which are counter to the Christian belief system.

You are not BORN a Christian, anymore than you are born a Methodist. It is a conscious CHOICE. Anything else is hypocrisy of the worst kind.

I support the RIGHT of Israel to remain a free state. That does not mean I support atheistic Jews or Marxists.

This documentary film, produced by the Jones e-Global Library, delineates militant atheism in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).

According to Harold J. Berman, a Harvard specialist in Soviet law, militant atheism was the official religion of the Soviet Union and the Communist Party was analagous to an established church. The goal of the Soviet Union was the liquidation of religion and the means to achieve this goal included the destruction of churches, mosques, synagogues, mandirs, madrasahs, religious monuments, as well the mass deportation to Siberia of believers of different religions.

Under the Soviet doctrine of separation of church and state, detailed in the Constitution of the Soviet Union, churches in the Soviet Union were forbidden to give to the poor or carry on educational activities.

They could not publish literature since all publishing was done by state agencies, although after World War II the Russian Orthodox Church was given the right to publish church calendars, a very limited number of Bibles, and a monthly journal in a limited number of copies. Churches were forbidden to hold any special meetings for children, youth or women, or any general meetings for religious study or recreation, or to open libraries or keep any books other than those necessary for the performance of worship services.

Furthermore, under militant atheist policies, Church property was expropriated. Moreover, not only was religion banned from the school and university system, but pupils were to be indoctrinated with atheism and anti-religious teachings.

For example, schoolchildren were asked to convert family members to atheism and memorize anti-religious rhymes, songs, and catechisms, while university students who declined to propagate atheism lost their scholarships and were expelled from universities. Severe criminal penalties were imposed for violation of these rules. By the 1960s, with the fourth Soviet anti-religious campaign underway, half of the amount of Russian Orthodox churches were closed, along with five out of the eight seminaries. In addition, several other Christian denominations were brought to extinction, including the Baptist Church, Methodist Church, Evangelical Christian Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Before the Russian Revolution, there were more than fifty thousand Russian Orthodox clergymen, by 1939, there were no more than three to four hundred left. In the year 1922 alone, under the militant atheistic system, 2691 secular priests, 1962 monks and 3447 nuns were martyred for their faith. According to Rudolph Joseph Rummel, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii, 61,000,000 people were killed under the Communism of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Due to the militant atheistic campaigns against Judaism, the religion was inaccessible to its followers; most Soviet Jews focused on a national identity, which fueled a mass dissident movement. Marxist-Leninist militant atheism resulted in the administrative elimination of the clergy, the housing of atheist museums where churches had once stood, the sending of many religious people to prisons and concentration camps, a continuous stream of propaganda, and the imposing of atheism through education (and forced re-education through torture at various prisons).

Specifically, by 1941, 40,000 Christian churches and 25,000 Muslim mosques had been closed down and converted into schools, cinemas, clubs, warehouses and grain stores, or Museums of Scientific Atheism.


Rev. John Hagee on Militant Atheism

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Black Racism by the numbers

According to FOX news,  "A controversial tweet allegedly posted Friday by a nurse at one of the largest hospital systems in the nation has sparked an internal investigation."

The tweet came from an account named "Night Nurse," linked to Indiana University Health employee Taiyesha Baker, FOX59 reported.

The tweet read, "Every white woman raises a detriment to society when they raise a son. Someone with the HIGHEST propensity to be a terrorist, rapist, racist, killer, and domestic violence all star. Historically every son you had should be sacrificed to the wolves b___"

Oh really? So why don't those of us who aren't racists post the real stats about who are really terrorists, killers, and rapists?

USA Crime statistics, 2015

Source: Crimes Statistics Bureau, San Francisco

Blacks killed by whites - 2%

Blacks killed by police - 1%

Whites killed by police - 3%

Whites killed by whites - 16%

Whites killed by blacks - 81%

Blacks killed by blacks - 97%

Blacks are 12.61% of the American population, yet they commit 32.5% of all rapes, 34.1% of all assaults, 54.9% of all robberies, and 49.4% of all murders. 91% of murdered black Americans are killed by other black Americans. The TRUTH isn't racist, it's just the TRUTH.




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The Republican Party is the party of racism? I think both Amber Randall and Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison need a history lesson. The Nazi party was a socialist party just like the American Democrat party. The word "Nazi" stands for National Socialism, yet left wingers call conservatives Nazis? How do they figure? Both the socialist communist party and the Nazi party are two wings of the same bird. Both are left wing. Republicans abhor both.


You won't find any Nazis among Republicans. Why do you think Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, dummy?
Democrat George Wallace was a racist
Hillary slams "KKK" Trump but her "friend and mentor" was KKK leader Robert Byrd
Sec. Clinton Nonsensically Compares Margaret Sanger to Thomas Jefferson
Minnesota Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison just proved once again that Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Hillary Clinton praised Margaret Sanger's vision and tenacity. What more proof do you need that it is the Democrat party that is the party of racism?

Hillary Clinton admires Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood

Hypocrite Clinton answers tough questions

about the Legacy of Margaret Sanger

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Unsung Heroes: The Cajun Navy


From a friend working with citizen relief efforts in southeast Texas:

"I was on this Zello conversation as medical assistance due to me being a nurse…"

Wrapping up a long day day, thanking our awesome dev team:

Just so you know, we got a ticket, this morning, you might find interesting. The ticket came in as an extreme emergency from a mother. There was a 19 year old man that needed immediate rescue. He was restricted to his bed, on a ventilator, with only a couple minutes of gas left in their (oxygen) generator.

Emergency 911 refused to go out and help him, so our dispatcher got into our main channel on Zello and starting asking for help. Within seconds, someone on the channel responded, that he would find help. Within two minutes, the other guy was able to find a citizen with a private helicopter and a medic to go out there and try to rescue this young man.

As the helicopter touched down, sprinting into the house, the medic found a hysterical, screaming mother, watching her suffocating son dying in front of her eyes, because the generator had run out of gas shortly before.

Tonight, the man on the main Cajun Navy channel shared his secret as to how he was able to recruit a helicopter, in a matter of seconds. He simply called every phone number around the Lake Charles airport, asking if they had a helicopter. After about the third try, he found a man who said, “Yes, I have a bird, a medic and enough room. I’ll go get him.”

We later received a phone call from the mother, sobbing and in tears, that this young man was transported to the hospital, placed in the ICU and is in stable condition, tonight. She thanked the Cajun Navy for saving her son’s life, when nobody else, even 911, could or would respond.

This young man is alive, tonight, because os Ticket and the other devs in this team gave us the ability to field and respond to his mother’s request for help. You guys at os Ticket should know, even though you don’t have a single boat in the water and you’re in Alexandria, north of Ville Platte, the unofficial end of Cajun Country, you and the other devs, @fedaykin422, @alex are still a vital part of the Cajun Navy. Also I was involved in this call as medical assistance from *C.H.I.N.D.

*C.H.I.N.D. stands for Citizens Helping in Natural Disasters.

Another heart-wrenching story from southeast Texas:

I lost contact last night with a family of 5 in Port Arthur with a newborn. They put the baby in basket on the shelf.

Later, all 5 adults are confirmed dead. The baby survived.

Pray. There's a million others still needing help. Don't give up yet folks. We have only just begun.

Please help Texas! If you can’t physically get there to help, you can volunteer with C.H.I.N.D. and help verify those still in need of rescuing. 

If you need assistance getting rescued or know someone that does please fill out the attached form with all information. This helps responders track who has been rescued and who has not. Please don't submit duplicate requests. Someone will reach out to the contact.

Getting help in the Houston floods

If you or someone you know needs to be rescued in the Houston area please use the following resources:

Show Your Support for The Cajun Navy: "Like" their Facebook Page:

Cajun Navy member talks about rescue efforts in Texas

More from today:

From a buddy volunteering with the Cajun Navy in Houston:

"Today, during a swift water rescue, one boat of two swift water trained rescue volunteers capsized.

Both volunteers have been found and are no longer with us. Please say a prayer for these two Search and Rescue volunteers and their families.

It wasn’t for nothing, they were saving lives at the risk of their own. All teams understand the inherent risk involved. This shows that it’s truly a dangerous situation and that brave men and women are willing (and VOLUNTEERING) to risk their own lives, vehicles, and boats in order to save others. When the police department chaplain announced himself over the radio, it became a very heavy moment. It’s a really difficult call to listen to knowing that it’s out of your hands while bowing your head for the chaplain’s prayer followed by a moment of silence."
-M. Miller

Let’s keep these first responders, many of whom are vets/LEOs, in our prayers, and keep the emotional and financial support coming.

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This is a screenshot because I wouldn’t re-Tweet anything by this traitor. What I don’t know, is why this many people liked and re-Tweeted any of his remarks. I don’t care who or what they concern …

On the other hand, we all should know by now which side John McStain is on. Unfortunately the residents of Arizona who keep electing this RINO POS traitor still haven't got a clue!


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This is a lesson for every member of the Tea Party Command Center. Instead of posting a direct link to Vimeo, where this video is posted, if you use the Tea Party Command Center link as posted below instead, it has the added benefit of drawing concerned American Christian patriots back to this website instead of to Vimeo.

So why are we targeting Christians with this video? Easy, because American Christians represent the largest single voting block in America, and it is because of their apathy toward politics that has contributed largely to the state of the Union as we know it today.

It has been estimated that approximately 40 MILLION, (yes, you read that right) 40 MILLION American Christians were so intimidated by the radical left-wing in America that they did not show up at the polls to vote in the election that propelled Marxist Muslim Barack Hussein Obama into office!

This is totally unacceptable! I am a Christian, and have been incensed over this issue since it first came to light. Christians more than any other single demographic, stand to lose so much more than anyone else, as it relates to their Christian values and morals. It is reminiscent of the same sort of apathy demonstrated by German Christians who turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to Adolph HItler's rise to power and ignored the atrocities he committed over and over again, to the point it resulted in the genocide of over 7 MILLION Jews, gypsies, and Poles that were exterminated in the Nazi death camps. May God almighty have mercy on those Christians who refused to speak out and GET INVOLVED!

What I am asking every member of this website to do is simply this: Copy and paste the message below the dotted line, including the link and paste it onto your Facebook wall and on every group on Facebook that your are a member of. Open up another window and login to your Facebook profile to make the transition easier. Copy from this page and Paste it on your Facebook profile in the other.

Do it slowly, so Facebook's triggers don't pick it up and keep you from posting. If you do it too fast, their bots will keep you from posting as it triggers a spam sensor that will keep you from posting links for an extended period of time. When you paste it, allow a couple of seconds for the thumbnail to appear, and when it does, click "POST." The message you will have posted will allow the viewer to watch the video, but they will be watching it THROUGH the Tea Party Command Center, and will draw in more prospective new members to aid us in our cause. Remember, Copy & Paste ONLY what you see BELOW the dotted line. Thank you.


If EVERY conservative and God-fearing, Bible believing Christian in America were to watch this video and forward it to everybody on their email list, we would turn this country around overnight. Post it on your Facebook wall and on every group on Facebook that you belong to as well. Simply Copy & Paste this entire message including the link below into an e-mail and send it to everybody on your email list and ask them to keep it going across America!

Agenda: Grinding America Down


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Mosul killing video: Footage purportedly showing Iraqis getting revenge on ISIS militants sparks probe, outcry

Iraqis treat captured ISIS militants as they would homosexuals, by first throwing them off the top of the tallest building, then shooting them.

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Get the Same Protection and Peace of Mind as David:

In this incredible true story we take a look at a man who had to do the unthinkable. He had to put himself in immediate life threatening danger to save his life, the lives of his family members, and even complete strangers. David is truly a hero and embraces everything that a responsibly armed American should strive for. This is a story of a responsible gun owner that the liberal media doesn't want you to hear, which is why you won't see it anywhere else. Please like and share to show America there is good gun owners out there! To get the same protection and peace of mind as David visit:

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It is high time Conservatives and Trump supporters in MASSIVE numbers began BOYCOTTING Facebook for their extremely biased and ambiguous rules they make up daily to keep us from expressing our political & religious views and ideologies freely. I am calling for a MASSIVE BOYCOTT in the tens of MILLIONS of conservatives and Trump supporters. You can go to your settings and disable your account for awhile, but once you are there, you CANNOT leave unless you upload something that insults their feeble little snowflake brains. Reminds me of the Eagles' song, "Hotel California."  You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. Unless of course you upload something that offends their stupidity. I am THROUGH with their un-American CRAP, and so are MILLIONS of others. We made Fascistbook what it is, not Zuckerberg, and it is time he got a lesson in how not to piss off your customers.  The quickest and easiest way to do this is for those of you who have Facebook profiles to extract and download all of your Facebook friends' e-mail addresses and convert them to a .CSV file. (CSV stands for "Comma Separated Values.") Once you have downloaded all of your friends' e-mail addresses, you can join several conservative websites and upload those addresses and send all your friends invitations to join you there. There is a limit to the number of friends you can download, and that is 5,000; which is the maximum number of friends Facebook allows you to have. Unfortunately for those of you who have more followers than friends, you cannot download your followers' e-mail addresses. I highly recommend you get a totally new, separate Yahoo or Gmail address to do this with, because you want to keep it separate from your primary e-mail address, or you will get far more e-mail than you will ever be able to keep up with. Once you have this new e-mail address, change your current Facebook login e-mail address with the new one, and download these e-mail addresses into that account. View the video tutorials and the information below, and after the videos I will provide you with links to other websites many other conservatives are flocking to, to get away from Fascistbook's censorship.

How To Download Your Friends From Facebook Into a CSV File

How to Export and download all Facebook friend's email addresses and phone numbers

How To Extract Email Addresses From Facebook

Facebook is trying to create one inbox to rule them all, but for those of us who don't trust Facebook enough to give them all our communication, taking control of that information is an important step toward retaining your communication freedom & Freedom of Speech. More on How to Export Your Friends' Email Addresses from Facebook, CLICK HERE NOW Once you have succeeded in downloading your friends' e-mail addresses, please upload and invite ONLY those people who you feel would make a good match for the Tea Party Command Center. You are only allowed to upload 200 invitations a day, so if you have 5,000 friends it will take you awhile to invite them all; but it will be worth it in the long run.


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