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May 12

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Is America a republic?

Yes, the sooner, the better, by any means necessary!!!

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  •  Sorry Dennis My Computer Keeps Glitching, And I Have Tried Unsuccessfully 3 Times To Send A Missive To You, My Ardent Apologies!!! As Far As The Case Of The Open Carry, Do Not Get Me Wrong"I Absolutely Agree With The Law About Open Carry." I Also Listened Very Closely To The Video, And Unfortunately For All Involved, There Had Been Calls Coming In About This gentleman, That Was Why The POLICE Had To Respond.

      If It Had Turned Out That This Guy Had Wound Up Shooting Someone, And The Portland PD, Had Not At Least Responded To Check The Situation, There Would Have been Hell To Pay For The City And Police DEPT.

     And Believe Me, I Feel The Man Was Fully In His Rights To Open Carry, Unfortunately It Appears The Local Residents Knew Nothing Of The Law, Or It Had Been So Long Since ANYONE Had Waltzed Down The Street With A Loaded GLOCK At His Hip, I Imagine No One In Years, Besides A LEO, Had Gone Down That Street With A Gun On Their Hip, And It Just Weirded People Out A Bit.

     But I Think That The Cameraman Was Obviously Trying To Make A Point, And Kudos To Him, He Did A Magnificent Job Of It. I Also Though The Main Officer Involved Handled Him Self Professionally, And With Great Stoicism. A Lot Of LEO'S Would Have More Than Likely Cranked Up The Screws On Him, He Got A Very Good, Level Headed Officer, But "I" Must Say I Stand With You, The Law Is The Law, We Need To Re-Educate The Populace On These Issues, Or Have Them Voted Away, And Forgotten Forever.

  • I Hear What You Are Saying Dennis, And In Truth It Is Legal To Open Carry In Oregon,But I Have To Believe That The PD Probably Got Several Calls About This, And Were Forced To Respond. I Would Think That The Guy Carrying His Open Loaded Weapon Down The Street Was Just Trying To Garner Some Attention, And Prove He Was In His Rights To Do So(OPEN CARRY OF THE WEAPON). The Officer On The Other Hand, Stated Several Times, He Just Wanted To Make Sure The Guy Was Not A Felon(UNDERSTANDABLE TO ME,ANYWAYS, AS HE WAS CARRYING A LOADED FIREARM DOWN A BUSY STREET)), Suppose That The Guy Had Been A Felon, And Went On Some Damnable Shooting Spree!!! And Because In Oregon, It Is OK To Openly Carry A Firearm, The Populace Would Of Had That Officers Ass(THE WHOLE POLICE DEPT'S ASS) For Not At Least Trying To Check His Credentials, And Averting A Situation That Could Have Gotten Out Of Hand Rather Quickly. The Officer, The Kid, Both Did The Right Thing, And Like I Said Before, It Was A Win Win Situation,For All Involved. In Iraq, If We Would Have Ran Into The Same Situation, Our Over Watch Would Have Probably Handled It For Us, Meaning Placing The Kids Body Into A BodyBag, And Everything Averted(WHETHER IN THE WAY YOU WANTED IT TO BE OR NOT!!!) So Thank God This Did Not Happen In Iraq, Or That Kid Would Have Been Shot Dead. But Since We Are Not In Iraq, We Have Phones And LEO That Must Perform Their Duties, Never Making Everybody Happy, But Doing The Best They Can. I Think They Were Both Right, One Of Those Rare Occasions.


    patriotic welcome



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