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June 12



Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

I don't even remember. I knew that I essentially was a person in agreement with the whole thrust of the tea party movement.

Are you on FaceBook or Twitter?


Is America a republic?

By all rights and laws, of course. But when virtually all areas of the Federal Government are replete with marxists, communists and Muslims or Muslim sympathizers. What can be done when there is no desire for those in charge of the corrupted to obey any laws that get in the way of the Fundamental Transformation, which means getting away from essentially most of our Bill of Rights. The First Amendment is KEY. Without freedom of speech, of the press and the freedom to search out what one's religious-moral-philosophic beliefs one holds to be true, there is not much of anything of value left for human beings in this world. Not only do human beings require an ideological frame-of-reference, but they must be allowed to change their minds as they learn from life and reading and so forth. To the extreme, there are some few spiritual giants who yield to NO ONE on earth or in heaven above (if one believes in that) who are innovators in the ultimate concerns realm. Ayn Rand was one of those, and she came here from Russia so she would be free to write her Magnum Opus - ATLAS SHRUGGED which I have read 25 times so far. Jesus and Moses are two more of those type people and can you imagine what our "Psychiatric Establishment" would do with anyone claiming to be Jesus returned? It is not very pretty. I happen to be one of those rare singularities and it has taken me 69 years, about 47 years of being labeled to have a Manic-depressive psychosis, now called bipolar. I have run that GAUNTLET for myself as well as for all of you who desire to be free to live as rational animals. ONWARD TO TJJE NEXT QUESTION!

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

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David Frisko Teacher left a comment for Steven G. Elliott 1SG USA (RET)
"Since we are at a CRITICAL MASS TIME, which means that we are going to have either another RENAISSANCE of slide at an ever increasing rate into the most Horrific Dark Age EVER, may I suggest (and I am open to other ideas) "The Renaissance Party." I…"
Aug 4, 2013
David Frisko Teacher posted a blog post
To put it another way: It is either THE GREATEST RENAISSANCE EVER or THE MOST HORRIFIC DARK AGE EVER.MAKE YOUR CHOICE AND MAKE IT   N O W.Yours truly,DAVID FRISKO TEACHER which you can google.D/B/A "America's Teacher"  My mission statement, while I…
Sep 28, 2012
David Frisko Teacher posted a blog post
I am ready to Front and Center to do what I have to do so that when I write the history of this era of human history I can title it "BLESSED AGAIN:America's Destiny Updated" instead of "America's Destiny Betrayed."google "David Frisko Teacher" for…
Sep 23, 2012
David Frisko Teacher posted a blog post
JOHNSON & jOHNSON IN 2012AMERICANS HEALING AMERICANS! (AHA!)Whoever figures out First exactly which two American politicians, either currently or formerly, I have in mind will be given either some money or something worth a lot more from D/B/A…
Jan 18, 2012

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