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     I would like to take a moment and talk about leadership, if I may.  Leadership is a game of strength, patience, kindness, and will.  One must have the strength of character to withstand attack, one must have the patience to endure those attacks and wait for an opening, the kindness to give quarter where needed, and the will to carry on.  

     Strength:  Strength is more than a physical aspect.  One has to have emotional strength (unlike John Boener), and the strength of character to survive the assaults from the left.  Strength is a piece of the leadership puzzle that continues to evade our President, as well.  Mr. Obama has allowed his weakness to show strongly.  The middle east is in chaos.  The Egyptians hate us because we are weaker with him in office.  We suffer more attacks, such as Benghazi, because he is weak.  He allowed the whole Syrian situation because he talked trash and didn't back it up.  The House of Representatives is weak, as well.  Hey, kids, don't start a fight if you're not willing to see it through until the end.

     Patience:  You have to be willing to wait for the end game.  You have to be willing to stay the course until the end game is achieved.  You have to have the patience to wait it out until freedom endures.  The House caved in too soon.  Had they waited it out, they may have succeeded.  In 30 years, no one will remember who the Speaker of the House was, but they would remember which President allowed the nation to die.

     Kindness:  One must have the kindness to help those who can't help themselves, but the wisdom and strength to motivate and mobilize those that can.  Kindness is a way of helping the helpless, but moving the movable.  Those who can fend for themselves and work, should be moved into that direction.  It is kinder to push an able bodied man to a job than to let him sit in poverty, in my opinion.

     Will:  One must have the will to allow the consequences of your actions to play out.  If you pick a fight, House Reprobates(Republicans), then at least have the will to follow through.  Mr. President, you should follow through on YOUR threats, or don't make them.  If the House had the will to stand, they would have won the debt debate.  

     Leadership is a forward position putting one in harms way. A leader is first in, last out.  A leader doesn't leave a man behind, and takes the consequences of his orders.  In my military life, I would never have my men do something I wasn't willing to do myself.  If it took only one or a few people to make something happen, I was on it more often than not.  

     Our president wants to lead from behind.  That's not leadership, sir, that's cowardice.

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     First of all, I have to state that I am against abortion, in any case.  That said, it is necessary to explain myself.  I believe in God.  I believe that he is a vengeful God.  I believe that He will hold us all accountable for our actions when the time comes.  I have a bastard child, my daughter, who, if I let her mother to her own instincts, would have aborted her.  My daughter is now 13 years old, about to be 14 this November.  I love her, with all my heart and count her among my life's many blessings.  When her mother became pregnant, she asked me if I wanted her to have an abortion, and thus absolve me from any responsibility.  

     No way that THAT was going to happen.

     Abortion, in my opinion, should be SAFE and RARE(primarily safe.)  

     I live in Ohio.  In Ohio, we had a dilemma, recently.  The state had run out of the drug we use for the death penalty (something else I disagree with, but lest I digress).  I was thinking that maybe we should just take the inmate and cut him to pieces and vacuum him into a trash can.  Oh, no,,, that's too cruel and unusual.  Oh,, maybe we should just drop him into a vat of acid.  No,, same thing,,,  Oh,, perhaps we should put him to sleep, drive forceps into his spinal cord, cut it, and then suck his brain out through a vacuum again.  No,,, that's insane, right?   Maybe not.  


     Wow,,, talk about cruel and unusual punishment,,,   Oh, yeah,, let's talk about that.  You see, cruel is a matter of opinion, and unusual means we don't do it that often.   So if I think that it isn't cruel, and I do it often enough so that it isn't unusual, then it's O.K. right?   Too sick?  I agree.

     If any of these methods were suggested to kill a convicted killer, serial killer, serial rapist, or other degenerate, we would be up in arms.  An estimate 44 MILLION abortions happen each year, globally, utilizing these methods, and worse, and no one says a thing.  

    The problem, as I see it, is that abortion isn't rare, and really not safe.  If you are having a knee replacement, the doctor has a representation of a knee.  The doctor will talk you through every aspect of the upcoming surgery, complete with props, stats, and his success rate.  Do the abortion doctors do that?  No way.

     Abortion doctors tell their clients that everything will be alright, and that they will wake up and not be bothered by this thing again.

     Abortion is an elective surgery to remove a piece of healthy tissue in order to interrupt a natural process.  Any insurance company, or our government, should not pay for elective surgery.  We, the tax payers, should not pay for ANY elective surgery including what they call "gender re-assignment" or abortion, anymore than we should have to pay for a nose job.

     I mourn for the dead that WE have caused.  Our government has allowed a genocide on a level that only the Nazi party, the Soviets, or the Communist Chinese could appreciate.  I pray for our nation, and lament the fact that we are responsible for these atrocities.  

     Margaret Sanger started organizations that later turned into planned parenthood.  She wanted, more than anything, for black babies to die.  History has been distorted, in this regard, and she has been lifted up as a pioneer in "reproductive rights".  Insanity.  This woman wanted nothing less than the destruction of minorities in the U.S.  She wanted to completely destroy any chance at minorities surviving in our country.

    I have to oppose any idea that leans to that kind of destruction.  My father was raised on a reservation in South Dakota, and thus, I am opposed to genocide, for uh,,,, genetic reasons?!  

     We need to absolve ourselves of these atrocities.  We need to stop killing the next generation.  


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Dirty Little Secrets: Amnesty for dummies.

     Lots of dirty little secrets out there.  Amnesty for illegal aliens has it's own.  

     Call them border crashers, Illegals, an invasion force, or whatever you will.  Illegal immigration is a big problem, and a huge burden on an already overloaded system of giveaways.  One of the problems with waving the magic wand and calling them U.S. citizens is a little bit of elfin magic.  You see, some employers out there are telling us that they are doing the jobs that Americans won't do.  This is, really, a misnomer.  Americans WOULD do these jobs if they paid at least the minimum wage.  

     The dirty little secret is, that, if the illegals are made citizens, you now have to pay these new citizens minimum wage, and they become a NEW group of Americans that won't (and legally can't) do these jobs for sub minimum salary.  Now we have to get a whole new group of illegals to do the work the old ones will no longer do for 2 bucks an hour.

     Should we still wish to make our un-documented fellow citizens legally citizens, we would find ourselves with a new crop in short order.

     I think the government should; first, start enforcing the laws that we have (not ignore the pleas of states like Arizona) and secondly, ensure the borders are secure.  We seem to have a catch and release policy, these days, with a minimum of deportations.  I would have thought we would have built the border fence first.  It is federal law, after all, that they build it.  All the bricks that were mailed to the house and senate, a few years ago, should have been a clue.

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