Woodstock, IL


January 31

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Dan White commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Hi Patriots, From Day One: Tea Party Express VI National Bus Tour
"I hope you come around McHenry, Illinois, we'd like to meet you  and hang with you."
Apr 28, 2012
Dan White commented on Don Holton's blog post April 15, 2012 TAX DAY TEA PARTY - Watkins Glen NY
"Sorry I won't be able to attend because I live too far away and I have to work. I like the idea to have it in the same town that brought  us the revolution that brought us the Woodsock generation which brought us alot of the liberalism that infects…"
Apr 10, 2012
Dan White commented on Marcia Wood's blog post Patriots – Never Let A Crisis Go to Waste
"This isgood because it will expose liberals as what they are: hipocrites, biased, two faced, and have their agenda. I've thought for years that the so called "mainstream media" have betrayed the trust that people should have in them to relay news in…"
Apr 6, 2012
Dan White commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Fluke: No Free Sex For You!
"I agree with it all except that I for one do care how many out of wedlock sexual encounters guys have with her because it just is not right and am not afraid to say so but having said so I have to let it go at that. I would never try to impose my…"
Mar 3, 2012