Lynn, MA


November 18

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Dan Thomas Brady left a comment on Massachusetts
"All Tea Party members listen up. Next year Senetor Scott Brown will take on Harvard elitist Elizabeth Warren. Warren will try and fail to make the case that she is part of the middle class,and that she should take back Ted Kennedys seat. Warren is…"
Aug 23, 2011
Dan Thomas Brady replied to Mark Gauthier's discussion Illegal Immigrants in Massachusetts
"I have a very simple border solution,if i may be so bold. First if you cross into this country illegally you should be treated as either a spy,or a terrorist,because only the strongest of punishments will deter these criminals. Second off put the…"
Aug 23, 2011
Dan Thomas Brady replied to KEN HAGOPIAN's discussion TO ALL TEA PARTY .ORG MEMBERS IN MASS. in Massachusetts
"I like you have recently joined the tea party,because I see everyday first hand of what government dependence dose to people. I live in lynn,and would be more than happy to attend any mettings to discuss the problems with our state and federal…"
Aug 20, 2011