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Craig Manoukian left a comment on Discussion Central
"The real crux of the Clive Bundy/BLM matter comes down to jurisdiction:

The US Department of Agriculture with it's two Public Administrative Agencies; the BLM and US Forest Service have federal jurisdiction limited to "Federal Enclaves", Article 1,…"
Apr 17, 2014
Craig Manoukian commented on Craig Manoukian's blog post United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) Defeated in The Senate
"Read "Screwd" by Dick Morris for good UN information - ISBN:978-0-06-219669-9"
Oct 20, 2013
Craig Manoukian posted a blog post
The Senate secured the 50 signatures needed to prevent the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) -- a document signed by State Secretary John Kerry that threatens Second Amendment rights of American citizens -- from taking effect. "The letter, with…
Oct 16, 2013
Craig Manoukian commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Should Candy Crowley Be Penalized For Presidential Debate Misconduct
"The relationship displayed by Obama and Crowley was an embarrasment to the United States and the the profession of Journalism.  Obama pleading help from Candy was disgusting to watch.  I have no respect for either of them and Michelle Obama for…"
Oct 19, 2012