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June 9

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?

Close to 1776 our bi-cenntineal was 1976 & I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America & The Declaration of Independence & Our Bill of Rights forever & ever

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

Receiving cancer treatments every month/the last 1 1/2 yrs. Sick 4 2 weeks/each month/n bed. I thrive on Research/Knowledge & I tried 2 find someone I could trust in U.S.A. cause I'm a born again believer n Jesus Christ & I no @ "666" & I have 8 offspring behind me. I'm worried bout our country/citizens lives. I have prophetic gifts from God Our Creator. According to the Holy Bible God is humbling America so that many will repent b 4 its too late. I have to get a message to Jerome @ Harry Reid's true reason 4 forcing the Nevada Ranchers off their property & why Reid has to get the Bundy Ranch/Family out asap. Alex Jones revealed it last night when I was web surfing & his people found some documents & put 2 & 2 together. H. Reid recently got 235 miles approved for a power line that runs through Nevada when no one else could. H. Reid has made a deal with the Chinese to build an outrageously huge Solar Plant & they have to have it all set up before 2014 elections & quietly. Bundy's Ranch is at end of where power line ends. The other Nevada Ranchers all ready gave up & left their property. If H. Reid doesn't get the Bundy Property he will be in some sort of trouble with Chinese, Alex Jones @ InfoWars.com can give you all the details. Also they keep making a point of the endangered desert tortoise truth is BLM is killing them & killing Bundy's cattle, all lies from left. Jerome immediately get n touch w/Alex Jones his crew has documents/proof will destroy Reid's career & put him behind bars. A. Jones crew have copies proving H. Reid activities @ when & where all will happen. A. Jones made a comment @ selling some of Nevada to Chinese & I have heard same said @ California was sold 2 Japan by Obama. H. Reid doesn't care how many people die over this Land Grab & He will do what it takes to pull this deal off. I've known @ Obama Declaring Martial Law 4 over a year & have told those I thought trust worthy but no one would listen to a mere 63 year old woman. Obama has now switched the date of Declaring Martial Law to May instead of June. I know all Patriots are marching to D.C. @ May 16 & that will be too late cause Obama is going to strike hard & fast 5/1/14 just like Hitler did with Jews. 1st gun registration, 2nd gun confiscation, 3rd all Patriots & Christians #1 on Obama's terrorists lists & hauled off 2 FEMA Camps, Jihadists Training camps on U.S. soil, & empty prisons & jails. Obama is making border patrol agents close their eyes to illegal immigrants crossing our borders now & he knows Mexicans go left & will vote the left in the November elections. Same as He got re-elected & the Hispanics voted falsely 5 & 6 X's per illegal immigrants & what he is repeating for 11/14 . Obama & H. Clinton were mentored by same communists. Back @ 1960-70's A. Jones got n2 a Free Masonry Mtng. & filmed it & no one would listen & called him crazy. In these secret society meetings, participants r from both sides of isle. Jerome this is more serious than you say because the dates are coming quicker & it is being said no one will be getting their checks in May (Social Security) funds will not be released. Obama has made it where We the People won't be able to get any food cause food will not be going to the grocery stores & he is going to take all of our money out of our bank accounts. Here is the message that God wants all believers to know. "If My People will humble themselves & repent & ask for forgiveness then I their God will hear their prayers & I will heal their land." By web surfing @ Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert, & Michele Bachman facebook page. You tube.com under Albert Pike 33rd degree, Satanist, Secret Societies, Free Masonry, Illuminati. Pike started/head KKK & was responsible 4 Pres. A. Lincoln assignation, Pres. John F. Kennedy was killed the day after his speech that his administration would have nothing to do w/secret societies & Vice Pres. L. Johnson had it taken care of in Texas & he was from Texas.

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Is America a republic?

Yes, He is another Hitler & believes he is the one to be the New World Order Leader of A New World Order, & a One World Religion. which is the unholy trinity "666"

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?

Anything I can do to help

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Colleen Campbell left a comment for Thomas Laman
"At least lets print & speak the TRUTH about the Administration & it is we have an actor (huge imposter) an individual who is totally addicted to being a compulsive & total liar about everything & know matter what the subject is when he opens his…"
May 23, 2014

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