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January 24

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Chuck Davis commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Will NRA Plan for Armed Guards in all Schools In America Stop Gun Violence
"Get rid of the gun free zones and you automatically reduce crime."
Dec 21, 2012
Chuck Davis left a comment for Richard Rogers
"Hey Richard,i just saw your friend request.i hadn't been here in awhile,so i'm not sure what comment i made that you liked.in your friend request you had asked if i had any advice for a patriot in Illinois.As an ordained minister of the Gospel of…"
Aug 31, 2012
Chuck Davis commented on Gill Whitney's blog post Texas Judge Under Attack
"I actually expected this. You see,in this country,when you lie,cheat and steal,you get to be a Senator,a Representative,or even President.don't believe me,ask the two guys who are running now.It's only when you tell the truth that you come under…"
Aug 31, 2012
Chuck Davis commented on Jake Martinez's blog post Why Liberals Are Afraid of the Fourth of July!
"What gets me,is over and over i see people on the internet talking about our country being founded on rebellion against tyranny which is true.However,what absolutely no one mentions is that when our fore fathers rebelled against tyranny,they had to…"
Jul 3, 2012
Chuck Davis commented on Cal's blog post WHITE VS BLACK CRIME
"every in this article is absolutely true,but they can't get any political mileage out it can they?And that's the point.besides this whole Trayvon Martin thig ain't as much about race as it is about stripping you of your right to defend yourself and…"
Apr 12, 2012
Chuck Davis left a comment on Indiana
"Hello everybody,i'm Chuck Davis from Danville Indiana.GOD BLESS THE TEA PARTY."
Jan 21, 2010

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