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December 25

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


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Chrissy Blevio left a comment for Sherry Smart
"Hey Girl! You making trouble down in North Port? :)"
Jan 3, 2013
Chrissy Blevio left a comment for Donna Rogers, Florida State Dir
"Hey Donna, would love to get together soon....maybe next week we could meet for lunch up your way?"
Jan 3, 2013
Chrissy Blevio left a comment for Donna Rogers, Florida State Dir
"Donna, I am trying to get in touch with you regarding a request for you to speak at a conference for conservative women.  We would like you to talk about the Black Robe Regiment and the war on faith in general but also focusing on the freedom of…"
Mar 19, 2012

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  • I was in San Diego over Christmas and saw a group of people with signs asking for the impeachment of Obama.  Interesting to see liberals who want him out of office.

  • Chrissy, I am starting our own newspaper here in North Port, we will be including Charlotte County and Sarasota County news.  Neil Rice and Bob Root started a paper and we are linking in with them... we will offer National, State and local news, this newspaper is "FREE".  Hope to count you in as a contributor to report the news in your area.

  • Chrissy,

    If you haven't already done so, you still need to join the Florida group to receive all the action updates I send out.  Here is what you need to do please.  Let me know when you have done this.  Thanks.

    Understanding the mechanics of how the groups work is the first hurdle in getting folks active. The next hurdle is in getting all the members we have onsite ONTO their state group. The Florida group has 226 members on it, but there are 58 pages of Florida members onsite. That's 21 members per page, or well over 1,000 members.

    Action Item #1

    Sign up under the Florida Group at http://teapartyorg.ning.com/group/florida/, otherwise you will not receive the various action items we need you to respond to affecting and infecting the citizens of this great state. Then you need to click on the link provided on this page.

    We need YOU to join your Florida Tea Party group! Please click on the link below and look for the tab at the top of the group page that says, 'Join Group' Click on it to join, and please get involved!

    Join the Florida Tea Party, CLICK HERE NOW!

    The Florida state seal was adopted by the 1865 Legislature, which mandated that the seal be the size of the American silver dollar and display a scen…
  • Hi Chrissy,

    I called you just now and left you a voice mail message.  When you have time I may be reached at (813) 657-8770.  Thanks.

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