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November 5

Please answer this question: What year was the Declaration of Independence signed?


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Is America a republic?

Barack Hussein Obama is not US Constitutionally qualified to hold office under Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution . The election of 2008 was not a legal one and the American people must not rely on the presidential election of 2012 to remove this fraud and usurper .

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Charles S Imwold replied to Admin Dee's discussion Maxine Waters: Trump Will ‘Take over Legislatures, Little Towns and Cities’ If Not Convicted for Insurrection
"I can't believe US Citizens allow this idiot Maxine Waters to remain in the US Congress ! This wonan is a CERIFIED NUT CASE ! "
Jan 25, 2021
Charles S Imwold replied to Admin Dee's discussion Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor
"I wonder if Cindy McCain knows her Husban Sen. John McCain was known as Songbird of the Hanoi Hilton by his fellow inmates during the Veitnam war . For those who think the Songbird name for LT John Sidniey McCain is made up , there is Audio and…"
Jan 24, 2021
Charles S Imwold replied to Admin Dee's discussion Linn Wood Indicates that Jeffrey Epstein is Alive
"Why did the fraud and usurper berry soetoro aka barack hussein obama meet with eight of the nine  US Supreme Court Justices prior to  being sworn in to office January 2009?  Could it be Chief Justice John Roberts was bleck mailed into swearing in…"
Jan 1, 2021
Charles S Imwold replied to Admin Dee's discussion CIA Whistleblower: Obama Sent Iran Billions as a Cover-up For Deaths of Seal Team 6
"That would be called TREASON if the fraud and usurper barry soetoro aka barack husein obama was actually a US Citizen ! "
Oct 12, 2020

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