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December 21

Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?

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Is America a republic?

Absolutely I have opposed and resisted this man and his vision for America since learning of his Alinsky, Cloward Pivens and questionable credentials and ineligible status and un-American background.

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Carlos Ramos commented on Gerald V. Todd's blog post Assassination and the Culture of Death
"What the hell can obama or anybody of ill intent do to stop an entire nation when We physically take a stand?!  Do not take this wrong but I must use the Second Amendment as an example, for certainly this Amendment exists and underscores more than…"
Dec 22, 2014

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  • On some points I agree, on others I disagree.  That also is among the freedoms instilled in the beauty of the result of the Constitutional Convention -- The Constitution.  :)

  • Welcome to the Command Center. The tea is strong, drink up:)

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