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May 1, 2011 in the Year of Our Lord

As I noted in my past missive, I firmly believe that State nullification is a very real option for the Republic of Texas to exercise in defense of the liberty of all Texicans. I have studied the papers and pamphlets of many a notable and wise personage, and I have found much to support the case of nullification. While nullification is not explicitly mentioned in the compact between the several States and the United States, it is none the less greatly implied. I shall endeavor to make my point clear in a language most politicians and bureaucrats would not comprehend ... plain English.

Much has been said about the position and role of the several States within the framework of the union as a whole. Are the States a subordinate entity or an equal partner in governing? It would seem that in order to determine the rights of the States, one must first define this relationship. However, I am, at this time, only interested in the relationship between the Republic of Texas and the United States.

Texas has a rather unique status among the States. It was annexed by a Joint Resolution of Congress rather than a formal Treaty of Annexation. Numerous attempts to annex Texas by formal treaty fell apart for various and sundry reasons. Most of these involved regional politics and feelings. Never the less, Texas was admitted to the union for better or worse on June 23, 1845 upon the consent of the representatives of the people. In July of that year, a Constitutional Convention met at Washington on the Brazos to craft the Texas State Constitution.

Under the terms of the resolutions, Texas was admitted with all the powers and privileges granted to the original States of the union … including a means of redress. It MUST be understood that the terms of annexation were agreed to by the United States government and “The Republic (State) of Texas” on behalf of its people. This explicitly indicates that the State is a partner to the terms of annexation and to the powers relinquished and retained under the Constitution of the United States. In other words, the Constitution of the United States is a compact or agreement between the federal entity and the States in their sovereign capacities. The States agreed to yield only those powers explicitly enumerated in the US Constitution and no others. All remaining powers were to continue to be the province of the State and its people.

So, assuming a compact of equals, it behooves us to address the remedies available to the State of Texas whenever the federal government egregiously exceeds its constitutional authority. What exactly is the State of Texas to do during a siege of power? Why, resist of course. Whenever the federal government steps over the boundary of enumerated powers, the State of Texas simply says “We do not recognize this breech of constitutional authority. We declare it null and without force in our lands.” It isn’t rocket science. The State of Texas simply refuses to let the federal government exceed its authority within the boundaries of the State of Texas. Period. Further, the State of Texas denies the federal government the right to enforce its unconstitutional will upon the “people” of Texas. This is called interposition. The State of Texas interposes its will and protections between the people and the encroachments made on their sovereignty. In point of fact, if our leaders are worth our trust, they will see to it that the minions of the federal politic are held powerless and subject to arrest if they fail to heed the warnings of the State. Beware! This is no idle threat by the State.

The concept of nullification and interposition were firmly espoused by the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions of 1798. Both of these documents put forth the truth that there is no final arbiter of federal encroachment, for who would this be? There are only two parties to these contests, the United States and the sovereign State. Who decides which is the court of final appeal? Some would have us believe it is the Supreme Court of the United States. This is an interesting case of near sightedness. The SCOTUS is a part of the federal government. It can hardly be expected to side with the States even if it was so inclined. As a department of the federal government, SCOTUS is scarcely impartial. So who does decide? The answer, quite simply, is …  no one. The federal government and the sovereign State are co-equals. Neither can force its unconstitutional will on the other unless the other capitulates and refuses to defend its sovereignty. Therefore, we have a constitutional stalemate. The federal government is precluded from enforcing its unconstitutional will on the people of the State of Texas.  It may do so in other States to be sure. That is their individual problem.

If we, as Texicans, are to retain our liberty and the liberty and well-being of our heirs, we MUST insist that our State leaders do their job and declare our will to resist encroachments on our lives and enduring rights as a free people. They must interpose the might and power of the great Republic of Texas between us and those who would reduce us to humble vassals of the federal state.

It can be seen that nullification is a far better remedy than the more distasteful option of secession. Secession is a statement of failure. We have failed in our commitment to the union, and it has reneged on its promise to protect the States. It matters not who instigated the grievance that precipitated the act of secession, only that it became necessary. The other option I mentioned in my last is that of submission. This is no option. It is total and abject surrender to the forces of evil. I know not what others may do but I shall not submit. I am too old and set in my ways to bend or yield. If my leaders at the state level do not do their sworn duty, I shall stand against them in print, speech and actions. Docility does not run in my family. Be warned.

American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God

The Old Texican




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To the People of the Republic of Texas:

April 30, 2011 in the Year of Our Lord

It is with little hope of publication that I sit to record these, my thoughts on the current state of affairs affecting our Republic of Texas. Many are the ills confronting us as a people of this proud state, indeed, too many to commiserate here in a limited missive.

I have been awakened on occasion the last few years by a loud thumping noise. The noise vexed me greatly for I could discern no ready source of the chaotic din. After long hours of intense contemplation, and some investigation, I have discovered the source. It is the sound of the past patriots of the Texas soul spinning in their graves. Sam Houston, Stephen Austin, William Travis, Jim Bowie, Ben Milam, and a host of others have indeed polished the insides of their coffins. The despicable levels we have allowed this once great and noble example of liberty to descend to are unconscionable. The Lone Star no longer waves proudly for all to see. Instead it hangs limply in shame for want of a patriotic spirit in its peoples.

There is no question, at least in my admittedly limited intellect, that we are in the closing stages of a long, protracted agenda intended to strip the peoples of the United States of all that freedom and liberty once meant. We are being morphed from free citizens with rights reserved to subjects with no such rights as are not allowed to us by our masters. The usurpations and transgressions are too many to list, yet a few of the most onerous must indeed  be addressed.

The problem as I see it is we are being attacked from so many directions that we lose focus on what is important to us as citizens of Texas. To be sure, the national issues must be confronted; however, it is apparent to my poor cognizance that we should perhaps get our own house in order before cleaning up the neighborhood. Perchance, if the citizens of the greatest state in the union can stand up and loudly proclaim “Cease!  No More!”  then the other more timid will find their wits and courage and follow the example. Texas and Texicans have a moral imperative to be leaders in the defense of our rights and liberties. The spirit of Goliad, the Alamo and San Jacinto courses hotly through our veins. The honor and sacrifice of those Texicans who rose and defended the union in World Wars one and two deserve no less. The countless brave souls who have spent their lives and honor to protect us in undeclared “wars” and “police actions” deserve no less. And finally, we who have been graced by the almighty to have been born in this great state must rise to our rightful height of dignity and honor and lead where no other will advance. If our current state leadership is not up to the task, we must cast them aside and find those who will lead. We can no longer sit and listen to the mindless drivel being spewed by our leaders. Mediocrity and compliance are no longer possible or desired. We need leaders who will protect and defend most vigorously our rights and interests as Texicans.

Much is being said about the process of State nullification. Many brush it aside as wishful thinking and others merely shrug out of ignorance of the process. Rest assured fellow Texicans, nullification is a real, viable reply to the transgressions of the mighty. It is a remedy that we should be pursuing with boldness and intent. Alas, the only alternatives are secession or, worse, submission.  Dissolution of the union is not an option in my opinion.  Forcefully returning it to its enumerated scope of powers is an option and in these times, a vital necessity.

The uncertainty of will would seem to me to be a serious lack of education. Our children are no longer taught to be citizens. They are instead taught to do whatever makes them feel good. It would appear that self-esteem is thought to be more important than intellect and integrity.  There is no right or wrong, only that which pleases us. Our churches, schools and most definitely our parents have instilled no sense of patriotism or civic mindedness in our youngsters. How then are they to defend themselves against those who would harm them? Would you have them become a herd of mindless, obedient slaves to the moneyed elite? Would you condemn them to an eternity of abject servitude to a powerful nanny state that forbids individuality and independent thought?  Is this really what you and we wish for our children and their children? God Forbid! I would rather they grow up with the chance to be anything they desire. I would wish them the success that all should be free to attain.

So, who will take up the burden? Who will lead and who will follow? Do we Texicans no longer have the will and honor to lead? I wonder… and I fear.

Upon this missive rests the likelihood of others. I feel the need to address the nullification issue. And I should like to point out how I see it as a deterrent to the various usurpations cast upon us. Perhaps I shall offer my thoughts in a future letter. It all depends.

American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God.

An Old Texican

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What Did They Know?

As I have stated before, I am deeply engrossed in the reading of a two-volume set on the Constitutional debates. Most of these were carried out in various newspapers of the time. As I read, I begin to understand the position of those opposed to the new constitution. They had a very good take on human nature and our ability to corrupt that which is intended to be good and beneficial. Look at this piece…

Reply to Wilson’s Speech by Arthur Lee (Cincinnatus) November 28, 1787

“Sir, In my former observations on your speech, to your fellow-citizens, explanatory and defensive of the new constitution; it has appeared, by arguments to my judgment unanswerable, that by ratifying the constitution, as the convention proposed it, the people will leave the liberty of the press, and the trial by jury, in civil cases, to the mercy of their rulers – that the project is to burthen them with enormous taxes, in order to raise and maintain armies, for the purposes of ambition and arbitrary power – that this power is to be vested in an aristocratic senate, who will be either themselves the tyrants, or the support of tyranny, in a president, who will know how to manage them, so as to make that body at once the instrument and shield of his absolute authority – Even the Roman Emperors found it necessary to have a senate for this purpose.”

I confess I am somewhat in question as to Mr. Lee’s point. On the one hand, the senate was to be a tool of the individual states. The state legislatures would elect the senators. This would seem to me to have taken any influence the president might have over the selection of these individuals as sketchy at best. However, Mr. Lee’s worries have indeed manifested themselves much as he predicted. Today, we have a Democrat controlled senate prepared to do any and everything necessary to protect the tyrant who sits as president. They fall all over themselves to effect his socialist elitist policies. All to the detriment of the people, even those he ostensibly wants to help. Addicting one to the public teat is hardly to be considered as help.  Mr. Lee continues…

“We have seen with what cunning the power of impeachment is apparently given to the representatives of the people, but really to the senate, since, they advise these measures of government, which experience has shewn, are the general matters of impunity the executive officers will be sure of impeachment when they act in conformity to their will. Impeachment will therefore have no terrors, but for those who displease or oppose the senate.”

In other words, no matter how arrogant, elitist, self-serving or even criminal the president might be, as long as he or she has the will and backing of the senate they shall not fear the wrath of the people in the form of impeachment. Impeachment (indictment) by the people’s representatives rings hollow with no chance of conviction for crimes committed against the people.

In light of today’s situation, perhaps Mr. Lee and others of the same school of thought may have been on to something. While he and his friends might have been considered as anti-federalists in the time, it would appear to me that they were merely being prudent and wise.  It would also appear that the federal government has indeed turned into an essentially hostile and uncontrolled juggernaut bent on the destruction of liberty and prosperity. And we gave it all away through apathy and inattention. Shame on us. Do we deserve the efforts of those who would try to turn it all around? Probably not. But because they are who they are, they will try none the less. God bless them for their efforts.

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We, the enlightened people of the United States, returned the control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans in an effort to rein in some of the criminal increases in the federal spending spree. Guess what?  It did not happen. Instead our beloved speaker and his cronies “caved in” and agreed to cut a paltry few billion from a multi-trillion budget. They agreed to continue funding for abortions and Obama-Care. In other words, they totally and dismally failed to do as we instructed them to do. They no longer represent. They wheel and deal; they compromise; they posture and they rule. Or, they think they do.

I keep track, sort of, of the new additions to the Tea Party here in Texas. It is interesting to note a steady, constant increase in “membership”. This would seem to be in direct opposition to the pundit’s portrayal of the party. They see us as a flash in the pan, a movement in decline. In point of fact, we, or at least I, have been waiting to see what the powers that be would do with the limited success we handed to them in the last election. As I pretty much expected, they talk the talk but can’t walk the walk. They turned their collective backs on the people who supported their return to power. Admittedly, there were exceptions such as Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann, et al, but for the most part, the Republicans reverted to type and they blinked. So be it. They no longer have any claim to our loyalty or support. They have abandoned us, not the other way around. It is time for us to re-evaluate our mission and tactics.

I am a dues-paying member of the Constitution Party. I firmly and reverently agree with 99.9% of what they stand for. I would like nothing better than to see them send a host of like-minded individuals to Washington DC. Then, I come back to reality as it is. The Constitution Party doesn’t have the money and resources to field viable candidates. When one out of a thousand so-called party supporters actually pays their annual dues, this doesn’t leave them much to work with. The same holds true for the Tea Party. How many “associates” have actually committed to paying monthly dues so the Tea Party can really crank up its programs and make an even bigger splash than it already has? I doubt Dale can finance the effort any more than I could.  I fully realize that there are probably many who simply can’t make a monetary pledge. Older folks, like me, are frequently on very limited fixed incomes. We value and welcome their insight and help whatever form it may take. Our failure, in both organizations, is we have not fired up the younger generations who are working and probably can afford to help financially. Nothing is free. Success in the political arena is measured in dollars. Sad, but true. I am 68 years old. I had hoped to work toward retirement at some point. Now I know that isn’t to be. I am fortunate enough to have a very good job that pays me well. I will have to keep working until my wife can collect my life insurance. So be it. In the meantime, I will continue to pay dues to both groups in the hope it will make a difference. This isn’t an ego thing, it is a dire necessity.

OK, sorry about the sermon. I had to get that off my chest. I have firsthand experience of the frustration involved, so cut me some slack.

I am not one to post a claim to vast political insight, but it seems to even my limited intellect, that a merging of effort is called for here. In fact, it is going to be a requirement if we, collectively, are to accomplish anything useful and meaningful in the next couple of years. Beyond that, it won’t matter.

I don’t know how many people here actually read my blog. I have no real control over that. I know there are a few regular readers as they comment from time to time. I would hope they pass this particular rant on to others. I am actively asking for all members of the Texas Tea Party who want to escalate our efforts to the next level to contact me as soon as they can. I want to get the Texas Tea Party folks and the Constitution Party of Texas together to see what we can do together to put candidates in Austin. We have to start somewhere and here at home is a good place. With all the talk about Texas seceding we had better pay attention. Personally, the thought of President Rick Perry scares the Hell out of me. That possibility aside, we need to do everything we can to get our own house, Texas, in order. Only then can we spare the attention needed to fight the national battle, assuming it even matters at that point. Let’s put whatever differences we might have aside and combine our power and resources to make a real difference in our lives and the lives of those to yet to come. What are we going to leave them that we can be proud of? Obama-Care?  Abortion on demand?  A bankrupt country and citizenry?  Not me. I would rather croak trying to make a difference than to sit back and watch it all go to hell around me. Is there a danger making waves? Who knows? Who cares? I certainly don’t. I am too old and pissed off to care. Who will join me in making a big noise?

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The Imperium Endures … Why?

In 1776, tired of royal mistreatment, the peoples of the assorted colonies were at wits end. A handful of brave, very wise men gathered together to sign a document that would forever change the face of world politics. They put their very lives and personal honor on the line. The Declaration of Independence announced to the world that we no longer wanted or required an imperial presence in our affairs.


In May of 1787, after the Revolutionary conflict concluded, another group of wise and honorable men gathered once again to try to formulate a plan to govern the new states as a unified entity. There were statists, nationalists and federalists present at this historic event so debate and rhetoric was abundant and heated, to say the least. Many were the points of disagreement. Cooler heads prevailed and after many hot months, in late September of 1789, these men managed to put together one of the most important documents the then modern world had ever seen, the Constitution of the United States of America. There were still areas of disagreement, such as the need for an explicit Bill of Rights, but for the most part it was generally considered to be the closest one could come to the “perfect” republican form of government. Benjamin Franklin spoke of this at the close of the convention:  “ … For when you assemble a number of men to have the advantage of their joint wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those men, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views. From such an assembly can a perfect production be expected? It therefore astonishes me, Sir, to find this system approaching so near to perfection as it does; and I think it will astonish our enemies, who are waiting with confidence to hear that our councils are confounded like those of the Builders of Babel; and that our States are on the point of separation, only to meet hereafter for the purpose of cutting one another's throats. Thus I consent, Sir, to this Constitution because I expect no better, and because I am not sure, that it is not the best.” 


Thus, after a long ratification period, there was created a constitutional republic.  It was intended that the Almighty reign as  the ultimate sovereign, followed respectively by the people, the states, and finally the federal government. There are many who, through hubris or ignorance, will contest this hierarchy, but nonetheless it was then the consensus and the intent of the men who codified this great experiment in human governance.


Now, two-hundred years plus, we once again find ourselves at the mercy of an “imperial” government. We no longer have the vestiges of a Constitutional government, except when it suits the needs and goals of the Imperium. The only time this revered document is quoted is when it obliquely fits the whims of the moment. Otherwise, it is considered a nuisance and impediment to “progress”


What are patriots to do?  What can we do?  What should we do? What are we willing to do? Therein lays the conundrum. So many things are amiss that it is difficult to simply decide where to begin.


The Tea Party spoke and many of the RINOs and progressives found themselves on the outside looking in. This was a good first step. The major problem is that the very people to whom we gave the reins of the House now lack the moral courage and intestinal fortitude to make use of them. With a few pleasant exceptions, the Republicans have once again succumbed to a lack of will and instead, consent to the status quo. Their “solutions” are toothless and lacking in boldness and intent. The Speaker of the House fails to lead. He instead acquiesces and makes supplication to the gods of the progressives (AKA Socialists and Statists).


Defeating Obamugabe at the next presidential election is of course a no-brainer. This must happen. But that is only a minor start to the monumental task to regain our liberty and freedoms. We must also send honorable, wise, and selfless, men and women to the halls of congress. We need to close down most of the cabinet level departments. And, we most definitely need to rein in the countless alphabet agencies that “create” law through regulation. Most. If not all could simply disappear with no harm to the people or their needs. We must downsize this many-tentacled leviathan and quench its rapacious appetite for yet more and more of the people’s wealth and prosperity. Can this even be considered, let alone accomplished? Yes, with certain caveats.


It waxes strange, that in this age of almost instant communications, that the people of the United States are so ill-informed about things politic. Oh, to be sure, they might listen to the news each evening; they may even sit long enough to read a newspaper. They see our government at work in all its obscene glory. Yet, they don’t comprehend. They accept the spin the media spews forth without any effort at analysis or understanding. Apathy and ignorance reign supreme!  This is not entirely the fault of the people. The fault lies before their time for the most part. The fault lies at the feet of those individuals who decided to eliminate the study of government and civics from our school curriculums. The fault lies with those religious "leaders' who forfeited their claim to moral and spiritual leadership by bowing to the government and its offer of exemption from taxes for those who turned a blind eye to the sins of the country's nobility. The fault lies with parents who failed to step up and enlighten their offspring in the absence of such from other sources. Even more fault lies with those among us who permitted them to do so. We have, as a result, the most politically naive and clueless population in history.


The good news is that there is an awakening in progress. Many of our younger citizens have begun to realize that this is not the life their parents and grandparents enjoyed, They wonder where things started to come apart.  More importantly, they  seek a remedy to the problems. They are becoming increasingly aware that the federal government, indeed any government, is not necessarily the solution, but may if fact be the problem. They are beginning to question why they should work and strive, only to have the fruits of their labor siphoned off and “redistributed” in some scheme of fairness. They question why we support tyrants and dictators in other countries with our wealth, when those very people hate us as a nation. They question why we aid and support the poor of other nations when Americans suffer and starve here at home. They question ... BRAVO!  I begin to think that there may actually be those young people who are capable of critical thought processes. Perhaps there is a light at the end of this very dark and gloomy tunnel.


In the meantime, we, the informed, must nurture these young people and see that they are given the real facts on which they will formulate a strategy for recovering the republic. We must see that the nefarious ramblings of the main stream media are negated by the truth as we know it to be.  I see the rescue of America as an educational task. We must teach, we must educate, we must reason with those in need of enlightenment. We must return their thoughts to why the Constitution was worded such as it is. They must understand that words have meanings and once they are put to paper or parchment, they never change … ever. These powerful words must be engraved on the hearts and minds just as they were put to parchment so long ago.


God bless America and those who would sacrifice to return her to her rightful greatness and glory! Woe to those who would stand in the way. We are angry and we will not accept half-assed promises and measures. We expect to be heard and we expect results. If those in power cannot or will not deliver, we will see them cast aside and will elevate those who share our vision. BEWARE! We are serious.


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Education or the Lack thereof

Much is being cussed and discussed about the state of education in Texas and the country in general. The Obamugabe wants to throw billions in new “investment” into the education system.  One wonders what he expects to happen as a result.


Education is in its current state of disarray due to several things. Let’s look at a few.


Education is best served close to home by the citizenry:


Trying to “fix” education woes at the national level is a ludicrous but pathetic joke. Everything the federal government tries to “make better” they wind up trashing. The feds meddling has largely led to the current flap over the unions. The best thing that could happen to education is for the unions to decertify and disappear. Ok, hear me out before you hang me from the flagpole.  Unions exist solely for the union thugs that run them. I have belonged to two unions over the years. All they did was take dues from me. They never made my life “better”, just more complicated. If we took teachers seriously as a vital profession and paid them accordingly, the unions would lose their appeal. Good teachers are worth far more than they are currently paid. Unions presumably exist to get them what they are really worth. The problem is, many are not worth what they got before the unions, let alone now. Which brings us to the second of the problems:


Who decided this clown was a teacher?


Many of our so-called educators are a really bad joke. They are totally incompetent to be serving as teachers. The unions make it impossible to weed out these misfits, so our children suffer the consequences. After stripping the federal government and the unions of any influence in the education of our children, we should immediately begin teacher competency testing. Boo – hiss! Ok so it is unpopular, at least among those who fall short of expectations. So be it. If we get rid of the deadwood, we can pay the good, serious educators what they are worth. I am not down on teachers. I have known and been taught by some really dedicated and brilliant people in my many years. In fact I have been fortunate to have studied under some absolutely stellar educators. A gentleman by the name of Henry Valli comes to mind. I won’t bore you with details, but this incredible educator should be recognized here. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the man responsible for my technical successes over the years. I am what I am largely due to his expertise in teaching and nurturing his students through the tortuous pathways of hard science. He made it easy and exciting. I wanted to learn; to be like him. He inspired as well as taught. My point here is we have many very good or excellent teachers in our schools; we should reward them accordingly. As for the other drones and wannabes, hit the road and find a job more suitable to your skills and motivation … like panhandling.


Educated Idiots and other intellectually challenged persons:


Many (far too many) of the folks graduating from our high schools and colleges are functionally illiterate. Many can’t read and write at an 8th grade level. Yet, these are the future leaders of the country and the movers and shakers of our commercial endeavors. What went wrong? Well, refer to the previous for a moment. There is an old saying among computer programmers: “garbage in – garbage out.” You get out of a system what you put into it. If our kids are being short-changed by the skills of their instructors, it is time to rid ourselves of the problem. This is the easier part of the solution. The more difficult part is correcting the curriculum. For decades, we have been in dumb-down mode. Instead of teaching our kids to be the best they can be and to excel, we instead teach them that mediocrity is the “norm” and they needn’t be upset if home work interferes with the latest X-Box offering. Forget learning, enjoy yourself while you can. Then, later, when they do try to gain employment, they find they have no knowledge or skills that are marketable. So they turn to welfare or mooching off of friends and family. Or they find themselves charring cow parts for a fast food restaurant. What needs to happen is for local school boards to take control of curriculum. Make the course of study fit the grade level. If a student can’t cut the tasks set before them, mentor them or set them back until they can. Teach up to expectations, not down to the lowest common denominator. Make the course of study demanding, make the student excel. To do less is criminal and unconscionable. Ask the Jaimie Escalantes of the world how it’s done.


Where are the parents?


And finally, MAKE the parents get involved. Teachers only have the students for a small part of the day; parents are responsible for the rest of the time. If the parents don’t actively support and continue the efforts the teachers make, the result is doomed to fail. Parents must take an active hand in school district management. Question the curriculum and demand that it teach the essentials needed to succeed in the coming world. Hold the district and teachers to the highest standards of education. And finally….


Where goes the republic?


Return to teaching American Government and Civics in high schools, at all grade levels. It is appalling that over half the students in high school today can’t figure out Presidential succession or who their senators and congress-people are. Many don’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Few can tell you where the Constitution was written or when. Some can’t even tell us who the nation’s first President was. How can they expect to be informed voters if they don’t have a clue how the government is SUPPOSED to work? This is perhaps the most dangerous of the problems. The liberal-progressive movement can only thrive if the future voters are politically ignorant and apathetic. An informed, intelligent voter is very difficult to deceive. Many of the problems we face as a nation can be directly traced back to education of the masses over the last two or three decades. It is vital we reverse this trend. If we don’t, we are doomed as a republic and we will continue to slide into socialism or something worse.


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Broken Immigration System? You Bet It Is!

I still read with amazement the crap coming out of Washington D.C. I don’t know why I should be surprised at anything Obamugabe says or does, but he still gets my goat most every day.


I just finished reading the CNS News article about his meeting with Calderon. They discussed the need for comprehensive immigration reform, AKA amnesty for all. Do these idiots really think this is going to fly with the American people? What part of HELL NO don’t they understand?


Calderon is being very generous. He wants unrestricted immigration to the United States for any of his citizens who wish to do so. They should have unrestricted access to all the benefits that any American citizen can expect. They should be allowed to send any amount of Yankee dollars they wish back to their families in Mexico. We should expand the totalization program so all illegals can avail themselves of Social Security benefits. In return he promises to do … pretty much nothing.  He will  make token war on the drug lords as long as we pay him to do so.


Obamuge is a disgrace to the office he holds.  He is an arrogant socialist thug from the back streets of Chicago. I have seen and known many middle income blacks with more dignity and integrity than this elitist piece of crap will ever have. In fact, I have known quite a few who were poor who still had more dignity and integrity than Obamugabe. He plays the race card with abandon yet he is a blight on the honor of blacks everywhere. He and his obnoxious wife are a repugnant pair.


OK, now I am going to get the race card flung at me. I am racist. WRONG!  I think very highly of and would value the friendship of men like Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Allen West, etc. These are men of dignity and honor. Instead, the black community holds up such personages as Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakan. Is it any wonder that most people don’t take blacks and their problems seriously? They have placed their faith in champions with feet of clay, not men of stature.


So be it. I ramble. This tends to be the case when I get angry. My mind goes off in ten different directions with no sense of cohesion or coherence. My apologies.

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To Go or Not?


I have spent many an agonizing moment pondering what I would do if by some quirk of fate, Texas decides to become an independent republic and quits the United States of America. How can I seriously consider forever shunning the country of my birth? How could I condone Texas abandoning the US?


And then it occurred to me that Texas is not abandoning the US; the US abandoned the State of Texas and all the other 49 free and sovereign States. The federal government moves farther and farther away from the true meaning of the Constitution with each new “proclamation”.


Then the old saying, “American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God” really began to have meaning. In spite of the influx of “furriners” and illegals, Texans still have a very strong sense of identity and pride in all things Texas. People born in Texas are first and foremost Texans. There is a movement afoot to have Texas proclaim its independence as a free republic. A republic with the 6th largest economy in the world. Could we really make it as a free nation? Possibly. Probably. There are many things that would have to be ironed out first.


First of all, we have to decide what form of government we want. I for one, believe it must be a constitutional republic. So what do we do about setting up a government. We can’t just expand the state government. Many of the “legitimate” tasks the US government is charged with would now have to be taken care of by the Republic of Texas. We have no standing army or navy or air force. We have no ambassadors or treaties with foreign governments. We have no trade agreements. We would have no currency of our own at first. And the thought of a President Rick Perry scares the hell out of me. We would forever have to wean ourselves of what little money comes to Texas from the federal government. However, we would not be sending Texas money and wealth to the big black hole in Washington D.C. Maybe it would all even out in the long run. We would be on our own. Are we up to the task? I like to think that the real Texans would step up and handle the job. Texans are notorious for doing what needs to be done. Just ask Col. Travis or Gen Sam Houston. We do what we must to keep Texas strong and prosperous. I don’t see that changing anytime soon.


But what about those Texans on Social Security? Is Texas ready to take over a bankrupt system? What do we tell our retired seniors who depend on their SSI payments to live? Sorry, move to another state? Entitlement programs are what has sunk the US. It’s not the programs themselves, it’s the rape of the trust funds for other things. Had congress kept their greedy little paws off the trust, it probably wouldn’t be out of money today. And the government IOUs congress stuck in the box are obviously worthless and becoming more so by the day. What about income taxes? Do we make the same mistake and tax those who drive the economy, or do we find a better way to support and do business?


So could I support Texas declaring its independence? Yes, providing we don’t allow liberal socialist ideas to corrupt the new republic and turn it into a clone of what we just left. This means a serious look at those we choose to represent us. Simply moving politicians from the US Congress to the state-house seems like a foolish thing to do.  I personally am in favor of giving all the politicians their walking papers and starting from scratch.   Where do we find the James Bonhams, or Stephen Austins, or Samuel Houstons or Col. Juan Nepemucene Seguins  of our day? Do they even exist? We had best make sure we have such people ready to take the next step BEFORE we jump into that divine state of independence.

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Who’s Law Prevails?

Numerous states have passed or are passing laws to prevent judges from considering Sharia in cases before them. This is as it should be. But now the Executive Council of the American Bar Association and a do good federal judge have decided to block such legislation. It seems we are to allow Sharia to be considered in cases at law.


Sharia is counter to everything we stand for in this country. It is diametrically opposed to our very way of life and the Constitution. Muslims migrating (invading) our country should be forced to adhere to American Law. We should in no way be obligated to even pay lip service to a seventh century barbaric code of behavior. The ABA should immediately disband the Executive Council with extreme prejudice. The federal judge should be impeached for bad behavior and malfeasance in office-immediately.

We cannot allow such anti-American acts to go unpunished. The Republican representatives should immediately push for Articles of Impeachment for the judge who ordered this travesty. Call your congressperson NOW. Flood the ABA offices in your area with letters and phone calls. Let them know we will NOT tolerate this sort of behavior.
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Article II, Section 3 of the United States Constitution states:


“Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”


Much discussion and speculation has been put forth as to whether or not President Obamugabe is guilty of treason. In light of the above excerpt from the Constitution, my opinion is NO. As much as it irritates me to not be able to hang the traitor tag on the ONE, I can find no grounds, yet, for treason. Such may indeed exist, but I have seen no evidence. He is obviously guilty of conduct unbecoming of a President, but that indicates his arrogance and ego, not an impeachable crime.


Having said that, I do strongly believe that the  ”Great Leader” is guilty of an almost equally heinous crime, namely perjury. Even this charge may be a case of overreaching. Perjury involves the foreswearing of an oath that affects the outcome of a judicial process. Strictly speaking, I would be hard-pressed to apply the textbook definition to Obamugabe. However, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he has violated his presidential oath of office and as such, he is definitely guilty of an impeachable crime.


Obamugabe took an oath to “ …  faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”  By refusing to accept Judge Vinson’s ruling on ObamaCare, he has violated that oath. He has placed himself and his administration above the law and outside the scope of judicial review. In doing so, he has declared himself to have imperial or dictatorial powers above those granted to the Executive by the Constitution. This, in my humble opinion, is a criminal act. At present, there is absolutely no chance of a conviction for these “crimes”. While it is entirely likely that he could be impeached by the House, there is no chance of a Reid controlled senate convicting their boy of a crime that could remove him from office. He is bullet-proof for now. But his increasing boldness will eventually put him at odds so onerous and indefensible as to cost him his job. Hopefully this will be the case before he can do irreparable damage to the foundations of the United States’ rule of law.

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Rule by Fiat

Most every despot dreams of ruling his or her land by proclamation and decree. What better way to ensure a lifetime of power and privilege than to simply order it done? Your wishes become true under force of law and you have the police and military to enforce your whims. This is true for many nations in this troubled world. Millions of savaged and mistreated people live in a constant state of fear and despair. Thank God it couldn’t happen here. We are the shining land of liberty and freedom. This is America. Well, at least for the next few days.

The Republican victory (of sorts) last November has set the stage for the potential loss of our republic. Obamugabe and the progressive minions are set to accomplish by executive fiat what they can’t achieve by legislation. If they can’t destroy the country by normal processes, they will resort to extra-constitutional tactics of an order never witnessed before. We are entering into the era of a constitutional dictatorship .. unless we take drastic steps to prevent it. We no longer have the luxury of playing the system. We must force the hand of those who would rule rather than reign (there IS a difference).

Make no mistake; we now have a noble ruling class. We have a king or emperor, or whatever he decides to call himself. We have a slightly lower class of lords and ladies (the czars, the cabinet and alphabet agencies). And we have another layer of minor nobility in the congress. We are subjects. We will shortly have no say in how the country is run. Indeed, we may soon have no say in how we live our private lives. In a dictatorship, there is no privacy. The state sees all and knows all … or else.

In the last few weeks we have seen a rash of executive orders designed to bypass congressional prerogatives. Now, we also have “Secretarial Orders”. Where in the hell did these come from? There is NO constitutional authority for any cabinet secretary to issue orders that, like executive orders, become law. Cabinet heads are responsible to the executive for implementing legally constituted laws of the land. They are NOT empowered to make law. Period. This flagrant usurpation of authority must be stopped now. Congress must immediately pass legislation blocking the implementation of any “law” whose source is not the congress itself. We, the people, have no direct control of the departments and agencies of the executive. We will shortly have no say at all if this devious practice continues and grows. How long before the first-lady makes law? She is already telling us what to eat and wear. Where do we finally put our collective feet down and loudly proclaim “CEASE AND DESIST?”

To further stir the pot, the EPA and other alphabet agencies are busy issuing new regulations to further the administrations wants and wishes. No matter what the people want. We aren’t intelligent enough to have a say in our government. We are not part of the elite ruling classes. We just simply don’t understand. Remember when the Republicans cleaned Obamugabe’s clock last November? He promptly made the point that he had failed to communicate his intentions clearly. Translation: I failed to use baby talk so these poor uninformed and ignorant peasants could understand me. He and his cohorts truly believe that they are intellectually in the clouds and we are grubbing around in the dirt. The arrogance and ego of this administration have never been nor never will be equaled. It is time to bust the bubble.

The Tea Party can no longer be content to champion one or two or three issues. We must take an active part in discussing and supporting issues across the political spectrum. Leave no stone unturned. There is no longer such a thing as an unimportant issue. Each inroad the progressives make is a chink in the armor of the people. We must step up and make a serious and unending effort to educate the people who, unlike us. don’t know or care what is really happening. We can make a difference. But we must make the effort. Remember, a very small percentage of the colonial population actually fought the war of independence. An even smaller percentage conceived and created the most unique and enduring government in history. We simply can’t sit back and watch it go down the sewer of complacency and apathy.

In the not too distant future, I hope to arrange one or more public meetings to bring the Tea Party, the Constitution Party and any other like-minded individuals together. We can no longer take issue with potential allies over what may be trivial differences. We agree on far more points than we disagree on. It is time to present a unified front against the forces of evil. We must get our churches involved as well. LBJ perpetrated the biggest hoax in history when he muzzled the churches. They have become businesses rather than the voice and spirit of the people. This must stop. The churches do not need the IRS letter of determination to operate as tax-exempt entities. Many pastors and congregations have refused to place themselves under the IRS thumb. They have suffered no abuse as a result. The IRS is powerless to influence a church unless that church rolls over and submits. It is time to tear up those letters and say “ENOUGH”. We will endure this no longer. We will speak up and we will not be silenced!


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Silence the Unwashed Masses

Two pieces of progressive thought are once again rearing their ugly heads: the fairness doctrine and the internet kill switch. Both are transparently unconscionable and evil. But the Obamugabe administration and its congressional minions are hard at work trying to shut those pesky damn conservatives up.

The fairness doctrine seems innocuous at first glance and many politically naive neophytes are easily taken in by the premise. Why not promote fairness and equal access to differing opinions on important issues? Well, that’s not what the progressives mean in spite of what they say. The fairness doctrine places unreasonable requirements on radio and TV stations to provide a “balanced” fare of political views. Unfortunately, the end result will be the total silencing of the conservative talk radio personalities. Under threat of license revocation, stations will become state controlled media outlets … all of them. It is no secret that all the mainstream media outlets are so liberal as to be outright socialistic in their practices. An obvious exception is Fox News Network. Even Fox airs some questionable material at times. Under the fairness doctrine, it will become a totally state controlled media. Where is a conservative to get their news? The internet comes to mind. It is a wide open source of virtually any information you might want. For now at least….

The current progressive move to give the Obamugabe absolute control of the internet is scary and chilling in its implications. There is absolutely NO reason to give this kind of power to Obamugabe or any other politician. The internet is the last vestige of free press. This is America not Iran or some African dictatorship. To give the socialist president the power to “regulate” it under any premise is un-American and probably unconstitutional as well. There is no way this power could be exercised without a flagrant violation of the first amendment. In a constitutional republic this simply couldn’t happen. In modern socialist America it is being seriously considered.

So, the fairness doctrine kills essentially all conservative radio and TV and the internet kill switch makes sure that the Obamugabe can silence the last remaining source of dissenting opinion. Then, it would seem the administration could do just about anything it wants. With no quick and reliable means of keeping an eye on the boys and girls in DC, we become significantly less free. We have tenuous control over our federal government as it is. Allow these two pieces of progressive crap to become law and we can bend over and fondly kiss our nether regions goodbye. We will cease being citizens and become subjects. How reassuring…


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The last few days I have been contacted several times by good intentioned folks who want me to support HR25, the so-called Fair Tax Initiative. Well, I cannot do that. 


Before somebody starts to climb on my back, let me preface by saying there is no fair tax when we are talking about personal income. Flat tax, fair tax, etc., all discuss different ways to get more money out of the American taxpayer. This in and of itself raises my hackles. Being a strict constitutionalist, I don't think that any tax that encroaches on the personal income of American citizens is fair. The founders specifically excluded this as a source of government income. This wasn't an oversight on their part. They understood that once Pandora's Box was opened, there would be no closing it back up. Once the government was allowed to get its hands on the personal wealth of the average citizen, its rapacious appetite for more, more, MORE would preclude us ever being able to stem the tide. And here we are. in 2011. There is constant pressure from the progressives and entitlement crowds to take yet more of our personal wealth and redistribute it to those of less fortunate means. NO, HECK NO and HELL NO!  If I want to support charitable causes, I will see to it myself. I most emphatically don’t want Obama doing it for me.


As for the Fair Tax, the recommended starting point is 23%. Twenty-three percent!  Doesn’t anyone but me see this as obscene?  Since there is apparently no meaningful and enforceable cap on how high it could go, at what point does it creep to 25%, 30% or 100%. What’s to stop the government thugs from increasing it to 100%? Who is to say they will actually drop the income tax and shut down the IRS?  All we have is the word of … politicians. Sorry, that’s a risk I don’t want to take. This isn’t a leap of faith; it’s a leap off of a very high cliff.


I cannot support ANY scheme to defraud the citizen of his or her hard earned wealth. Period. Return government to its constitutional means of income. Repeal the fraudulent, never ratified, 16th Amendment. Reduce government and its programs to those which are constitutional. Stop trying to be all things to all people. There are some who are just too damn lazy and shiftless to make an honest living. This is a fact of human nature. We are under no moral or legal obligation to see that they don’t starve. It is sad, but we cannot expect the taxpaying citizens to keep funding this bottomless hole forever. If this makes me heartless and mean spirited, so be it. My first obligation is to my own family. If there is anything left over I might feel compelled to help my fellow man or woman.



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CHINA ... Warehouse to the World

I read a really good article by Phyllis Schaffly:  about the so-called “free-trade” alliancewith communist China. She extols on how China forces the US companies inChina to divulge their trade secrets and then goes into direct competition with those verybenefactors, forcing them out of the markets. Well … DUH! Does this surprise anyonewith an IQ above a moron? Of course they are screwing US companies. Likethe legendary scorpion, it their nature. This situation in and of itself is badenough, but has anyone except myself  had a bad experience with theplethora of Chinese trashflooding our stores? I mean this stuff is pure crap. Every store my wife and Ivisited during the Christmas shopping days stocked merchandise from China,Thailand, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mexico, and so on ad nauseum. We had to really searchto find a US manufactured object. Folks, in light of the massiveunemployment problems we currently face, this should be a stadium sized red flag. All ofthese countries practice protectionism on a grand scale. US companies are“allowed” to build their plants and hire local workers but they are heavilyrestricted in what they can sell in the marketplaces. All the cheap crap finds itsway here under trade agreements. China happens to be the worst by several ordersof magnitude.


I air condition my modest home using window units. I have six in my house. All weremanufactured in China by GE. In the first year, Ihad to replace five of them due to mechanical or electronic problems. I replace themwith Frigidaire units made in Atlanta I believe. At any rate they are madehere in the US. They are mechanical units with little if any electronics.They work flawlessly. I can’t remember how many space heaters I have purchased,all made in China. They have about an 80-90% failure rate within the first3 months. I bought a microwave oven to replace an old one made here. The new oneis from China. It lasted six months and the magnetron burned out. A toasteroven of the same manufacture lasted about eight months before dying a horrible death.


I could go on and on about the crap and trash I have purchased at the local Chinese departmentstores (Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart,et al). The thing is, it isn’t bad enough that the merchandise is so bad, butunless it breaks when you take it out of the box, the seller will not honorthe warranty. I have lost track of the times I have been told I will have to talkto the factory to resolve warranty issues. THE FACTORIES ARE IN CHINA YOUMORONS!  I am not going to spend hours on international phone calls to get a toasterreplaced. And the manufacturers know it. In fact, they count on it. And itreally galls me to be told I will have to purchase a service policy in orderto get the warranty coverage I am entitled to for free. Why should I have to paythe store to enforce the warranty they are responsible 
for? Why should they, an agent for themanufacturer, be allowed to squirm out of their responsibilities? They sellthe crap; they should have a responsibility to replace it when it breakswithin the warranty period. If my car breaks under warranty, I take it back tothe dealer where I bought it. They fix it. It is between them and themanufacturer to work out how to pay for it. If my new house has problems during the firstyear, it is covered by the builder’s warranty. I call the real estateagency that I bought it from and they see that the builder makes things right. Whyshould the purveyors of Chinese crap be any different?


It is far past time for us to let our representatives in the congress know that we are fed uppaying hard earned cash for cheap,poorly designed and manufactured crap. They can and they must stop the flood ofjunk   (and I don’t mean boats) coming out of China.


China holds a massive chunk of our national debt. This doesn’t mean they can ruin our economyat will. Nor does it mean they canflood our markets with crap. My mortgage banker doesn’t tell me what brand of  socks to wear, nor would I 
allow him to. We must find some way to enforce a degreeof quality control on their products before they are allowed into our markets. If theycan’t (or won’t) improve the quality of their products and if they are unable tomanufacture products without using dangerous chemicals, then stop the flow ofthose products until they do … period. The same goes for the other countries aswell.


As for the manufacturer themselves, they made their beds. They should be prosecuted or atleast penalized for divulging tradesecrets and techniques.


The good news is that if we ever go to war with China we probably only need to keep it going fora week or so. By then all theirmilitary hardware will start to fall apart and fail. At least we can hope they usethe same degree of attention to detail they use on consumer products.


If the formatting of this article looks weird, it's because the text editor keeps re-formatting the text. Must be Chinese.


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Well, after a hiatus from any party activity, I have returned to the fold. I am reprising my role as Hunt County Coordinator for the Constitution Party of Texas. After getting my dues in order and talking with Bryan Malatesta, the State Chairman, we decided that I should try to stir something up in and around Hunt County.


Since the Texas Tea Party seems to be supporting the Constitution Party, I decided to see if I couldn't find enough common ground in my area to bring the two groups together. At some point in the future, I am going to try to set up a meeting between the CPOT and the Tea Partiers in the area and see if we can't come up with a plan to rattle the cages of the powers that be.


It should be no secret that the CPOT platform is the most conservative and Christian platform ever conceived since the founders did their thing. I am asking all Tea Party people in Texas to please take some time to actually read the platform and see if you can't bring yourselves to actively support the CPOT. We need to get real Christian conservatives who believe in God, family and country. We need people who are willing to throw their hat in the ring and run for local office under the Constitution Party banner. And, of course, CPOT needs dues paying members. Going head to head against the status quo day in and day out costs money. If you are like me, you get a little miffed at all the groups that want to put their hand in your pocket. But I would say to you, there are those that are worthy of your support. Support the CPOT with a paid membership and support the Tea Party by becoming a Guardian. It is money well spent and I know I sleep better knowing I am actively trying to change things for the better, at least from my perspective.


Oh, by the way. Don't worry about those who would tell you that supporting the CPOT is a blow to the Republican Party of Texas.  Hell, they need a few good smacks to get them back in line. If enough people abandon the status quo, maybe they will begin to get the idea we are graveyard serious about how we want this country governed and we aren't ready to compromise our principles or honor.


And for those friends and neighbors who are lucky enough to be native Texans, let's show these goonies how Texans handle rascals and no-good politicians. Texans are some of the fiercest patriots around. Maybe we should take time to remember that little fact.


American by Birth, Texan by the Grace of God!

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More of the Same?

Much is being speculated on how many seats the Republicans may pick up in redistricting for Texas. More attention should be placed on what KIND of Republicans are selected to fill these new seats. I strongly suspect that the Republican Party of Texas will try to insert their hand-picked favorites. I also suspect that the Tea Party will open up a can of ... well, you know.

We in the Tea Party (or at least favorable to same) must keep the Republicans feet to the fire. Let up for one second and they will backslide. This has been proven time and again. There is an opportunity to make Texas' congressional cadre the most conservative group in the congress. If we fail to do so, it is our fault. The Tea Party MUST take a proactive and front row seat at any redistricting talks. It must be clear from the gitgo that only those representatives that profess the conservative doctrine will be acceptable. A good starting point would be a person who supports and defends the platform of the Constitution Party. This platform should be the Bible of those representing the people of Texas.

And, before someone asks, I do wholeheartedly support the Constitution Party and its platform as the only hope for returning the United States of America to it's former place of greatness.
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They STILL Don't Get It ...

I have been waiting for the report from Obamugabe's special commission on the deficit. It is interesting that they finally recognize the fact that we can't go on spending ourselves into oblivion. The horror story is that all their "solutions" hit us, the taxpayers, like a load of runny outhouse leavings.

ALL of the suggestions for reform involve the taxpayer digging deeper to pay for the spending. Only in one(or two) cases do they get it right and advocate reducing the size and cost of government.

The New Republicans advocate rolling back government spending to the levels of 2008. 2008? GIVE ME A BREAK! For starters, let's roll back every executive departments budget by 10%, right now. Then for the next five years, reduce their budgets by 2% per year. That gives us a 20% reduction in SPENDING in the next five years.

Next, let's insist that congress place a moritorium on automatic pay raises for themselves and all government employees raises for that same five year period. That will save another bundle.

Next, make the so-called Bush tax cuts permanent. More money in the taxpayers hands equals more revenue for the big spenders.

Reduce our energy costs by dropping the federal tax on fuels. Let the states take care of the highways and decide on the appropriate tax level for maintenance.

And finally, let's do away with government slush funds and off-budget sources of income at all levels of government. Government has no business running a surplus, hidden or otherwise. A surplus indicates that they raped the taxpayer for more than needed to operate the government. Any surplus should be required to be refunded to the taxpayers the next tax cycle. Notice I said "taxpayers". There should be no refund to those who pay no taxes. They get a good handout via the negative income tax boondoggle. Also kill the totalization agreement with Mexico. It irks me that Mexicans in Mexico can draw against the Social Security account that is nearly or actually bankrupt. Talk about stupid.

The problem IS NOT lack of funding. It is SPENDING MORE THAN YOU MAKE! We taxpayers understand the principle very well. It is far past time for our so-called leaders to get the message.
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Lame Duck My .....

It is not enough they want to open the borders, now Harry and the guys are going to try to sneak their damn labor bill through the senate. A slightly revised version of the Police and Firefighter Monopoly Bargaining Bill (S. 3194) -- has been "modified" to make it more palatable to us ignorant voters. The "new" bill SB-3991 is no improvement. It will still put all police and firefighters under the thumb of organized labor, whether they wan't it or not. If you think cities and counties are strapped for cash now, just wait until the labor unions get their greedy hands on the budget. We will be bankrupted on the alter of big labor. The threat of and actual calling of a strike will cause fear in all good people. Police and fire services will be graciously granted at the behest of the labor union masters.

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Immigration "REFORM"

I have finally reached my tolerance level for the crap the liberals are spouting about the Dream Act. IT IS NOT ABOUT KIDS! Thirty-five year olds and criminals are NOT KIDS! This is nothing more than the Democrats trying to build a voter base that is beholden to them in time for the 2012 election cycle. END OF LESSON!

Now is definitely the time to let every congressperson and senator type person know beyond a shadow of doubt that if they support the Dream Act they are out of a job the next time they stand for election.

I read one article with a photo. The photo showed a Hispanic lady holding a sign that read: " Borders are lines drawn by Imperialist Racists!" BS! Borders are internationally recognized territorial limits. They are not lines on a map. They are as real as a brick wall. Crossing them without an invitation should be grounds for expulsion ... immediately, no review, no delays while we discuss the merits of their presence. Repeat offenders should be escalated to a felony status and imprisoned or better yet given forced, supervised, community service (chain gangs without the chains). Since our prisons are already 30-35 percent illegal population, imprisonment is no deterrent. Let them clean up highways or national parks. Let them work on government projects. Then when their sentence is fulfilled, expel them ... immediately.

Those on the side of the illegals who call for civil disobedience should also be charged as political subversives. They too should face criminal penalties. They are in fact inciting to riot. This is still a crime in most states. Enforce the damn laws.

And finally, it is far past time to revisit H.R. 1940, the "Birthright Citizenship Act of 2007". Let's put to rest the question of babies born to illegal immigrant parents. Actually, the Constitution itself makes the case. Children must be born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction of the United States before they can claim birthright citizenship. International law assumes the baby to be a citizen of the same country as the parents. If one or both parents are not citizens and hence not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, the child has no birthright claim. Period.

Let's get our heads out of the sand and stop the economic blood loss that illegal immigration represents. And please don't assault my intelligence with the old BS about the illegals contributing more that they take. I don't buy it for one millisecond. They are by definition, criminals. Treat them as such.
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