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When America Comes Knocking .....


Since the shootings took place in Tucson, I have heard the left ranting and raving against Governor Sarah Palin, talk radio and other conservative pundits in America. Liberals have been like bulldogs fighting over a bone with their scratching and screaming assault on free speech in America.

None of us in the middle or the right of political ideology should be surprised.

None of us in the middle or on the right should expect them to take an inch of responsibility for the mess America now finds itself.

The fact that the Left promoted and anointed such an inexperienced person to the White House, and most Americans fell for this bought and paid for production is enough to make any sane person scream.

So my question is when are YOU, the average American, going to finally believe that you have more brains and commonsense in your little finger than most politicians, past and present? Do you now understand that the 'good ole boys' network in America is destroying your country and that you, via your vote and your inability to credit yourself for having a brain has aided and abetted this situation?

When describing a 'commoner' aka, Governor Palin, as 'too stupid for words,' the old guard – on both sides of the aisle – demonstrates its disdain for the average American. It comes from the Left and the Right because they all know better than any of you how to keep you at each other's throat by useless diversionary tactics and groundless accusations. They know better than you and always will what is good for you so you can just sit your arse down and shut up.

That's the goal. It's what both sides of the aisle want. Either that or they want you to fight with each other. Even better, the Washington ‘elites’ have found a smokescreen that is far more effective: instead of calling you dumb, they can demonstrate how dumb you are by manufacturing a fight or a crisis and then stand back snickering in the corner while you all go at it like high school kids. It’s been like the worst play ever produced in your country pitting American against American.

Political goals are no longer about differences in political ideology; it is now about Right and Left. They no longer care about what is good or bad for America; it must be about American hating American. Disagreement is not allowed anymore. Hate is the goal and so far, they are winning.

From my view here in the North, I cannot help but wonder why, YOU the average American, have no trust in yourself? Do YOU think you are stupid? Too dumb to know right from wrong? Top from bottom? Fiscal responsibility as opposed to a one way train trip to bankruptcy? That is where America is headed and BOTH parties have dragged your country down this road without much protest from the average American.

Content they were that you were ‘dumbed down’ enough and fighting with each other so you would be distracted and just sit down and shut up. Americans, stay out of the way of the elites who know how you should live your life, run your country and interpret your Constitution the way they want to for you. You are too dumb to do so, you know. Where is your diploma from Harvard or the likes?

There is one organization that has stood up and is still standing up to the elites and that is the Tea Party Groups. A wonderful organization of Americans of all colours and all political thinking who are taking action behind the scenes to change the way things are being done in your country. If you are not a member, you need to get up off your couch and find a group to join. This is a turning point in the history of your country and you can be a part of the change or continue to be a part of the problem. Its time to roll America! It's time to show the powers that be just how dumb you really aren't.

Lastly, for those of you with Palin Derangement Syndrome (PD, Governor Palin is an American who knows how to be a leader. Palin leads by example. She may not be a Harvard grad, but she is fast getting an education from America’s political arena of hard knocks. People keep trying to knock her down and she keeps taking the blows.

I give kudos to a real American who loves her country and the people in it. A real politician who knows that the hearts and minds of all good Americans is what will help her save the country she loves. You see, she understands that Americans are not dumb. They were just put to sleep by all the garbage ya'll have been tossing their way for a few years now. In the end, there is nothing dumb about Americans when they gather together under their flag and start their march to take their country back. That began a year or more ago and they are still marching.

When American patriots come knocking on your door, all of you who tried to dumb down your fellow country men and women, look for Palin walking right beside them. Not in front of or behind, but side by side because that in the end is what true leadership is all about.

Just a view from my side of the border.
Cam Vallee, your Northern Neighbour

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by Cam Vallee 

I belong to a left wing site known as Care 2. Run some groups there and belong too many. Talk to anyone who will talk to me respectfully. Believe me when I say I have the war wounds to show I can take on Alinsky tactics and fight to win. But I have made a lot of friends there as well, on both sides of the aisle. The Obama supporters in 2008 were rabid, to put it nicely. They are pretty quiet right now and a lot of them have jumped off the turnip truck. Turned off the ear that followed Obama's pied piper act because they now realize he plays that pipe as badly as he looks in green leggings. 

Recently a friend of mine posted the following and I answered. Americans are confused, they are angry and they are hurting. The truth is at the keyboards of all Conservatives who want to jump into the deep end of the pool and have a frank conversation with the doubters. This is mine. This is my view. 

Nancy in Indiana asked: 

“WHY are the Republicans out there to get Obama? 

Why do they oppose everything they do even when he changes his mind and takes their original position? 

Why do they want to cut taxes when we have so much deficit and debt? 

Why do they work SO DAMN HARD to see Obama FAIL? 

Why do they call Obama a socialist when he is more to the right than Clinton was? 

Why do they blame him for everything when all he has done is mainly stick with Bush's policies? (It took a LONG TIME to create this mess) 

Why are Republicans now so EVIL?” 

My mother, an 85 year old life-long Republican now HATES them and will never vote for another Republican again. 

Now, I am a soon to be 69-year-old Canadian who joined your fight in 2008 and has stayed the course. I am, personally, a fiscal Conservative but do hold a lot of liberal views. I am a proud member of your Tea Party movement and the wife and I started a group here a couple of years ago that is now over 160 members strong. In just a few months, we forced our Premier (Governor) to resign because he stopped listening to us and organized across Canada to elect a majority Conservative government that is now turning us off the road of socialism we have been on. I have learned a lot about your American politics and have much more to learn but this was my reply to Nancy in Indiana... 

WHY are the Republicans out there to get Obama? ... Because he is a Democrat and they are the opposition. It would be no different the other way around. 

Why do they oppose everything they do even when he changes his mind and takes their original position? ... When has this ever happened? The Dems make it look that way but I have never found one example of this. 

Why do they want to cut taxes when we have so much deficit and debt? For one thing, Obama had incurred more debt than all the administrations before him. So blame him for the gross increase for it and ask yourself what you have gained from what he has done? The answer would be a bigger share of your national debt and it is growing astronomically. American companies are now moving to CANADA because my government has slashed taxes for corporations. That says a lot because we are personally-taxed to bloody death up here, Nancy. Everyone. No way do we have fifty percent of Canadians who contribute nothing to the coffers, as you do in America. We cannot afford it and are one of the highest personally-taxed nations in the world. 

Bringing in more companies will help us in the long run, but it is hurting Americans when they leave. Lowering taxes will help companies grow and expand which then helps your nation as a whole by new jobs and industries popping up. It is the way our economies work, Nancy – have always worked. 

Why do they work SO DAMN HARD to see Obama FAIL? ... 

Why do you think this? Congress has been working hard. It passed all kinds of bills and ideas on up to the Senate where Harry REID stops everything. He will not allow anything from the Republicans to be brought up for a vote. Period. So, nothing makes it up to the White House and the Republicans are blamed. Works for the Dems, I suppose, because I think you are a really smart person yet you blame the Repubs for what the Dems are not doing. God forbid something should pass and get put in front of Obama and then he has to veto it.  God forbid that he should be forced to actually work at getting the Congress and Senate to work together – but it is to his advantage that they do not because then he can blame it on the Republicans. Why does this Canadian know this – see this – and Americans do not? Why do you buy the lies? 

Why do they call Obama a socialist when he is more to the right than Clinton was? ... 

Obama is a socialist. He believes in hand outs and not hand ups. There is no other definition for the kind of policies he believes will help America. His policies ARE socialist policies. That alone does not make him evil, but he presents to you similar policies and ideas we have here in Canada and they do not work! So, he presents and suggests to you failing ideology instead of staying with the tried and true. Believe me when I tell you that if our Canadian health care system was all that and a bag of chips, I would tell you the truth, Nancy, but it is not. It is a failing system and my conservative government is moving us OFF the path our “Obama” put us on the late 1960's, early 1970's. It is the direction we must move in if we are to save my country and it is working. Obama wants you to go the other way. The wrong way. 

Why do they blame him for everything when all he has done is mainly stick with Bush's policies? (It took a LONG TIME to create this mess) ... 

Speaking for myself, I do not see that Obama is sticking with the Bush policies. Obama is very weak on foreign policy and the way he has handled rogue nations. He is very weak when it comes to standing up for your military and in negotiations with other countries. Take Korea for instance. North Korea got a crapload of food and goods in exchange for a promise to stop their missile tests/advancements. Last time America did that to help those in need in North Korea was when Bush was in office. Everything that was sent was given to the military – and the people starved. North Korea continued to do what it wanted to so Congress (which was Democrat at the time) decreed no more trades like that with North Korea. Obama did it anyway. Egypt laughs at him, Iran mocks him –rogue nations –terrorist nations – are not afraid of him because he says one thing and does another. You can hate Israel all you want (if you are a Palestinian supporter - not speaking of you directly) but Israel is only as strong as the support America gives it. Obama has turned his back on Israel which emboldens the terrorists – more Palestinians have died because of his administration’s failed policies. Negotiating from a position of strength is always better than trying to do so from a position of weakness. Obama is weak and the whole world is now on edge because of him. 

If you think that not closing Gitmo was sticking with the Bush policies, consider this: there was no place for those terrorists to go. If those detainees were brought into America, they would have been tried under your laws and they would have been released – IN AMERICA. That’s why the Repubs fought so hard to keep them where they were, at Gitmo. Many Dems joined in on that fight against closing, Gitmo, too. He could not fix what Bush had done and Bush did a hell of a lot wrong, but he kept America safe after 9/11. The whole world felt safer because of the aggressive action Bush took and he surprised many! Feel safer now under Obama? No ... and the terrorists mock him. 

“Why are Republicans now so EVIL?” 

It is not just Republicans – your whole political arena in America is corrupted. The White House has been for sale for a long time. He with the most money gets to buy it. Too much money is spent tearing people down instead of building America up. You have had a lot of good people on both sides of the aisle put their necks on the line for the American people and they get ripped apart like dead meat. Because they are you. Honest, hardworking people who want to see good things happen for the American people. 

You have criminals in your government, for cripes sakes. People who are there who should have been retired years and years ago. You have a 'black caucus' that keeps your arena divided via colour instead of uniting under flag. It is wrong. Should never be allowed in a political arena because it creates special interest groups. EVERY American citizen is special. Every single one of you. 

As a people, you kept voting for the same old thing and look what has happened. Change is good, but you have to do your homework and make sure that change knows his ass from a hole in the ground. Is someone who did the work, put in the time and is willing to make the government work by working with it - not against it. Obama has never done anything to reach out to the Republicans to get them working with the Dems. Vice versa, perhaps, but the new groups of Republicans who came in 2010 are there on a mission. 

They want the growth in your debt halted and start getting it paid down. They want smaller government and the federal government reigned in over the states. Your state knows what you need better than the Feds ever could. They went there with a plan but the left has demonized them for that. The propaganda machine on the left is well oiled and with all the shills in the news media to help them – Americans buy the lies. 

Blue Dog Democrats are known to be fiscally conservative and lost in 2010 because they were expendable to the Progressive arm of the Democratic Party. Progressive ideology IS SOCIALISM. All you have to do is start researching and you will find I am right. Blue dog Dems need to be elected back so that work between the parties can start to happen again. You know the only one who was ever able to make both parties work together was Newt. Like him or not he did what he had to in order to help the government move forward for the people's sakes. It is why he has so many enemies on both sides of the aisle. Those ethic charges against him were bogus ... 

I did the research. The wife and I spent well over a year researching hundreds of resources including Obama's actual senate records before we saw his inexperience would really hurt America and like it or not it has. 

The old guard Dems and Republicans MUST go in order for you to start seeing your government finally start to work. It is about negotiation between parties and they do not do that. Period. 

The responsibility for this lies with you - the voters. Not the politicians. They made the mess but you put them there and allowed it all to happen. Now what are you going to do to clean it up? 

Just a view from your Northern Neighbour. 

Cam Vallee 

Your Northern Neighbour, Cam Vallee 


~ The Bold Pursuit would like to pay tribute to Cam’s beloved wife and patriot, Linda, who passed away after a long illness. Linda, or CanuckGal, as we knew her, was an original member of The Bold Pursuit’s social network. Her enthusiasm, support and Northern Neighbour blogs gave us the encouragement we needed to move on to the next stage in our journey: A great lady … a true patriot … she is missed.~

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The Black Caucus in America ....


As a Canadian I was surprised when I heard such a caucus existed in America. I have come to understand that special interest groups have led to a lot of corruption in both our political arenas but when I heard that existed dedicated to a specific race of people gave me great pause. It still does.

I never think about the colour of the persons skin when I cast my vote. In spite of what naysayers echo there is a majority among us in North America that vet our candidates and make our decision on who to vote for based on that alone. It has absolutely nothing to do with the colour of someones skins but rather a personal assessment of the character and experience of those we choose to support. I vote for the person who promises to represent most of what I want my government to do. I say 'most' because you never get everything you want in any candidate.

Why then is there a 'black caucus' made up from elected officials in America? What does that mean? Does it mean they only represent the black voters in their districts? Why would an elected official even feel the need to join a segregated club? Do they feel the need to join because of ongoing race discrimination or grave difference in needs being met in America and if so what does that say? The needs of the black population are more important than the white?  As a white voter am I then pushed to the end of the line of importance by my representative because they happen to be black? If I have a black neighbour are his needs more likely to be met than those of mine because I am white?

Newsflash America!   After watching your politics for a number of years now it would appear that might just be the case. There is now a form of reverse racism taking place in your country that you would do well to recognize and demand be stopped before it gets out of hand! America, like Canada is a melting pot and it is my opinion there are all things special about all citizens no matter what race, colour or creed we happen to be. It does not matter how or when we got to North America. What matters and should matter is the here and now and how we cope with living side by side with each other.

When I hear of groups like this caucus in your government it leads to division and not unification of your country because it means those representatives went there to take care of their own special interest group. When I hear the like of Charlie Rangle and Maxine Waters (to name just a few of the members) spouting off about how mistreated 'my people' are it causes me to listen up and understand that if I were a white person in their district they are not talking about me.

Special interest groups here in Canada have led to be handicapped by an outreach of special treatment. Instead of giving all Canadians equal treatment under our laws my government decided the French speaking population in Quebec needed special treatment. It divided us. My provincial government decided to deal with a large influx of immigrants whose kids started school without being able to speak english with special treatment. All kind of people are now employed on the public dole to teach these kids to speak english and every citizen is paying for this. All of us out of the tax money we surrender and our children who do speak english because time is taken away from them while the special interests are catered to. This has further divided Canadians. Then there was the government many years ago deciding to 'parent' our vast native Indian population and they almost wiped them out entirely.

No one takes better care of myself and my family than I do. No one represents me better in the political areana than the person I help get elected and then follow. To allow special interest groups to form within a government is asking for big, big trouble. It will help the few and not the many.

I have never seen this discussed among Americans so ask again - "Why is a black caucus allowed in your political arena?" With the exception of the colour of our skin everything about us here in North America IS THE SAME. If we are to be given equal representation I think it is long past time that caucus is dissolved. Elected officials can join any club they want to privately but to publicly join a club which divides the people is a boil on the political arena that needs to be lanced.

As a final note when I visited the website of this caucus they were flashing a photograph of Martin Luther King. I followed him in my younger years. Attended many marches across the line demanding equal treatment for all men and women. Dr. King was a uniter. Not a divider. His vision for America was one of equal rights and equal treatment for all. Somehow it would seem that this caucus has corrupted the message he sent around the world to all people of good heart.


I find that very sad indeed.


Just a view from my side of the fence,

I am your Northern Neighbour,

Cam Vallee

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