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Cal Shaw commented on Jim Delaney's blog post Does 2nd Amendment Confer an Individual Right to Bear Arms?
"Linda, You are not alone - I have thought something smelled bad from the Sandy Hook event and is continuing. "
Jan 31, 2013
Cal Shaw commented on Jim Delaney's blog post Does 2nd Amendment Confer an Individual Right to Bear Arms?
"There is a law still in effect called the Dick Law of 1907which provides for the right to gun ownership and CANNOT BE REPEALED.  The law also classifies and defines three (3) separate classes of militia and who is automatically included. 
The three…"
Jan 31, 2013
Cal Shaw commented on Kevin Fobbs's blog post Will you support your state and sheriff that defy Obama Gun Control Orders
"Without fail - I am too old to run a 4 or even 20 min mile but I can certainly still load, aim and fire if need be to defend my family and yours if they need the help."
Jan 17, 2013
Cal Shaw commented on Lloyd Marcus's blog post Obama's Executive Disarmament Confirms Tea Party Can Not Go Away
"It seems that apathy has reigned supreme among the masses and don't want to get involved has become the standard answer.  It is time for America to stand up for something - like our Constitution -  and be counted.  Perhaps the emergence of a new…"
Jan 17, 2013
Cal Shaw left a comment for Admin Dee
"Here is a thought process to perhaps put out for the members.  Here is info I just sent to Washington Politicians including the President and Ky  Reps and Senators.
"Please be aware of the existence of this act and to vote for gun control, would…"
Jan 6, 2013

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