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Benson William Gates III commented on Joseph Gilbert's blog post The "Party of No"
I received those same e-mails.  How can our membership expire?  As much as I wish I could donate to every "worthy" cause, that's not possible.

I'm ONLY sending money directly to candidates who I want to see elected.  No more middle men, no…"
Feb 6, 2014
Benson William Gates III posted a blog post
Recent articles floating around the Internet suggest that there is a conspiracy to prevent you from buying ammunition.  Not only do I not believe it to be true, it seems as though that by perpetuating these rumors, they become a self-fulfilling…
Nov 21, 2013
Benson William Gates III commented on T. K. Marion's blog post Liberty versus Tyranny
"I love liberty, I love my country and its Constitution which protects me from tyrants.  However, in recent generations, Americans have been lulled into "trusting" others to defend the constitution rather than tackling the tough job of educating…"
Nov 21, 2013

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  • Bravo Benson.  Too many are shrugging their shoulders and simply calling these traitorous deeds "the new norm."  I guess it's easier than thinking and acting and getting a pair.

  • As the pain of economic collapse impacts all Americans, more will join our cause.

    The coming Great Depression -Version 2, will be a learning experience.

  • I guarantee you if this was a person running for the Presidency on the Republican ticket and he refused to divulge what Obama has refused to divulge all hell would break loose. And the press would get down to the bottom of everything. I am amazed those that follow him into blind oblivion. Wake up people. Our future is what we are talking about. We don't want a world government, global domination where the few like the Rothchilds, Rockfeller, Carnegie's Morgan's, Harriman's Schiff's and Warburg's control the many. We don't want a World Government with 4 unions, the Pacific, American, African and European. We have to reduce government. We have to close the Federal Reserve. What to do can be found in "thrivemoment.com". Big step but the journey begins with the first step.
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