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By Rachel Alexander

Americans are so focused on Congress and Obama at the federal
level of government right now that most are overlooking the socialism
creeping in at the local level through Agenda 21.
It is easy to overlook local government since people are saturated
with too much information in the internet age. Compounding this is
the fact that Agenda 21 is a dull topic, and it becomes understandable
how it has been able to fly mostly under the radar since 1992, slowly
working its way into our cities and counties.

Agenda 21, which reportedly means an agenda for the 21st century,
is a United Nations program launched in 1992 for the vague purpose
of achieving global "sustainable development."
Congress never approved Agenda 21, although Presidents Obama,
Clinton and George H.W. Bush have all signed Executive Orders
implementing it. 178 other world leaders agreed to it in 1992 at the
Rio Summit. Since then, the U.N. has mostly bypassed national
governments, using Agenda 21’s International Council of Local
Environmental Initiatives (“ICLEI”) to make agreements directly with
local governments. ICLEI's U.S. presence has grown to include
agreements with over 600 cities, towns and counties here, which
are now copying the land use plans prescribed in Agenda 21.
Some conservatives are trying to attract attention to Agenda 21 by
labeling it a secret conspiracy to create a one world government.
While that will wake some people up, it will turn off others.
It does not matter whether it is a conspiracy or not.
There are people on the left side of the political spectrum - who
may even believe they have good intentions - working together to
spread their vision for society worldwide. Whether they meet in
dark rooms or openly in public meetings is irrelevant; they are having
great success convincing local governments in the U.S. to adopt their
socialist and extreme environmentalist programs under the guise of
feel-good buzz words. Left wing billionaire George Soros's Open Society
has provided $2,147,415 to ICLEI. Van Jones' Green for All and the
Tides Foundations’ Apollo Alliance are also reportedly ICLEI contributors.

Agenda 21 ostensibly seeks to promote "sustainability" (the latest
revisionist word for "environmentalism," since Americans have learned too
many negative things about environmentalism). "Sustainability" is an
amorphous concept that can be interpreted to an extreme degree that
would regulate and restrict many parts of our lives.
When will the level of carbon emissions be low enough?
How much must we reduce our consumption of fossil fuels?
Preserving the environment is a dubious science, and what steps are
really necessary to protect the environment are anyone's guess.
Agenda 21 promotes European socialist goals that will erode our freedoms
and liberties. Most of its vague, lofty sounding phrases cause the average
person’s eyes to glaze over, making it easier to sneak into our communities.
The environmentalist goals include atmospheric protection, combating pollution,
protecting fragile environments, and conserving biological diversity.
Agenda 21 goes well beyond environmentalism. Other broad goals include
combating poverty, changing consumption patterns, promoting health, and
reducing private property ownership, single-family homes, private car ownership,
and privately owned farms. It seeks to cram people into small livable areas and
institute population control.
There is a plan for “social justice” that will redistribute wealth.

Once these vague, overly broad goals are adopted, they are being interpreted
to allow massive amounts of new, overreaching regulations.
Joyce Morrison from Eco-logic Powerhouse says Agenda 21 is so broad it will
affect the way we "live, eat, learn and communicate."
Berit Kjos, author of Brave New Schools, warns that Agenda 21 "regulation would
severely limit water, electricity, and transportation - even deny human access to
our most treasured wilderness areas, it would monitor all lands and people.
No one would be free from the watchful eye of the new global tracking and
information system." Even one of the authors of Agenda 21 has admitted that it "…
calls for specific changes in the activities of all people…"
These steps are already being enacted little by little at the local levels.

Since the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, and uses more energy
than any other country, it stands to lose the most from environmental regulations.
The goal of "sustainability," which comes down to using government to heavy-
handedly accomplish vague goals of caring for the earth, goes contrary to our
free market capitalism. Even more unfair, struggling third world countries and
communist countries that cannot financially afford to comply with the onerous
environmental regulations will continue their high levels of fossil fuel consumption,
and the U.S. will be forced by U.N. regulators to conserve even more to make up
for those countries.

Obama signed Executive Order 13575 earlier this month, establishing a
"White House Rural Council" prescribed by Agenda 21. The amount of
government Obama has directed to administer this is staggering.
Obama committed thousands of federal employees in 25 federal agencies
to promote sustainability in rural areas, completely bypassing Congressional
approval. Some of these agencies are unrelated to rural areas. The agencies
will entice local communities into adopting Agenda 21 programs by providing
them millions of dollars in grants.
Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh writing for Canada Free Press analyzed the order
and wrote, "it establishes unchecked federal control into rural America in
education, food supply, land use, water use, recreation, property, energy,
and the lives of 16% of the U.S. population."

Tea party groups, talk show host Glenn Beck, and organizations like
Freedom Advocates, Catholic Investigative Agency and Sovereignty International
are working hard to expose Agenda 21, but there is only so much a few can do.
Some local governments have become aware of what Agenda 21 is really about
and dropped out of ICLEI this year. The Carroll County Board of Commissioners,
Montgomery County in Pennsylvania and the city of Edmond, Oklahoma have
all withdrawn their participation.

It will be difficult to defeat Agenda 21 because it requires changing the attitudes
of over 600 separate localities across the U.S. Ideally, a conservative president
could roll back the executive orders implementing it, but considering Republican
President H.W. Bush was a disappointment in this area that may be too much
to hope for. If Republicans take over Congress they could challenge the huge
power grab Obama made with Executive Order 13575 and ban Agenda 21
in the U.S. For now, local activists must champion this issue, much like
Texans for Accountable Government has done, educating local boards and
commissions and serving on them. Agenda 21 is a tedious and overwhelming
topic, and until it can be explained in an easy-to-understand way that interests
the average American, it will be tough to beat back.



Rachel Alexander is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative.
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My First And Last Comment On The TSA

Jack Webb on How to Deal with the TSA


The TSA: Providing gainful employment

to sexual predators since 2009

Can’t see London, Can’t see France,

unless we see your underpants.

It’s not a grope; it’s a freedom pat.

If your lover is lacking in foreplay, come fly by us!

We always get to second base on the first date.

Security thru nudity!

We’ll touch you here, We’ll touch you there,

We’ll even fondle your derriere

Hickory dickory dock, give us a chance

and we’ll grab ur – you get the idea

Have a grope and a Smile

We rub you because we love that special way

Nuts, butts, and scanner sluts. That's the way we roll.

You get on. We get off.

We've handled more balls than Barney Frank.

Going out west? We’re going down south.

Lift your sack…for freedom?

Perverts for peace.

TSA: Where Touching Your Junk is Not Just a Job,

It's an Adventure

TSA, we bring repressed memories to life.

Announcing the new TSA Club Card;

Every 12 pat-downs gets a reach-around!

TSA Theme Song - See Me, Feel Me

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Victories are Won by the Victorious

Written By: Teague Cuddebackfor Vision to AmericaWant to see a conservative win in November?Those who would be victorious in any endeavor always takethe long view. That’s what our Marxist opposition does.They see the great sweep of history and they look far intothe future. They analyze the reasons why things have turnedout the way they have. They know succeeding and winning isan up and down affair, that it requires specific knowledgeof the enemy and his beliefs, methods, weaknesses and habits,that there’s no gain without pain, and no advance forwardwithout an occasional falling backward, that sacrifice of time,effort, money, and sometimes blood, is part of the journey.If only Republicans, conservatives and Christians, cuddlysafe in their glass towers, suburbs and worship centers couldgrasp this fact. Jesus surely did, but sadly, many of us can’tsee beyond our noses. Mention what has transpired over the pastfifty years that paved the way for the installation of ourtotalitarian president and some ill informed, historicallychallenged, angry short-sighted individual will blare “you areliving in the past and blaming republicans for all the ills inthe U.S.A.” Nothing could be farther from the truth.But should we criticize only the beliefs and actions of theopposition and never consider our own?Can any logical person deny that the “past” is part and parcelof today, still influencing the events and thinking of a greatmany people who don’t understand Republican, conservative oreven Christian principles?Can we ignore the fact that Republicans didn’t then and evennow do not go into certain neighborhoods with an eye towardwinning conservative converts?They think all they have to do is “rally the base.”The truth is, the conservative base is smaller than the liberal base.We are surrounded by fellow Americans who still live withpolitical attitudes and beliefs from by-gone decades.The past has been passed on in memory and emotion and keptalive by current voters. Their narratives are embedded inthe mission statements of existing governmental agenciesand programs.If we want to dismantle those agencies and programs, as somany do, we can do so safely and more permanently only byconnecting with individuals who hold those wrong beliefsand offering replacement beliefs that make sense to them,thereby moving their loyalties from Democratic Party toRepublican Party, helping them understand that Marxism isnot Liberal and that conservative and traditional valuesare emotionally rewarding and spiritually generous,forgiving and liberal because that is God’s nature andHe is the author of true governance.If we don’t do this difficult work, those individuals willstrengthen in their fight against us. Our very personaleducational outreach to them must be sustained over a longperiod of time to make one victory become a second victory,then a third victory, and so on.If we fail in this effort, we can’t begin to deconstructwhat our sins of omission helped to build. We become deniersof history who can’t or won’t face the truth and so helpperpetuate the lie that conservatives are hateful, stingyand racist.If we do a good job now and keep it up, peoplewill be able to look back in history to our era and learnin another time of crisis how we came to our senses, andpulled back from the brink of totalitarianism to regaincontrol over the future of our nation to save freedom foranother generation.The attitude of denial is not uncommon. Republicans fordecades have refused to seek votes in minority communities.They would rather concede those geographic areas to Democrats,believing that everyone living there is out of reach.What lack of faith.By thinking this way, Republicans merely prove what Democratssay about them, that they don’t care about those people,neighborhoods, communities, legislative districts, etc.There are too many Republican voters who childishly thinkall that has to happen is for conservatives to be victoriouson November 2nd, and then all will be right with the world.Anger and disgust over high taxes and excessive spendingactivates people only for a short period of time.It is hard to sustain indefinitely.People get tired, become depressed.And there are other issues to consider.Tea Parties are great outlets for expression but they cannotdo real politics because they are not registered as politicalaction committees. Political action committees can raise moneyto fund candidates, run campaigns, buy candidate and ballotissue-specific advertising, activities with the potential togenerate governing power. I wish every conservative could graspthe importance of organizing and campaigning.It is the glue that binds people together in political victoryand sustains them even in defeat. Sustained political togethernessenables a government to be strong and remain strong. It enablespeople with dissimilar backgrounds to stick together through thickand thin, for the long haul. The nature of politically forgedrelationships takes on aspects of family.I spent this past weekend working with an independent fiscaland pro-life conservative who is running on the Republican ticket.He is Hispanic and running for office in a minority district.The Republican Party ignored his candidacy and offered him nosupport for his run because he is trying to unseat a very liberalLatina incumbent of sixteen years who only once had faced oppositionin an underfunded campaign.I had met the Republican candidate’swife months ago when she was part of a small Tea Party group I wasinvited to counsel. I chose to speak on political history, partystructures and effective campaign planning and messaging techniquesfor reaching the politically unreached. It is easy to tell who’sgetting it and who isn’t simply by the questions they ask.She was getting it.Those who don’t get it usually remain silent or just makedisparaging comments. Some while later, the woman told meher husband had decided to run for political office.His campaign started early applying the principles and methodsI had offered. He is a very committed candidate and a consistentand effective door-to-door campaigner.Today, the incumbent politician he is working to defeat can’tgo home at the end of the day without seeing this man’s yardsigns up and down her street and a huge banner for him directlyacross the street from her house. I’m sure it takes some of thewind out of her sails.It is always a good strategy to demoralize the oppositioncandidate and cause them anxiety without ever having to say anugly word about them. People in the district are talking abouttheir respective candidacies, comparing who’s doing what andwho’s taking the voters for granted, and it’s all free becauseit’s word of mouth.That’s good campaigning.To be victorious requires deep individual commitment, constantworking of precincts, on-going positive campaigning, teachingeverywhere, person to person.Jesus committed himself to working this same way for ourspiritual benefit every day for three years and gave his life for us.We can follow his pattern and do the same to preserve theliberty that allows us to evangelize and worship freely.Still on the sidelines?Don’t be “a moderate.” It’s a curse,a blight on the body politic and a hellish thing.Moderates have no passion for a cause unless they are “it.”They are neither hot nor cold. They have no convictions andcannot be convinced on an issue. They only gravitate to oneside or the other of a cause when it suits them, as they weighand consider their present circumstance against the politicaland economic backdrop that frames it.If they are “religious moderates,” they consider themselves“good” people who understand those gray areas that escapethe rest of us. They are a religion unto themselves.Principles mean little to such persons. They live in the now,and for them, all ethics are situational. Their words and actions,or lack thereof, prove it.And they tend to ignore the lessons history can teach.Don’t forget to examine history.Take it into account. Then, do politics.Make the decision that you will go where you have never beenand that you will do what you have never done.Help America secure its future in a new era of freedom.Call your local political party and find out how to contacta conservative candidate’s campaign near you.Ask questions about the candidate’s beliefs.Find out who and what groups have endorsed their campaign.You can make a significant difference in the effectivenessof a candidate’s efforts. And when you do, you’ll discover thatwhat you’ve done and learned campaigning has etched you deeply.You’ll never see politics quite the same way again.
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Andrew MalcolmL.A. Times

Judging by President Obama's remarks and media coverage,

the No. 1 topic on Americans' minds nowadays is the awful

oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Not!

Gallup finds terrorism remains the top concern.

But it has now been joined by -- Hello, big Democratic spenders

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid -- the exploding enormity of the

federal deficits. And here's the midterm election year political

problem for both of these Democrats: Republicans are viewed

as better at handling both of those concerns.

ABC News finds voter frustration at the boiling point.

The number of Americans approving of ...

... their local House member has dropped below 50%

for the first time since Bill Clinton's first midterm elections in 1994.

Anybody remember which party named Republican seized control

of both houses of Congress that year for the first time in four decades?

Voter approval of Congress is now at 26%, down 18 points since the

same Democrats took majority control of both houses in 2007.

As a Public Opinion Strategies memo notes here, Americans' perception

of the economy has actually weakened in the last two months.

And predictably they are turning to the federal government's top talker for

the blame; 44% of the country approves of Obama's handling of the economy

while 53% disapprove.

The even better news for Republicans is that the GOP has increased its

lead on the so-called generic congressional ballot this month.

That is, which party's candidate are you most likely to vote for on Nov. 2?

Republicans now lead Democrats by nine points, 44-35,

Rasmussen Reports reports.

The Harris Poll has an interesting new survey out on how 2,503 Americans

rate 16 elements of life in their country. Large majorities give positive ratings

to America's science and technology (75%), its Constitution (70%),

quality of life (66%) and even its overpriced colleges and universities (65%).

The more education you have, the higher you rate these categories.

However, the healthcare system (33%), public schools (32%) and the

economic system (28%) don't get rated very well.

Incumbent Alert: You'll never guess which sector gets the worst rating

from Americans: Political (23%).

Some interesting wrinkles within, though. There's not much difference

among Republicans, Democrats and independents on many segments.

However, America's civil rights get better ratings from Republicans (70%)

than Democrats (53%); equality of opportunity (65% GOP, 47% Democrat)

and the environment (61% GOP, 37% Democrat). Only 19% of Republicans,

however, rate the system of government highly, while 33% of Democrats do.

The good polling news for Obama is that after 17 months of hope and change,

less than half of all Americans (47%) approve of his overall job performance in

the White House.

The bad news for Obama is, despite his nationally televised professed readiness

to consult experts on whose "ass" to kick over the slick mess, way less (40%)

approve of his handling of the nation's worst environmental disaster ever,

Gallup finds.

One other piece of good news for the ex-state senator.

It is true that a significant majority of Americans disagree with him and approve

of Arizona's tough new illegal immigrant legislation and wish their state would

do the same and blame Obama's federal government for porous border security

with Mexico. All that's true.

However, the good news for the Democrat is that if the 2012 presidential election

was held today, Obama could defeat Arizona's Republican Gov. Jan Brewer.

No one's never talked about her running. And he wouldn't beat her by much (44%-39%).

But Obama would still win. So that's gotta make him feel good these days.

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La Raza Has Called For All Of It's Partners and Associates

To Join In The Boycott Of Arizona.

Below is a list of La Raza's major partnerships:

The National Council of La Raza invites our
member corporations large and small and Hispanic
entrepreneurs to join in its mission to empower
current and future generations of Hispanic Americans.
We encourage individual Hispanic entrepreneurs to
become an NCLR partner as well. Partners like you
have firsthand knowledge of the hard work and dedication
it takes to achieve the American Dream. We would deeply
appreciate your involvement in our institution and welcome
your membership participation.

The Companies and Organizations Supporting La Raza

Allstate Insurance Company
American Airlines
American Express Company
Bank of America
Bridgestone Firestone
Trust Fund
Cardinal Health
Caterpillar Foundation
Catholic Healthcare
West Chevron Corporation
The Coca-Cola Company
Comcast Corporation
ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Coors Brewing Company
Cox Communications
Corporation Fund
Darden Restaurants Foundation
Eastman Kodak Company
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Fannie Mae
Ford Motor Company
General Mills, Inc.
General Motors Corporation
Hallmark Cards, Inc.
Harrah’s Entertainment
Hess Foundation, Inc.
J.C. Penney Company, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson
Kraft Foods, Inc.
The Kroger Co.
McDonald’s Corporation
The McGraw-Hill Companies
Mercedes Benz
MetLife Foundation
MGM Mirage
The Microsoft Corporation
Miller Brewing Company
Morgan Stanley
Northrop Grumman Corporation
PepsiCo, Inc.
Prudential Financial
Qwest Communications
Rockwell Automation
Schneider National
Sears, Roebuck and Co.
State Farm Insurance Companies
Time Warner Inc.
United Parcel Service (UPS)
Verizon Communications
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Waste Management, Inc.
Wells Fargo
Wilmer Cutler Pickering, LLP
Xerox Corporation

Institutional Corporate Partners

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) recognizes
those corporations that have invested in NCLR’s long-
term strategic efforts with multiyear, multimillion-dollar
commitments, including NCLR’s 'Empowering An American
Community Campaign.'

The Allstate Corporation
Bank of America
The Coca-Cola Company
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Corporation
MBNA Corporation
PepsiCo Foundation
The PMI Group, Inc.
State Farm Insurance Companies
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Corporate Programmatic Supporters

NCLR depends on our corporate partners for a variety
of programmatic support in areas such as Education,
Community Development, Health, Youth Leadership
Development, Civil Rights and Advocacy, Workforce
Development, and Affiliate Member Services.

Chevron Corporation
Lockheed Martin
Lucent Technologies Foundation
Marathon Oil Corporation
Rockwell Automation
State Farm Insurance Companies
Toyota Motor Corporation
Verizon Communications, Inc.

Housing and Wealth Building
The Allstate Corporation
Chase Home Finance
Countrywide Home Loans, Inc.
E*TRADE Financial
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation
Wells Fargo & Company
Washington Mutual, Inc.
Health Belrex Inc.
Eli Lilly and Company
Metropolitan Life
Novo Nordisk
Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
Pfizer Global
PepsiCo Foundation

I don't think I have to mention WE need to avoid doing business,as best we can, with these companies till this BOYCOTT is recalled/over.

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By Paul Pinkham
The Florida Times-Union

An assistant state attorney in Live Oak was fired Monday
after she refused to stop speaking to tea party rallies and
other groups, her boss said.

Prosecutor KrisAnne Hall asked a federal judge Friday
for a ruling that would have allowed her to keep speaking
and prevented her boss, State Attorney Skip Jarvis, from
following through on threats to fire her if she didn’t stop.

Courtroom arguments on that request hadn’t been scheduled
by Monday afternoon, when Jarvis said he fired Hall shortly
after receiving a copy of her federal complaint.

Click here
to view a pdf of the complaint filed by Hall

He called her a good prosecutor, who crossed an ethical line
with her speeches and radio appearances.

“You can’t take a job advocating for the state and go out and
take a position against the state,” Jarvis said.
“I advised her from my first learning of her activity that she was
free to say and do whatever she desired within the law, but she
could not do so while assistant counsel for the state.”

Hall, 40, said she spoke about the original intent of the
U.S. Constitution, smaller government, budget deficits and
Florida’s lawsuit against health care reform.
Describing herself as a disabled Army veteran, she said all
are federal issues she’s passionate about.

“I never said anything bad about the state.
I never said anything bad about Mr. Jarvis,” said Hall.
“I love being an assistant state attorney, [but] I’m not
ready to give up on my constitutional rights.”

Now instead of an injunction, she and her lawyer plan to
amend their complaint to sue Jarvis for retaliatory conduct.

“To fire someone over their political views doesn’t set well
with most folks,” said her attorney, Gary Edinger of Gainesville.

Jarvis said he first learned of Hall’s activities last month from a
constituent after she spoke at tea party gatherings in North Florida
and on a Lake City radio station.

“They were confronting me about my office being used to legitimize
what they consider to be a fringe right-wing group,”
Jarvis wrote in an e-mail attached to Hall’s lawsuit.
“I hate to do this, but I have to ask you to disassociate
yourself from these folks.”

Hall responded that she was speaking on her own time and
was careful not to be introduced as an assistant state attorney.
She said she spoke in response to a request to help educate
people about the Constitution.

Nevertheless, Jarvis responded that she was identified as an
assistant state attorney and had to stop. After several more
e-mail exchanges, she replied that he was being unfair.

“Even when I was in the military, restrictions on my constitutional
rights were never so unreasonable,” she said. “...
I fought for these rights in the military, and as a sworn officer,
I am sworn to defend them.”

The e-mails were followed by a letter from Edinger to Jarvis,
warning about a potential lawsuit and challenging the state
attorney’s view that Hall’s activities were in any way disruptive
to the State Attorney’s Office.

Jarvis responded by letter, also attached to the lawsuit,
noting that his assistants serve as appointed representatives
of the state and do so knowing their outside activities have boundaries.

“She has been given a directive and now must decide whether her
desire to speak outweighs her desire to retain my appointment,”
Jarvis wrote May 10. “It is her decision.”

The issue balances free speech rights and a public employer’s
desire to protect the integrity of the workplace, according to labor
and First Amendment lawyers contacted by the Times-Union.

Lawyer Ed Birk said an elected state attorney can weigh whether
an assistant’s comments impair the public’s perception of the office.

“There’s a legitimate interest of the state attorney to operate the office
in a way that instills public confidence, so there are limitations he or
she can put on the assistants,” said Birk, who has several media clients.
“The rule is generally does the employee’s public conduct interfere with
the proper operation of the office.”

In a small community, Birk said, prosecutors often are easily recognizable,
and people will naturally associate an assistant state attorney’s public
comments with the office she works for.

But labor lawyer Tad Delegal said Hall has a legitimate First Amendment
claim if she was speaking on her own time and her expressed viewpoints
weren’t associated with her official duties.


We The People Must Inform Ourselves

By KrisAnne Hall

I would like to speak to you today on the subject of:

Thomas Jefferson warned
“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of
civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”

We have enjoyed the benefits left to us by previous generations.
America has had the greatest medical system, the greatest
technologies, the strongest military, the greatest economy.
However, as our nation has prospered we have become distracted
by our luxuries, busied by our labors and lazy toward our liberties.
We have allowed the enemies of freedom to worm their way into
positions of power and influence.

The Heritage Foundation says it like this,
“There is widespread ignorance of American history…
We face an education system that upholds mediocrity in the name
of relativism; an ever-expanding and centralized government, unmoored
from constitutional limits; judges openly making laws and shaping society
based on pop-philosophy rather than serious jurisprudence…
At the root of all these problems is a pervasive ignorance about the core
principles that define America and ought to inform our politics and policy.”

Unfortunately, I would agree with them.
That’s why the tea-party movement is so important and so encouraging.
I am actually encouraged that the Tea-Party is not a party at all;
it is We the People.
We the People founded this nation and I believe –
We the People will take it back!

But We the People must Inform Ourselves if we wish to take back
our nation for ourselves and our children. Notice I did not say that
we need to be informed, rather we need to inform OURSELVES.
Truth is Power and it is up to us to search out and secure the Truth.
The Bible says, “…ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”
If we arm ourselves with truth and act on that truth we can be free from
the bondage that ideological tyrants would desire to enslave us with.

Patrick Henry said in his famous speech from St. Johns Church in 1775.
“I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided, and that is the lamp of
experience. I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past."

Patrick Henry’s experience with a heavy handed government illuminated
his understanding of the future… And if American Liberty is to continue,
we must inform ourselves and arm ourselves with the collective experience
of those that have come before. I want to mention four things as briefly as
I can on the subject of Informing Ourselves.

First, We the People must inform ourselves on our Core Principles.
A principle can be defined as a standard based upon truth and experience,
and which serves as a foundation upon which thought and action are built.
A primary principle upon which this nation rests is Constitutionalism –
which is an understanding that the operation of our government and the
security of our liberty are to be guided by our founding documents,
interpreted according to the framer’s intent.

The Declaration and the Constitution have been relentlessly attacked
in modern times. Our own President has implied that our Constitution’s
ideas are flawed. The professors in our law schools deride its relevance.
Progressives would have it be as malleable as silly putty.
But We the People recognize that the Declaration and Constitution
have served as the bedrock of our freedom for hundreds of years.
The genius with which our founding fathers laid down the principles
in these precious documents, I believe, can only be attributed to the
providence of God. And we have a solemn duty to ourselves and
our posterity to become informed in the Core principles contained
in our founding documents.

Get a copy of the Declaration and Constitution; study them.
Research the history of how they came to be.
Acquaint yourselves with men like John Leland and the
Baptist Union of Virginia, without whom there would be no Bill of Rights.
Read the wisdom of George Washington in his farewell address and
be grounded by the experience of one our nation greatest heroes.

–We the People must Know our core principles-
Become not only grounded in them, but become their champions.
For, freedom of speech has no voice of its own, but it waits in
silence for you to plead its case. The right to assemble will sit
alone until you, its champions, gather in the face of despotism.
Our forefathers cry out through the pages of history, but unheard
until you give the written word – voice and life.
When our history is lost either through revision or apathy,
then our liberty is lost as well.

–We the People must Know our Core principles
and stand for them without wavering…for they are our liberty.

The words of Patrick Henry still ring true 235 years later,
“Why stand we here idle?,” he said, “What is it that gentlemen wish?
What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be
purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God!
I know not what course others may take; but as for me,
give me liberty or give me death!”

We the People must not only inform ourselves on our Core Principles,
must inform ourselves about Contrary Principles. If our core principles
serve to secure and maintain the liberty we wish to enjoy, then it stands
to reason that there are contrary principles that threaten that same liberty,
and we must be able to identify these enemies of our liberty.

Sun Tzu says in his Art of War,
“Know thine enemy as thyself.”
We must always remember that our enemies are not people or parties,
but the freedom-destroying principles that they espouse.
We must inform ourselves on the principles of progressivism, socialism,
communism; and the mechanisms these philosophies use such as
redistribution of wealth, centralization of power, progressive taxation, and
restrictions on free speech.
Once we are informed on these principles we will then recognize them.
And we must oppose them regardless of the party or personality
attempting to employ them.

I say again,
We must not give a free pass because of personality or party affiliation.
It is ironic that Teddy Roosevelt is heralded as a great hero of the
Republican Party, when in fact history testifies that he was the leader
of the anti-constitutional progressives in 1912. It was also under the
Republican Party that the refundable tax credit was enacted, allowing
progressives to engage in redistribution of wealth and enslave citizens
with the tax refund.

Am I anti-Republican? No;
but these enemies of our liberty entered in because we put party over principle.
The president recently suggested that his program of socialized medicine
was okay because Republican Mitt Romney proposed the same program.
It is not wrong because of who proposed it;
it’s wrong because it is based on
principles that are contrary to Liberty.

You would not allow anyone to feed your child rat poison whether the
giver was Satan or Santa Claus. Progressivism, however, does not
come in a bottle with skull and crossbones. It shows up as something
or someone who wants to “help” and it will have a cute little name like acorn.
It will talk about fairness and recovery; aide and stimulus;
always sounding positive, but underneath – a deadly poison.
Again we must be grounded in our Core principles,
but we must also be guarded against these Contrary principles
which poison our freedom and destroy our future.

We the People must not only inform ourselves about Contrary Principles,
but we must also inform ourselves about Candidates.
We should now realize that a charismatic personality,
eloquent speechmaking, and catchy slogans do not a leader make.
We must identify candidates who hold true to the right principles
and who will not sacrifice those principles for politics or power.
Some would say you must compromise if you hope to accomplish anything.
Surely, cooperation and negotiation are essential in government,
but a principle by its very definition is a foundational and guiding rule,
and so compromising a principle damages the very foundation.

If sound principles cause me to be opposed to a proposal,
then an offer of money or jobs for my state should not change my position.
Let’s inform ourselves about candidates and issues and make an informed vote.

Lastly, and I close, We the People must inform ourselves about Current Events.
It’s encouraging to see the awakening going on around the country, but the
cynic in me says this – “only someone who was sleeping needs an awakening.”

Thomas Jefferson said, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
We cannot take time off. We cannot stick our head in the sand.
We cannot slumber even for a moment.

The Tea-Party movement can’t simply be an awakening.
Once we have reclaimed our nation from the forces that
would steer us away from our Core principles, we must
establish a lifestyle of vigilance.
We must stay informed and stay involved.

First step – the 2010 elections;
Next step – the 2012 elections;
THEN we reach The Beginning…
The beginning of a revitalized and reconnected CITIZEN government.

Our cry must be this
“We the People have awakened.
We the People have informed ourselves; and
We the People will never sleep again!!!”
Thank you and God bless you.

(You may contact KrisAnne at
Please do not publicly distribute or use KrisAnne’s work
without asking her permission first.)

Woman Fired for Participation in Local Tea Party

Woman Sues For Being Fired

News 4 Jaxsonville

Greetings friends,

We have created a new website in order to post all the information pertinent
to our First Amendment battle here in North Florida. It is up and running and
we will be adding links very shortly. We will have links to the tax day speech,
Mr. Jarvis’ emails, the Lt. Governor and Attorney General’s statements,
as well as the request for injunction, videos, interviews, updates etc.

No one should have to trade their Constitutional rights for a paycheck.
I hope you’ll stand with me and help get the word out so that we may
inspire people to stand up for our country before it’s too late!

The website is

Thank you,


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The percentage of each past president's cabinet whohad worked in the private business sector prior totheir appointment to the cabinet.You know what the private business sector is ...a real life business, not a government job.Here are the percentages.T. Roosevelt........ 38%Taft.....................40%Wilson .................. 52%Harding..................49%Coolidge.............. 48%Hoover................. 42%F. Roosevelt......... 50%Truman..................50%Eisenhower........... 57%Kennedy * .............. 30%Johnson.................47%Nixon................... 53%Ford..................... 42%Carter * .................. 32%Reagan...................56%GH Bush................. 51%Clinton * ................. 39%GW Bush................ 55%And the winner of the Chicken Dinner is:Obama................ 8% !!!Yep! That's right! Only Eight Percent!!! ..the least by far of the last 19 presidents!!And these people are trying to tell ourbig corporations how to run their business?They know what's best forGM...Chrysler... Wall Street...AIG... and you and me?How can the president of a major nation and society...the one with the most successful economic system inworld history...stand and talk about business when he's never workedfor one?..or about jobs when he has never really had one??!And neither has 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers.!What's the matter with all of America screaming for JOBs??Don't they realize there isn't anyone in this administrationthat even knows what a JOB IS??They've spent most of their time in academia,government and/or the non-profit sector....or as "community organizers"when they should have been in an employment line.*Did you notice that 3 out of 4 of Obama's Democratpredecessors didn't seem to know to many workingfolk either ??Yet Democrats always brag about being the partyof the "Working Man"
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A message to all members of Patriotic Resistance and Organizing for America, SEIU have been twittering today to go to Fox Poll and vote to ban the Flag.

SHOW THEM WHAT TRUE PATRIOTS BELIEVE!!! Let's flip those numbers and show the leftist we are organized and on the move....flip the numbers now-FLIP THE HOUSE in November!


Thank you for your participation! We can switch the numbers if we all get in there and vote! After you vote, pass this information on to all sites you belong to and to all your friends!!


Visit Patriotic Resistance at:

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But CALIFORNIA seems to have this TeaParty stuff figured out!!Not saying other states don't, but if they do they need to tell theirstory like California is doing here:_____________________________________________________Over 90 unique, local groups (and growing daily!) here in the Golden Staterepresent one of the largest cohesive coalitions of state/local tea partyorganizations nationwide. The Tea Party Movement in California is a dynamicforce in this grassroots revolution. With weekly conference calls for organizersand coordinated efforts on issues and initiatives, the taxpayers of Californiahave found a platform to battle the issues on our own terms.This video represents a short history of how we got to this place,how much we've accomplished, and how we have nothing but momentumat our backs heading into the 2010 election.

California Tax Day Tea Party from Lipstick Underground on Vimeo.

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