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Barbara Tamargo commented on Jerri McCall's blog post FT Hood Troops deploying to Syria
"The American people need to stand up and demand this mans impeachment, before he kills anymore of our sons and daughters. He is a lyer and two faced....anyone with a brain can see he is out to destroy America from within. So much for his lies....no…"
Sep 12, 2013
Barbara Tamargo commented on Frank J. Figerle PATRIOT's blog post Take Back America
"We need to take back America in the 2014 elections......vote all republican  and take the power away from Obama and his henchmen. Let the republicans hold the majority of the seats in both houses. That will clip Obamas horns....wake up people....if…"
Jul 27, 2013
Barbara Tamargo commented on Paul Z.'s blog post Obama's Organizing For Action Wants His Amnesty Supporters To Go To Paul Ryan's Townhall Tommorow!
"Has anyone told this poor excuse for a president that he is the president of all Americans, not just the blacks, illegals and people of his own party. He is suppose to represent all of us.  It seems to me the only way Obama knows how to fight back…"
Jul 26, 2013
Barbara Tamargo commented on Chris Sorensen's blog post It's "Game Over" In America - An Essay On Obama's War Against America
"I do not understand how it has taken this long to realize that Obama is a fraud and is in the whitehouse for one purpose....to bring the great America down on its knees......everyone has known this since this evil man took office. Yet no one has…"
Apr 8, 2013

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