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United Nations in Geneva and the Swiss


I got my email about the U.N. threat. I saw it was sent from their headquarters in Geneva.

Have any of you been to Geneva, Switzerland. I have. My wife is Swiss (and also American).

When you get to Switzerland, as a tourist, you are required to go directly to the local police station, with your passport, and register(if you stay at a hotel, the hotel does this for you).

If you are “suspicious” looking or get stop, you better have checked in.

It is not America. Not check in? You are arrested and then deported.

If we had the Swiss laws and enforcement (when your tourist time is up, if you have not checked out, they hunt you down), there would be no need for the Arizona law.

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Worry about being smeared?

I read today's email and was wondering if the writer sees him/herself
as more to the right than to the left. I am sorry, but I see such little
difference. It looks more like marketing like buy a Chevy vs a Ford.

I hope the Tea Party stands for what is written on this site as its goals.
I do not see me as for the right or the left. I am for America.
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Our VP on "The View" explaning his tax sham

Biden responded: "Well, the president and I haven't said they're'far-right lunatics.' Look, I think there's an awful lot of people outthere who are frightened and scared. There are fringes in every outfit,but the vast majority of these people, I think, are just frustrated,and what they don't get yet — and I understand it — is they're going tosee that we spent our time cutting taxes. We gave the largest tax cutin the history of America to middle-class people."

Really, Joe does not get that cutting taxes and not cutting spending is cheating America. There is only one type of a tax cut, which is a spending cut. Anything else is what the IRS calls a "tax sham"

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Why we are poor

Vice President Biden loves to say that a rich nation (America)
has a moral obligation to pay for this and that (currently Health
Care). One problem, we are not rich. Here is what each of us
need to fund each and every year. Except, as I discuss below, fifty
percent of America pays no income tax.

Per Capita Government Spending in the United States

Fiscal Year 2010

Government Pensions $3,196 / person

Government Health Care + $3,529 / person

Government Education + $3,388 / person

National Defense + $2,901 / person

Government Welfare + $2,429 / person

All Other Spending + $5,484 / person

Total Spending = $21,055 / person

Half of us pay almost all of the Country’s income tax (97%).

So, take the 21,055 times two, which is about $42,000 from each
us every year.

Of course, all this has not been paid and can not
be paid. That is why we are poor.
p.s. for the folks making more than $200,000 (10% of Americans)
you are pay 70% of all the Countries income taxes.

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