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Open Letter to Congress and Media

21 April 2015

Open Letter to Congress and Media

Gentlemen, Ladies,

To whom it may concern;

Enough is really enough.

In 2013 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) posted solicitations on the government website for 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition.....

When Congressional members were inundated by calls and emails from Constituents – questions started being asked by Congress – but Congress accepted the excuse from DHS that this was a multi-year purchase order (which used to be illegal in government budgeting – which runs on a fiscal year) and no physical inventory of DHS was accomplished – no one ever took a look at what they had or did-not-have....

A week ago we discovered another solicitation on from DHS for 62 million rounds of M-16 ammunition – and today we discover ANOTHER solicitation for 95,000 rounds of hollow point Pistol ammunition!!!

Enough IS enough Gentlemen.

Someone desperately needs to defund DHS and put a stop to this. The lies have grown monstrous.

At this point they have at least enough ammunition (numbers based on US Military requirements for Iraq and Afghanistan combined) for a 30 year shooting war...

Either Congress realizes “it can't happen here” is the wrong answer – because it clearly appears to be happening here – or we all go down in flames.

This corrupt, lawless “administration” clearly does not have the best interests of the American People in mind – and appears to be readying itself for a Domestic Conflict...

What other purpose would government agencies like DHS be stocking up on ammunition is such VAST quantities?

I will accept any rational answer – I have yet to discover one...

Please keep firmly in mind – over the past few years Mr. Obama has armed every federal agency with fully automatic weapons... to include the USDA.

A couple of years ago he hired 15,000 new IRS Agents - and they were issued M-16 Rifles.

Again; there is NO rational excuse for any of this.

Gentlemen – this has gone far beyond a simple “concern” - this appears to be something else.

Something called treason. I pray you address this swiftly – because if you “wait and see” - it will be too late to stop it once it starts.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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How to cook 320,000,000 Frogs...

Take a very large pot - Continental sized - and place all of your Frogs in the pot. Make certain the "water" is the temperature the Frogs like.. remind them at every opportunity the "water" is not like the previous "pot" they were in...

Make certain there are "leader" Frogs in the pot who love you and are willing to do and say anything you want them to do and say (even if it's not in their own best interest). This is to calm all of the Frogs in the pot who might realize all is not well and accept this new "pot" they are in.

Make them love you, considering you their "savior" from rescuing them from the previous "pot" they were in.

Add ingredients some of the Frogs like... give them expensive cell phones, food, free rent, Internet, cars - also make sure to tell the Frogs at every opportunity; we are safer than every before, all is well, the bad guys are on the run, there is nothing to worry about - and if they like their Doctor and Medical Insurance, they can keep their Doctor and Medical insurance.

Then start to turn up the heat - slowly...

Before they know it, the temperature has sapped the strength of the Frogs and they can no longer jump out of the pot - and you can now turn the heat up to boiling temperature, providing you with 320,000,000 cooked Frogs.

Sure - it takes time to cook Frogs this way (6-7 years), but you don't want to waste any of these Frogs - you want all of them cooked to perfection!

Ask yourself what this pot is and ask yourself who the Frogs are. Identify for yourself the "leader" Frogs.

Then you might take a long hard look at what's been going on in our Nation the past 6 years and realize WE are the Frogs and treason is being committed in our Nation at the highest levels of our "government".

If Americans do not act now - soon, the "pot" will be boiling and we will be cooked.

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If you decide to share this, please copy and paste all of the text into the share *******

There is much wrong in our "government" and while people like Speaker Boehner "litigate" these issues..... You might care to re-read your Constitution to discover there is no grounds or authority in the Constitution for Congress to "litigate" issues.... It's a ruse, a delaying tactic and Americans are buying into it by the millions.

Congress has specific powers and authority the Speaker stated last year he refused to use. The power of arrest and the power of the purse.
You will note he has used neither..... despite actually holding someone in Contempt of Congress!
(ask yourself what would happen to you if YOU were held in Contempt of Court)

What many Americans do not understand is that the "House Committee on unAmerican Activities" from 70 years ago continues to exist today.
It is not staffed, it is not funded, nor is not Chaired - but on paper, it continues to exist under the House Judicial Committee Chaired by Congressman Goodlatte.

Speaker Boehner - after getting hammered many times last year finally came out and said "we aren't going to do what we did 70 years ago" - meaning he has no intentions of resurrecting the Committee - or arresting anyone.

I propose a tactic the Speaker categorically will. not. like.
I propose we do everything in our power to attempt to make this post go viral, sharing it as widely as it can go - urging the readers to contact the Speaker demanding he resurrect the Committee and turn them loose.

While I completely agree with many Congressional members, what the Committee devolved into 70 years ago was unnecessary - if ever there were a time in the History of this Nation when that Committee IS needed - that time is NOW.

I pose a question to ask yourself: If we are a "Nation of Laws", how can we be a "Nation of Laws" if the Laws of the Land are not followed BY EVERYONE?

Please contact the Speaker and demand he resurrect the Committee and start arresting those who have corrupted our government and are actively attempting to destroy our Nation. Regardless who they are or what position they hold - to include mr obama. Be polite, be professional, do not use crude words - but be VERY firm.

We may not retain freedom of speech much longer and if we wait, it might be too late.

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Speaker John Boehner,

Respectfully Sir, it is incumbent upon you to immediately defund the FCC.
This is an issue of the civil rights of every American.

The corruption and lawlessness has gone too far!
There was no public input.
There was no Congressional input.
The FCC Chairman refused to appear before Congress prior to his "vote" on this regulation.....
Yet no one on the Hill is charging him with Contempt of Congress...

Sir, I strongly urge you to READ the Gettysburg Address, review what brought our Nation to that point and why President Lincoln said what he did.

As Speaker of the House of Representatives it is your job to defund this entire administration if necessary in order for the law and Constitution to be followed - not litigate and not require American Citizens and States to constantly litigate simply to receive the Rights they are guaranteed under our Laws and Constitution!

This is a requirement Sir - not an option. How you choose to go about it is your business, but this must be done.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason
San Antonio, Texas

Social Media
Fox News
Texas Governor Greg Abbott

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A cause for immedate removal from office

I discovered a new report from the World Health Organization (WHO) this morning that destroys Mr. Obama"s and Dr. Frieden's arguments that Ebola is not such a concern...

This report clearly states (quoted):

"Incubation period

The period of 42 days, with active case-finding in place, is twice the maximum incubation period for Ebola virus disease and is considered by WHO as sufficient to generate confidence in a declaration that an Ebola outbreak has ended.

Recent studies conducted in West Africa have demonstrated that 95% of confirmed cases have an incubation period in the range of 1 to 21 days; 98% have an incubation period that falls within the 1 to 42 day interval. WHO is therefore confident that detection of no new cases, with active surveillance in place, throughout this 42-day period means that an Ebola outbreak is indeed over.

The announcement that the outbreaks are over, in line with the dates fixed by the subcommittee on surveillance, epidemiology, and laboratory testing, is made by the governments of the affected countries in close collaboration with WHO and its international partners.

Official announcements for the 2 countries will be made on the WHO website."

Please note, this report tells us that in 3% of those infected with the Ebola virus - there is a 42 day incubation period, not a 21 day incubation period - and that waiting 42 days to clear a person as not infected is reasonable and secure.

Our CDC is releasing people long before 42 days have expired - placing the entire Nation, ourselves, our Children, our Families at risk of lethal infection - on what?

A fantasy it won't happen here?

Seeing as WHO is the organization who has been dealing with Ebola for decades - isn't it reasonable to believe they might know more about this than Mr Obama or the CDC?

I have written my own elected and the media - I strongly encourage those reading this post to contact your own.

Mr. Obama and his entire regime must be removed immediately - not tomorrow. There is NO possible argument he or any of his administration can make that will mitigate this lie. It is patently unbelievable they would not have already known the true incubation period of this disease.

Mr. Obama is taking another of his "risks" - only this time he is risking the lives of Americans... millions of them.

This goes far beyond charges of simple "treason"...

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Veterans - ALCON - please read and act.

Every Veteran - regardless of the rank held in service - knows why this recent act of mr obama's was illegal past all knowledge - borderline treason.

Civilians seldom have experience with the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and few understand that the UCMJ is actually codified from U.S. Code.... Federal Law.

Regardless; Every US Citizen who values what this Nation is supposed to be should be writing their elected today - not tomorrow - about what Mr Obama just did.....

Mr. Obama placed a Foreign National General Officer in charge of US Troops in defiance of the Constitution and US Law.

I ask that all reading this write your elected immediately - this is an extreme National Security Risk that cannot wait for Congress to decide they need to act - they need to act today, not tomorrow or five weeks from now.

My letter to my elected follows, please plagiarize or copy what you desire - but write your elected today.


STAFFERS: This is the highest priority, please expedite.

5 August 2014

The Honorable Senator Cruz

The Honorable Senator Cornyn

The Honorable Congressman Smith


I write today with extreme concern about a threat to the National Security and Sovereignty of our Nation.

Mr. Obama has placed a German General Officer in Command of United States Army Reserve Forces in Europe, USAREUR.

While I am certain Brigadier General Markus Laubenthal is an Honorable man – I am also certain the General is not an American Military Officer, not a US Citizen nor has General Laubenthal sworn a binding oath to the Constitution of the United States as has every other US Military Officer – US Citizenship and Oath are required by the Statutes of US Code...

To wit; General Laubenthal is not bound by Oath to the US Constitution and the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ – US Code)! General Laubenthal is not "required" to follow any order from the United States. He is bound by the German Constitution and by the German form of UCMJ. His allegiance is to Germany – not the United States.

This is a bit more than simply problematic.

This is unprecedented in history..... Never before has a foreign Officer who cannot be held accountable to the Constitution of the United States or our UCMJ been placed in any position of Command in our Military!

Often times in the past there have been postings as Liaison Officers with Foreign allegiance, however; a liaison posting is NOT a Command posting Gentlemen... a Foreign Liaison Officer has no Command authority while THIS Foreign Officer will have Command authority over US Troops...

Gentlemen, this act by Mr Obama undermines National Security, it undermines National Sovereignty, it undermines the Morale of the Troops themselves....

It is illegal at a level that borders on Treason.

Gentlemen, I know none of you served our Nation in the capacity of a Soldier – I'm OK with that, it isn't for everyone – but know I served our Nation twenty-six years of my life in this capacity, retiring as a Senior Non-Commissioned Officer, my rank granted by Congress itself.

That being said; after serving so long, I and other Veterans like me, have knowledge and experience of how our Troops will think and react that others in your positions do not.

I do not begrudge or discredit your lack of this experience as I and most Veterans are without experience in the Political field – where you are...

Gentlemen, it is beholden upon you to listen to those with the knowledge and experience to determine factors you have no experience with yourselves. All of you do this on a daily basis with other topics.

This act by Mr Obama is far worse than simple “lawlessness”, this act actually borders on treason and must be publicly exposed as such!

While I understand you have concerns about “optics” and other political issues – I write concerning something far more serious that demands immediate action – this cannot “wait” until Congress is back in session – this needs to be dealt with swiftly and harshly.

I understand Congress is stymied by the Senate and the “leader” there – this issue concerns an extreme National Security risk – a VERY extreme risk. A risk that cannot be allowed to continue even five weeks...

Gentlemen, please start connecting the dots. This administration needs to be immediately removed in it's entirety. I believe you have the tools and authority to do so, this same belief held – at minimum - by tens of millions of Americans.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

cc: MSM

Social Media

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A call to arms so to speak.....

While we all have, at some point, shared news stories and/or written blogs - the truth is, we have had little success twisting the figurative arms of Congress to begin observing the Oath of Office they all swore to.

Please do not get me wrong, there are people on the Hill like Senator Cruz who require no arm twisting - he is, without doubt, "on our side". There are others like him, but none to the same degree...

I understand, it takes an enormous amount of time to craft an effective letter - much less get it sent out to the people that need to hear it...

But what is at stake here? I submit our very freedom is at stake, the National Security of the Nation we all live in!

This morning I read the GOP has declined to impeach because they are afraid this will "rally" the Democrats who support Mr. Obama - yet I also read this morning that Senator Feinstein continues to be outraged at this latest "scandal" of Mr. Obama's - the release of five (5) TOP taliban commanders from GITMO without Congressional approval. Many Democrats have joined her in voicing their outrage - but not all of them.

I read from last week where Judge Napolitano stated this act by Mr. Obama is deserving of a sentence of 10-to-life... what he failed to say was a normal citizen would be so charged and under the current tyrannical oligarchy our Congress has allowed to continue - likely nothing will be done.

I firmly believe we need to "stiffen their spine" by an overwhelming public response to this. Each and every one of us has now has a target painted on the back's of our children, spouse and ourselves by this act. With this administrations's ROE's ("Rules of Engagement") our Soldiers, Marines, Sailor's and Airmen are at extreme risk - as Mr. Obama's ROE's are far too restrictive for any sort of Combat Zone and place Troops lives at stake. Do some research and discover how many have died or been maimed in the past few years compared to previous administrations years...

While there have been many things Mr. Obama has done that constitute crimes - this particular crime is at an entirely new level. It's called treason.

Consider what Article III, Section 3 has to say:

"Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court."

Then consider the facts at hand;

1. Mr obama "aided" terrorists (the taliban) by returning five (5) of their TOP generals...

2. Mr obama "adhered" to this sworn enemy by submitting to their demands - returning to us a deserter - possibly by some accounts, a collaborator and sworn jihadist. Their "comfort" is in now knowing what they have to do to get what they want. This was a blatant subversion of existing, in fact historical, U.S. policy dealing with terrorists and their organizations.

3. Mr obama is "levying war" against the American people and every Soldier in Uniform by permitting five (5) of the most dangerous men on the planet to return to their vocation - and the taliban (and others) have now come out publicly announcing they know now what they must do (abduct Americans) to get what they want.....

The taliban has confirmed that accusation in a public announcement... several times now in Arabic media and US media. In the Arabic media - other terrorist organizations are chiming in with the same thoughts... but US media is not covering what is being said in the Arabic media...

These three things meet all the requirements of a charge of treason. To meet the remaining requirement requires public input. It requires each and every one of us demanding Congress act and remove this entire administration on charges of treason or misprision of treason. RINO's and DINO's alike must be held accountable to their Oath of Office. The Tea Party folks in Congress have been attempting to gain traction for awhile now and get shot down at every opportunity the opposition can find... 

Citizens can change that equation by public pressure.

Senator Cruz said that only by overwhelming public pressure will Congress act - I ask everyone to act. The old folk idiom of "Strike while the iron is hot" holds a lot of truth at this juncture in time.

We are all human beings and as such, not one of us "thinks" exactly like another. While we often think and believe similar things - in this instance I believe we have an opportunity unlike any other opportunity Mr. Obama has given us..  An opportunity I pray all will agree with and act by writing our elected in such numbers they have no choice but to do the will of the people.

The "iron" is white-hot on the Hill right now........

I propose we give Congress a few million more than "two (2)" witnesses.......

This is no longer an issue of "impeachment" this is an issue of arresting on charges of treason, charges of high crimes and misdemeanors - and incarceration without bail until brought before a Court of Law.

For those Christians reading this please consider a few more things, these are my opinion, you are free to either consider it - or not;

In the Bible, there is absolutely no reference or statement made when "Armageddon" would arrive... none. I firmly believe there was a very important reason for this.

If we look back in the history of the world we observe there have been many instances where an individual "might" have been the anti-christ... but it turned out he was not.... Why? What happened to change that?

I have a belief others may find difficult to accept, yet I ask you consider it. These are the grounds to my belief:

GOD gave man a gift like no other. Not even the Angel's have this gift.

GOD gave man free will.

I believe it is by our free will we either allow evil to gain traction to the ultimate destruction we call "Armageddon" - or we stand against it and fight it with every fiber of our being. I believe this is the reason why GOD never gave mention to when "Armageddon" would come upon us. We have free will, a gift unlike any other given to GOD's creations.

In those past instances in history (of the world) good men, righteous men stood and said NO, we will not allow this to continue. Those posers were defeated.

Words have power.

I ask every person reading this to act. Write your elected today and demand this entire administration be removed on charges of treason against the People of the United States of America.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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A letter to every American Veteran

Folks, every one of us once fought for our Country and we are now Proud Veterans. If there IS such a thing as a "government hit list" - I can almost guarantee the majority (if not all) of us are on it... simply because we are Veterans.

We have all witnessed the acts and abuses of this administration... the seemingly endless lies.

Back when mr kerry attempted to run for President it was the Veterans who stood up and said NO - the "Swift Boater's"......

Today we have somewhat more difficult decisions and issues. Issues I have to ask myself;

If not us - who?

I urge everyone to write Speaker Boehner and give him your opinion about the lies, deceit and lack of transparency we have all witnessed - as well as the lack of Congressional actions when a civilian (or Veteran) so charged would quickly find themselves behind bars.

I urge you to write your outrage - be polite and respectful - but voice your opinion as loudly as possible while being polite and respectful. Plagiarize as much of what I have written as you choose - but please get it done.

As we once served our Nation as a Soldier for our own Honor - now we have Children and Grandchildren to think about as well as the Nation we once fought for.

Senator Cruz had it right when he said only overwhelming public opinion will move Congress to act.

BE the squeaky wheel!

The Speaker's email addy is:

Reince Priebus email addy is: (address it directly to him)


Reince Priebus, Speaker John Boehner,

Gentlemen - I praise your statements demanding an answer to this latest lie - but Gentlemen, this is a PATTERN....

You have had a "ring-side" seat to this pattern and cannot deny it exists.

Regardless if it is the thousands of lies he has told or the effectively Q class security of his and michelle's records and past - it IS a pattern of deception and secrecy unprecedented in our history.

This is categorically NOT "politics" - this is lying with an endgame agenda in play.

A "pattern" of deceit.

Speaker, everyone is quite aware of the Contempt charges against ms learner and mr holder; In a Civilian Civil or Criminal Court - those who are in Contempt of Court find themselves behind bars immediately, yet these two are in Contempt of Congress.... a somewhat more serious charge than a Civilian or Criminal Court of Law....... and they walk the streets free?

It is my - and millions of others - firm opinion that if Congress will arrest these two and others in this administration witness the arrests and criminal charges leveled against them - you will finally uncover all of the crime and corruption in this administration within a year - instead of within our Grandchildren's lifetimes........

Respectfully Sir, the very first words of the Constitution of the United States are "We the People". Millions of Americans have already weighed in on these issues and we want these people arrested for their crimes.

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An Open Letter to Speaker of the House; Congressman John Boehner

15 May 2014

Greetings Speaker Boehner!

I am one of those pesky “Veterans” you keep hearing about – one of those who Mr. Obama thinks he has given himself legal precedent to designate as “potential domestic terrorists” (DHS document IA-0257-09, Operation Vigilant Eagle, etcetera).

I am writing today in the hopes I can convince you to act for the Nation, in the best interests of the Nation. I believe there is still room for you to “fix” some of the things wrong in the Congressional equation... The “System of Checks and Balances”.

I firmly and strongly believe you should immediately arrest and incarcerate Lois Lerner – as well as Eric Holder.


From a Intelligence viewpoint, I do not believe you will ever find a paper-trail leading back to Mr. Obama, he and his sycophants are too smart for that – I believe the vast majority of the communications between these people have been verbal. The White House Register should tell you quite a bit.

That being said; With the recent additional release, courtesy of Judicial Watch, of yet another email that IS a paper-trail directly back to IRS HQ in DC – if Lois Lerner is arrested and incarcerated – facing life in prison without parole for perjury and treasonous acts against the People – I believe she will talk, as will Mr. Holder for his unconstitutional acts and failure to follow his Oath of Office (federal crime under U.S. Code)

None of these people are going to be willing to face life in prison for Mr. Obama and his agenda – regardless who the puppet master really is. Mr. Obama sits at the top of the food chain and he is ultimately responsible for all of the actions.

Speaker, for the good of the Nation I urge you to order Lois Lerner and Eric Holder arrested immediately. This is the only way Congress will ever discover the truth in any of these “scandal's”.


SFC (USA Retired) Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

cc: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott

Texas Governor Rick Perry

Congressman Louie Gohmert

Senator Ted Cruz

Tea Party Command Center

Social Media (multiple)

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Follow the money - specifically - follow the State Department aircraft tail number N-604EP, see where it went and see where US money magically appeared and was spent on mosques, islamic schools, businesses and given to muslim leaders of foreign countries the US has no formal involvement or agreements with..... "read", We have no business being there or giving them money for any purpose.... and Congress, the American taxpayer NEVER approved it.

Anyone still wondering why our deficit is SO high? He is draining our Treasury, I believe for a purpose.
Call it "conspiracy theory" if you will - but this administration is spending millions a minute and it looks very much like Cloward-Piven is hard at work..................

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In this video, his last statement when asked if he thought the president lied to him; "I think so"...

WE KNOW MR OBAMA LIED..............

Gentlemen - I ask; how is it the man holding the highest office in our Nation can so glibly LIE to every American - and walk away a free man?

Why is he NOT behind bars this minute? Why is every person in Congress who repeated the same LIE free to walk the streets and continue the destruction of our Nation?

POLL: Has Obamacare affected your family?

This has affected hundreds of millions - people have already died because of it - and it continues to destroy the economy and health of millions, yet those who have CLEARLY violated federal law; 18 U.S. Code § 1001 - still walking around free.... and no charges filed?

Any American who lied and was the DIRECT cause of people dying would QUICKLY find themselves behind bars! FACT.

You folks who stand for the American people need to use what laws we have available and bring each and every person who has violated the law to justice. Your peers and mr obama himself. That will include mr biden - as he has repeated the very same lie.............
There are many ways to get things done, this particular one was handed to us on a platter all dressed up and billions of taxpayer dollars spent in it's making.

Please use what he gave us and bring these criminals to justice!

Congressman Bob GoodlatteCongressman Darrell E. Issa, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Trey GowdySenator Ted Cruz

Congressman Tim Huelskamp (KS-1)Congressman Steve StockmanNational Republican Congressional CommitteeSenator Rand PaulNational Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), Texas Attorney General Greg AbbottErick P. Wyatt

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I believe this is a US State Department aircraft......
Why the ownership is hidden I cannot say - but I strongly urge our Congressional Leaders to find out. A State Department aircraft should NOT be hidden if it does normal LEGAL things..................

My reasoning?
I tracked the aircraft through several different countries by the transponder data it has no choice but to transmit by International and US Law - and the aircraft goes to several different countries at curious times.....
This sighting reported from Iran coincides with Iran being given $450 US Taxpayer dollars as part of mr obama's sanctions "deal"... Read this;

The list is very long so I will only publish a few places where it went:
Ghana March 1, 2014 - AND

Zurich Jan 22, 2014 - AND

Taxi for departure from Zurich to Harbel, Liberia on January 24, 2014 - no pics from Liberia, read squawk at 11:45 -

Luton (Bedfordshire England, North of London) on October 10, 2013 -
On Feb 16, 2014 - 
On March 13, 2014 -

I urge everyone to write their elected and demand to know who this aircraft belongs to - and why it is in Iran when travel there is prohibited by US Law.

As I stated in the beginning, I am convinced this is a State Department aircraft - but the identity of ownership is hidden. Here is the FAA database webpage on this tail number:

The presence of a United States-flagged aircraft in Iran is highly unusual in Iran these days, especially when it’s owned by a small Utah bank.

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Think about this for a minute:

#1. Sheriff Arpaio Cold Case Posse Investigated the White House provided Birth certificate = computer generated fraud.

#2. Christopher Monkton (Margret Thatcher's Science Adviser) Investigated the White House provided Birth certificate = computer generated fraud.

#3. Israeli Intelligence Investigated the White House provided Birth certificate = computer generated fraud.

#4. In 2008, the US Senate created SR-511 for Senator McCain = very obvious Congress understands the Constitutional requirements for eligibility of a President. (hillary and obama signed this - no corresponding SR on obama).

#5. In the year 1875; SCOTUS case 88 U.S. 162, Minor v. Happersett = Supreme Court defines Constitutional term "Natural Born Citizen".

#6. Since 2004 Mr. Obama himself, on multiple occasions - many of them on camera - has CLEARLY stated his father was from Kenya. He published a book stating his father was from Kenya. When he ran for Senate office in 2004 his claims were HE was from Kenya (AP Archives).

So Congress does not have a leg to stand on. They KNOW the rules, they understand the Constitution and requirements to BE a U.S. President.

This is especially disturbing when you consider the Democrats in Congress created SR-511 with the exact wording requirements of the Constitution........ and the Chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee Senator Patrick Leahy signed it.

I strongly urge you to contact your elected and demand this illegal, ineligible, corrupt and lawless administration be immediately removed in it's entirety. I do not believe we have until November to do this - I believe it must be done now or we may not have that ability by November...

Just take a look at what has been happening in Nevada, the revelations Senator Reid and sons are involved - as well as the Chinese and billions of dollars............ US taxpayer dollars - with a trail leading back to the White House revealed by Congressman Rob Bishop.

And as a sideline - the fact BLM had signs already made stating "1st Amendment Zone" to post at the Bundy Ranch.... should be extremely disturbing to everyone.

If you are writing a Democrat elected - make certain they understand in no uncertain terms their future employment as any kind of politician is at stake if they choose to support an usurper and ineligible individual who has been actively destroying our Nation and funding our enemies with our tax dollars.

With certain RINO Republicans - you might want to make the same kind of statements.........

DO NOT cuss them out - be polite yet firm - deliberate. Take what clues I provided above and get the information for yourself so you are clear when you write - but write!

The squeaky wheel always gets the grease because it annoys people.

We need to be the squeaky wheel.


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An open letter to Congress

Gentlemen, Ladies,

I am truly sorry I intrude on your work so often - but the truth must be heard.

We are facing a National Security crisis of a magnitude unknown in our history.
I wrote you earlier today of the "state department" involvement in the Ukrainian uprising - and the possibility the "state department" may have been involved in the Russian oil refinery destruction.
I wrote that if Prime Minister Putin found indisputable evidence our "state department" was involved in the latter - we, as a Nation and people - might find ourselves in dire circumstances indeed - as Russia may take action against our Nation - possibly in force.

While I pray that does not happen - below is an article I discovered from the Turner Radio Network showing there is something else going on you really should be paying attention to.

I pray you remove this corrupt administration in it's entirety before citizens pay the price for their actions and deeds..............

I believe I speak for every citizen of this Nation when I say this: We do not want war!

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Respectfully Ma'am - more than 130 million of us have been demanding this for a couple of years now.....
WE do not see this as a lack of citizen support - we see this as an abject failure of Congress as a body to observe and abide by Federal Law and the Constitution of the United States.

In our millions we have shut down your phone systems on multiple occasions, marched on DC unlike any time in the history of this nation - millions of Americans have brought DC to a screeching halt and gridlock several times!!!!
Did Congress pay attention?
No, they did not.

You say in your article you want citizen support.... yet citizens in their millions HAVE lawfully petitioned their government for redress - and Congress ignores us.
Ma'am - we have all grown weary petitioning members of Congress because we see NO action - despite the evidence and testimony Congress already has in it's possession. Congressman Bob Goodlatte received testimony a few months ago telling Congress that if the government, this administration - refused to abide by the Rule of Law - why should citizens abide by the Rule of Law?
What happened?
And you will note - Citizens continue to abide by the Rule of Law....

My personal opinion is that if Congress followed Federal Law and the Constitution - Lois Learner and Erick Holder would have been immediately arrested - but what happened?
We also believe that if Congress would abide by Federal Law and the Constitution - and begin arresting and charging these people with treason - you would get all the evidence you need to begin arresting ALL of them....
Because none of these people are going to be willing to do Life Sentences - or the death penalty - for mr obama.... they would start running their mouth and all the truth would come out in volumes......

We all want to know when Congress is going to arrest this man and every person in his administration for TREASON. If Congress fails in this - millions of Americans are going to die. The apparent belief in Congress that all of this "is just politics" is a FALSE belief................ Anyone in Congress who adheres to this false belief is either complicit in his crimes - or deceiving themselves.......

His first targets will be Veterans with any Operations experience - we are the most dangerous citizens to him.... then he will move against every other Military Veteran, then he will target the average citizen who has spoken out against him.
We just do not know when he's going to do it.
Many of us believe we are teetering on the verge of a civil war - and those of us with Combat experience do not want to see that, no - not at all...

Yet we also see what we are faced with - and we fail to understand how Congress could not see what is right in front of your face!

He has already raised an unconstitutional "Army".
He has provided this "Army" with US Military weapons, billions of rounds of ammunition (and continues to buy more), Armored Military Combat vehicles, to include DRONES!
He gave himself the ability by executive fiat to declare Martial Law - in a time of peace...
He has given himself the ability to murder or indefinitely incarcerate any American without evidence OR Due Process of Law - and Congress signed off on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congress FIRST "wakeup call" was when he showed his true colors back in April 2009 with the issue of DHS document IA-0257-09 : - just four (4) months into his first term.....
What did Congress do?
A few members wrote letters demanding an apology........ NOT LETTERS DEMANDING REVOCATION!

Ma'am, all of us continue to consider all of you folks tagged herein our Champions - but delaying action only allows mr obama to gather his forces and illegal authority to destroy our Nation.
You (Congress) are treating each and every illegal act as an isolated incident - when you should take the tactical view and see the entire "Big Picture" of what he has done and what he is doing......
This tells every person witnessing this - we witness unbridled TREASON!

cc: Congressman Tim HuelskampCongressman Darrell E. IssaCongressman Steve Stockman, Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressman Trey GowdySenator Ted CruzSenator Rand PaulTea Party

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The text of SR-511 tells every American that Congress is fully aware of the content of our Constitution and it's meaning.

They are fully aware that Barack Hussein Obama is ineligible to sit the office of President of the United States. The text of SR-511 also tells us they are aware of a Supreme Court ruling on Suffrage (voting) that was decided back in 1875 - 88 U.S. 162, Minor v. Happersett.

Supreme Justice Waite (holding the same position as Supreme Justice Roberts does today) set legal precedent for following generations of Americans to understand what the Constitutional term "Natural Born Citizen" meant. To view this yourself, here is a link to the Cornell Law Library available to the public;

Following is a summary of SR-511;

It tells us that the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) Chaired by Senator Patrick Leahy determined that:

#1. The SJC recognizes the Constitutional term "Natural Born Citizen" and fully understands a presidential candidate must meet this Constitutional requirement.

#2. Senator McCain was born of two (2) American Citizen parents.

#3. Senator McCain was born on U.S. soil, an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936.

#4. Senator McCain met the Constitutional requirement of "Natural Born Citizen", Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States. 

Here is the link to SR-511;

Notable are the signatures of two people who signed on this Senate Resolution.... Senators Clinton and Obama......

Had anyone else signed this - if these two signatures were not present - I would hold other opinions, yet I do not.

Reviewing both documents, citizens begin to understand we have far more problems than many thought we had.

Occam's Razor leaves no other possible explanation.

Senator McCain himself should have been the very first person to make this observation and acted upon it, yet that has never happened. Senator McCain edited himself out of the equation by his own inaction and silence. He can never be a "president".

The "hard" word must needs be spoken and acted upon. Treason.

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From a post made on Social Media;


This is not BS, this is not pseudoscience, this is not science fiction nor fringe extremism... No tin-foil hats are allowed... (You would quickly fry if you wore one).


This is straight-up science that has been around since 1903. Nikola Tesla first discovered this - and he destroyed all of his notes of the subject as he realized this had the potential to destroy our world...


To understand this, here is a primer:

Take a look at your kitchen microwave oven. Understand that it cooks your food with radio frequency (RF) energy.

The common kitchen microwave oven produces approximately 750 WATTS of RF energy to cook your food - and it does a fairly decent job of it!

Many have "over-cooked" their food on occasion and quickly discovered the oven can produce extreme temperatures if left cooking for extended periods..............


HAARP on the other hand produces TERRAWATTS of energy (that is a "1" with 12 zeros following it) and it cooks the Troposphere and Stratosphere to extreme temperatures - literally ionizing the electrons to plasma... It then reflects radio waves as if it were a solid barrier............. Since this is "heating", it also causes the atmosphere to expand at the point where it is "heated".


Simple high school chemistry/physics/science classes tell us that when you heat something it expands, when you cool something it contracts. Any car mechanic or welder can tell you this.


The Earth rotates on its axis. We have a "wobble" built into the rotation of our planet courtesy of GOD that gives us "seasons". Think of this like a spinning top that wobbles when it starts losing its imparted spin....

This is an over-simplification and there is no room here to explain all of the physics that goes into how our planet works (or why it keeps spinning without humans noticing the spin, the wobble or the fact it keeps spinning).... but it is easy to understand and prove from any high school science text.


The "polar vortex" is simply the atmosphere rotating at the poles of our planet - and if you could "see" the air itself, you would see a swirling mass rotating like a vortex (hence the moniker).

In normal circumstances, this "polar vortex" begins to dislodge (again an over-simplification) as the planet wobbles into what we call "winter".

Other causes for the polar vortex to dislodge are "Coronal Mass Ejections" (CME's) from our Sun that heat and displace the vortex. With sufficient energy, a CME can cause massive infrastructure damage, satellite damage - and massive Aurora displays sometimes reaching into the lower latitudes - visible by all.... Moreover, massive storms.


There is only one problem.


There have been NO CME's of the magnitude necessary to cause what we have seen the polar vortex actually DO.


Employing Occam's Razor, we understand that that the simplest explanation for something is the most likely explanation.

That being said; if there were no massive CME's to cause the polar vortex to displace as it has done - there must be some other force that caused these obvious disturbances to our atmosphere - an outside force.

Since we are aware HAARP exists and has been used by our government, and since we know simple physics, HAARP is the most likely culprit and cause of our extremely abnormal weather.


Hurricane Sandy was not "normal weather".

Our current weather and the extreme weather seen in Europe the past couple of years was not "normal weather".

Our "government" has been "experimenting" with the life support system of this planet and continues to do so in defiance of many noted Scientists around the world telling them they were playing with fire !!!


If you are curious and want to understand this, if you are a Licensed Pilot, register for FAA TFR's for Alaska and understand that when they fire HAARP a TFR is issued to keep aircraft out of the area (if might prove a bit difficult to explain why an aircraft suddenly, catastrophically incinerated, immediately killing all on-board at 30,000 ft)


A method to understand what the polar vortex looks like and how it is affected by outside forces can also be demonstrated by an over-simplified experiment anyone can do on their own safely.

Obtain a container with a flat bottom and interior width of at least two (2) feet. An old horse watering trough works fine (you will not be able to use it again for that purpose so salvage works best)

Drill a small hole in the center of it and plug it for now.

Fill the bottom with at least an inch of plain tap water.

Obtain some kitchen food coloring - the color choice is up to you, choose a color that can be easily seen based against the material the container is made of.


You might want to have a stabilized camera filming this so you can review it later and slow it down... this experiment acts much faster than the planet and our atmosphere act...


Once the water is in the container, have the food coloring ready - also have another container with plain tap water handy (pop bottle works fine) and this will be your "HAARP".


Pull the plug in the container and as the water evacuates out the small hole you drilled, add food coloring in tiny drops so you can see the swirling vortex as the water exists the container...

This is what the polar vortex SHOULD look like in normal circumstances...


Add drops of water in increasing amounts to this visible vortex and see how it disturbs the vortex...

Watch how, with increasing amounts of added drops, the vortex can be completely broken up and changed... into something very much like what we see in our polar vortex today.


Then understand that while HAARP began as a University experiment at very low power - it is now run by the US Air Force - and the "guards" are DOE Agents....... And the power levels they employ are tremendous (TERRAWATTS of energy).


Almost everything this administration does is hidden in plain view and only with knowledge can it be understood.


Educate yourselves and demand it be stopped!

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January 29, 2014

The Congressionally approved conspiracy right in front of your nose...  and no one acknowledges it.


There remains one bit of evidence I have yet to see anyone in Congress utilize - this "bit" of evidence is in Federal records, Congressional records - and once it becomes common knowledge -  damming to Mr. Obama and will require him to be immediately removed, all his administration removed, everything and anything he has signed removed and nullified.


This "bit" of evidence clearly proves the Democratic Senate and the Senate Judiciary Committee (SJC) fully understand the Constitutional requirement of "Natural Born Citizen" despite their numerous attacks on anyone who disputes the eligibility of Mr. Obama to hold office...


Senate Resolution 511 DTD April 30, 2008.

"S.RES.511 -- Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen. (Agreed to Senate - ATS)"


"Recognizing that John Sidney McCain, III, is a natural born citizen.

Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a `natural born Citizen' of the United States;

Whereas the term `natural born Citizen', as that term appears in Article II, Section 1, is not defined in the Constitution of the United States;

Whereas there is no evidence of the intention of the Framers or any Congress to limit the constitutional rights of children born to Americans serving in the military nor to prevent those children from serving as their country's President;

Whereas such limitations would be inconsistent with the purpose and intent of the `natural born Citizen' clause of the Constitution of the United States, as evidenced by the First Congress's own statute defining the term `natural born Citizen';

Whereas the well-being of all citizens of the United States is preserved and enhanced by the men and women who are assigned to serve our country outside of our national borders;

Whereas previous presidential candidates were born outside of the United States of America and were understood to be eligible to be President; and

Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That John Sidney McCain, III, is a `natural born Citizen' under Article II, Section 1, of the Constitution of the United States."


Senate Resolution 511 was signed by Senators Clinton, Obama, Coburn, Webb and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Patrick Leahy.


Within this resolution it clearly proves the SJC understands the Constitutional requirement of a person being born on US soil, it also proves the SJC understands the Constitutional requirement that BOTH parents be US Citizens...


FACT: There is NO corresponding Senate Resolution for Senator Obama...  nor were both of his parents US Citizens...


To me, this is grounds for charges of treason. A conspiracy approved by Congress to allow an illegal, ineligible individual to usurp the Office of President of the United States.

You wonder why we cannot seem to stop him? This is a very good reason to start investigating... a very good reason to write your elected and demand he be immediately removed.


Aubrey Mason

San Antonio, Texas

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