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Do you agree to disagree without being disagreeable?


How did you hear about TeaParty.org?


Is America a republic?

I totally agree and am ready to fight

If you are willing to help what would you be willing to do?


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Anthony Bernard posted a blog post
The mid-terms will be upon us in 2014 with a fight for control of both House and Senate. You can bet that the Democrats will use the dirtiest tactics to secure both House and Senate for control of the country. We are at the point of no return and…
Jul 5, 2013
Anthony Bernard left a comment on
"In the civil war the military split in half in a time when it was a tenth the size it is now. The south received the cream of the crop in military leadership and it showed in command and the major battles that took place. The course of the war…"
Jun 6, 2013
Anthony Bernard commented on Anthony Bernard's blog post Veterans Day
"Thank You for your comment Catherine. God Bless You!"
Nov 13, 2012
Anthony Bernard left a comment for Barbara Sherman
"Aunt Barbara, thanks for joining. If you have a chance, check out Wild Bill's website. www.wildbillforamerica.com"
Nov 11, 2012
Anthony Bernard posted a blog post
Yesterday as Kattie and I took a walk, we seen people proudly placing American flags around their yard honoring all of those who fought and died defending our freedom. Veterans day honors those who fought heroically defending Freedom and life. They…
Nov 11, 2012

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  • Thank you for the friend request. It is very difficult to be an American Patriot these days. People whisper but their are very few who are willing to speak out and say it like it is anymore. I do post on F/B links and my own opinion regarding what I know is happening to America and how we have to take a stand against Tyranny or we will lose Our Country. My wall is public and anyone can view my posts. I have had a few people challenge my stand against obama but I have found a very Christian way of telling people that while anyone can view my posts on my wall. It is my wall and non opositional. Anyone can hit like and share but I have to tell some people that if they do not like my posts then pass my posts by until they find something they do agree with.
    I am sure I want have that problem here. The Tea Party has and is doing so much to make people aware of the lies and frauds in office's of power here In America but people seem to have been brainwashed. They don't seem to understand that we are a Republic and not a Democracy. They do not seem to grasp that we as American's have the Right to do Right. The Democrats have gone too far and the Republican's have took a wrong turn. Our courts are ruling lawlessly and the News Media is pathetic. Fox News is the closest to the real News we have on TV and they are limited. WND.com is a really good resource for the truth. I am sure rhat you have heard of WND.com but if not Joseph Farrah send daily News updates and is sueing right now for voter fraud personally.
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