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The fight against the Democrat and RINO radical Globalist Agenda started in 2008 and I don't believe that anyone thought we would still be fighing them in 2020. I know I didn't. 

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We The People showed up at the rallies and at the ballot boxes and in 2016 we beat the Corrupt Clinton machine. We shocked the Democrats and the RINOs-we even made them cry.

The moment Hillary Clinton was forced to give up her dream

Some of us realized that is wasn't just the Democrats because we kept being told by the Republicans that they needed the House to stop the radical policies-we gave it to them. Then the goal post changed and they needed the Senate to really be effective. We gave it to them. Nothing changed.

Why? The Swamp is deeply embedded in DC and it was fighting back against its demise. Unelected Bureaucrats have been struggling to ensure their unamerican policies succeed. The Tea Party stands to tell them that they will not win.Drain the Swamp | Know Your Meme

I thought I could retire from the Tea Party because we had fought the good fight and had won. How wrong I was. The corrupt in DC are fighting back and they need to be exposed. 

This is our fight.  We, here at Tea Party Command Center, are in it to win it. 

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"Absolutely right!"
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"Not necessarily. I just read a summary and Barrett did not vote in several key law suits and it was a split. If in a re-hearing she votes for Trump there you have a win."
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  • Can someone tell me  how the Sequestor impacted the $3+ Billion annually we give to Israel in Foreign Aid?

  • Dee, is the old Resistnet archived anywhere?

  • As long as Maxine Waters predicted 170,000 lost jobs are government jobs, I hope she is right. I pray we can reduce government agencies and employees even more in the future. Suprisingly I can support myself and family and live a great life without governmnet bureacracies trying to regulate and control every facet of my life.

  • Dee, Please see this link:

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  • Make more people aware to a higher degree of how we're being lied to and used. Nothing should make taxpayers more ticked off when they're shown how our money is being squandered by the "liars and control freaks in Washington". And that's including the "state run liberal non-media pushing their agenda".

  • I would like to know these electives are placed by our vote into a position to (HERE WE GO) DO THINGS FOR US NOT AGAINST US, BUT SOMEONE SENT A MEMO TOALL OF THEM THAT WE ARE THEIR SLAVE AND WE ARE TO SHUT UPAND DO AS THEY SAY!!! WELLTO YOU WORKERS OF THE PEOPLE , FOR THE PEOPLE , THAT PLUSH OFFICE AND THE OVER COLLECTION OF TAX DOLLARS CALLED YOUR PAY CHECKS ARE GIVEN TO YOU BY THE PEOPLE AND WHEN YOU PEOPLE START TO UNDERSTAND THIS THEN YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT WE BUY !! PEOPLE LIKE feistein schummer and all the other anti gun grabbers who have people like fox news contributer judith miller in their ears talking about things they have no idea of like  judith saying about obama in the picture of him shooting skeet she says "what ever skeet are " well this is what comes out of these  government workers that they do not know anything about guns or their accessories !  But there is not one thing mentioned about doing anything to the criminals , IT IS NOT THE LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS THAT ARE CAUSING ALL THE ATTACKS OR THE UNTHINKABLE THINGS TO THE HELPLES PEOPLE AND MOST OF ALL OUR CHILDREN !! YOU ALL NEED TO THINK BEFORE YOU START ANYTHING , YOU ELECTIVES WILL BE THE ONES WHO WILL BE IN THE WRONG!!! SEMPER-FI !

  • Dee

    In this latest post, you refer to Rubio and Jindal as potential presidential candidates. I for one would hope that you would quit using that type of rhetoric. You know full well that neither are constitutionally qualified to be candidates for the offices of President or Vice-President.

  • Dee:   Perhaps the subject of massive organized Recall elections for Senators and Representatives in their respective States for those that are voting against the Constitution or are otherwise showing themselves to be unfit, would be an interesting subject.  At the very least, Recall movements would get their attention.  I appreciate all that you do.

    Thank you

    Dennis J. Berg


  • do video clips put them on youtube and post more on facebook like i do

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