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The fight against the Democrat and RINO radical Globalist Agenda started in 2008 and I don't believe that anyone thought we would still be fighing them in 2021. I know I didn't. 

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We The People showed up at the rallies and at the ballot boxes and in 2016 we beat the Corrupt Clinton machine. We shocked the Democrats and the RINOs-we even made them cry.

The moment Hillary Clinton was forced to give up her dream

Some of us realized that is wasn't just the Democrats because we kept being told by the Republicans that they needed the House to stop the radical policies-we gave it to them. Then the goal post changed and they needed the Senate to really be effective. We gave it to them. Nothing changed.

Why? The Swamp is deeply embedded in DC and it was fighting back against its demise. Unelected Bureaucrats have been struggling to ensure their unamerican policies succeed. The Tea Party stands to tell them that they will not win.Drain the Swamp | Know Your Meme

I thought I could retire from the Tea Party because we had fought the good fight and had won. How wrong I was. The corrupt in DC are fighting back and they need to be exposed. 

This is our fight.  We, here at Tea Party Command Center, are in it to win it. 

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  • We can replace Congress and every appointment on all levels Obama has made since taking office. In fact; we MUST replace every appointment Obama has made since he is a usurper of office and every appointment and executive order he has enacted are on his signature alone (which is worthless) as the U.S. Constitution does not recognize or support a usurper. By constitutional mandate the usurper must be removed from office. A USURPER CANNOT RESIGN since taking an oath of office as such is not legally binding no matter who authorized it INCLUDING CONGRESS who;  by allowing and recognizing the usurper as bonafide (even though he is not) has; as a body of government en masse; committed treason against the U.S.A.....all 565 members of Congress are guilty for none have spoken out publicly for the record against the usurpation to my knowledge. 

  • And look who's coming to the party,(DNC)!! 20,000 MUSLIMS and AL QUEADA representitives,and more than likely 'MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD' types!!! And know one does anything, nor even mentions ths on Lamestream,communit media!!! INSANE!!! They will probably us 'New Blackpanther ' doorguards there!!

  • How far can we trust the GOP/RNC now? Sickening with what happened today in Monday in Tampa!! We have to replace John Boehner NOW!!! The 'Establishment' gets to say whoever they side with is in? Boehner heard all of the 'boos!!' from the VIRGINIA Deligates, when he said, the majority votes were in!! What a sad day for us!! And look howmany people showed up for the convention!! Not much of fanfare either! Maybe too many people don't have the time or the money to get there,(thanks to OBAMA!). This convention should be a blowout!! We should have at least a million there! WHAT HAPPENED? A PATRIOT,Larry Parent,Naples,FL.

  • Dee, I can't believe the Republicans. So much for what could happen I guess. It is infuriating.




  • Dear Dee:

    Yesterday I received the following notice from you regarding my recent blog post, which I truly appreciate:

    “Check out the discussion ‘Is the Obama Regime Targeting Veterans?’

    Discussion posted by Jake Martinez:

    What’s disturbing about this?-You Decide: Posted on The Post & Email-By Sharon Rondeau-On August 23, 2012: “(Aug. 23, 2012) — Last wee...

    Discussion link: Is the Obama Regime Targeting Veterans?”

    Wanted to give you the heads up that the discussion link failed to open the link to my blog post-what follows is the information that comes up when you click on the link:

    “Our apologies – this page was not found”

    Thanks again for highlighting and/or sharing my blog post with other site members.

    Have a great day & weekend.

    God Bless-Keep The Faith.

    Semper Fi!


  • Thanks Dee. :-)
  • Dee, I was out riding my motorcycle this morning.  I passed a predominately black church near where I live and noticed something that bothered me.  In front of the church was a banner saying "Vote Democratic."  Isn't this a violation of a law regarding separation between church and state?   This in my opinion is how the black community is going about reelecting that Illegal Alien sitting in the White House.  They don't care what he's done to this country.  All they want is a continuation of all the government freebies and to keep a black man in office.

  • Dee, i have investigated the agenda 21 proposal & didnt know how close it was to coming to my community. Yesterday i found a pamphlet on my door where they are trying to propose this agenda in my parish. I will be at the council meeting in my district & trying to inform my neighbors of what this means if it is implemented. If it was not for my husbands boss who gave him a dvd about this, i would have no clue. I live in houma louisiana, & i dont know how to help spread the word in volume to make sure that this will not be implemented in my home town. Any suggestions? Thanks, Amanda Gilcrease
  • Dee, could you possibly resirect any discussion concerning NDAA, this law is probably one of the most dangerous laws ever written. Is no chance for repeal if Obam is re-elected without a super majority. A small possibility to repeal considering the out rage and election year, small window of opportunity exist? 

  • I should have started by saying Thank You for all the good work you do before I made the Blumbust comment.Sorry DEE

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