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The fight against the Democrat and RINO radical Globalist Agenda started in 2008 and I don't believe that anyone thought we would still be fighing them in 2020. I know I didn't. 

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We The People showed up at the rallies and at the ballot boxes and in 2016 we beat the Corrupt Clinton machine. We shocked the Democrats and the RINOs-we even made them cry.

The moment Hillary Clinton was forced to give up her dream

Some of us realized that is wasn't just the Democrats because we kept being told by the Republicans that they needed the House to stop the radical policies-we gave it to them. Then the goal post changed and they needed the Senate to really be effective. We gave it to them. Nothing changed.

Why? The Swamp is deeply embedded in DC and it was fighting back against its demise. Unelected Bureaucrats have been struggling to ensure their unamerican policies succeed. The Tea Party stands to tell them that they will not win.Drain the Swamp | Know Your Meme

I thought I could retire from the Tea Party because we had fought the good fight and had won. How wrong I was. The corrupt in DC are fighting back and they need to be exposed. 

This is our fight.  We, here at Tea Party Command Center, are in it to win it. 

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Apr 5
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Whether you realize it or not, we are at war (and I'm not referring to my initials). American institutions, corporations, sports leagues and even the Catholic Church are at war with the American people.
But they're about to learn a priceless lesson.…
Apr 4

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  • Try to survive another three years without loosing more rights.

  • Must call Representatives and beg them not to vote for gun control . Really annoying.

  • Hello Dee , hope you are well . Are we going to survive another three yeas.

  • Re: Illegal immigration. We Americans need to see what is behind the charade of border security, The purpose of illegal immigration tolerance and undermining the enforcement of the laws is a key part of the making of the "North American Union" .This government agenda is globalization the destruction of our constitution, our sovereignty and implement an open border policy for the purpose of eliminating any impediments that will prevent the exploitation of natural resources and the human capital. The North American Union will benefit only the multinational corporations and make the workers of the USA, Mexico and Canada economic slaves.  

  • Obummer has taken out a lot of the top generals in the military who believed in the Constitution and God and America.He wants and is takiing down the white middle class in our country.Obummer,Evil Eric Holder,Al Sharlaton are all racists.Obummer has known about the VA situation since 2008.What makes me mad is the mainstream media.They are up Obummer's butt and it makes me sick.Congress grow some gonads and impeach Obummer and Holder.

  • I have a question for you, please. My email: tschuckman@aol.com --Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70. My humble blog: TOM'S JOURNAL. -- I got a strange letter/ email today concerning Pay Pal.
  • I'm not going to make any more comments.  All I did was point out that before the 2012 election someone got a peek in obamas bank account and said it was $ 12.1 million.

    All that insider Gov. info is how he, reid, paloiscy, gore and others have gotten super rich and  passing a bill to stop them this year hasn't.


  • Dee....it is SO very important for everyone to educate themselves about Islam and what they are trying to do here in the US....a true education for the masses is vital so that we can stand against them in our towns as they are everywhere and working behind the scenes to do all the harm they can.   There are so many attacks on Americans and our nation so there is lots of ground to cover but we MUST or be stupid!

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