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The fight against the Democrat and RINO radical Globalist Agenda started in 2008 and I don't believe that anyone thought we would still be fighing them in 2021. I know I didn't. 

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We The People showed up at the rallies and at the ballot boxes and in 2016 we beat the Corrupt Clinton machine. We shocked the Democrats and the RINOs-we even made them cry.

The moment Hillary Clinton was forced to give up her dream

Some of us realized that is wasn't just the Democrats because we kept being told by the Republicans that they needed the House to stop the radical policies-we gave it to them. Then the goal post changed and they needed the Senate to really be effective. We gave it to them. Nothing changed.

Why? The Swamp is deeply embedded in DC and it was fighting back against its demise. Unelected Bureaucrats have been struggling to ensure their unamerican policies succeed. The Tea Party stands to tell them that they will not win.Drain the Swamp | Know Your Meme

I thought I could retire from the Tea Party because we had fought the good fight and had won. How wrong I was. The corrupt in DC are fighting back and they need to be exposed. 

This is our fight.  We, here at Tea Party Command Center, are in it to win it. 

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  • All these impeachable wrongs that are being done and no action is taken,what kind of country do we live in?

  • Impeach  Obama start the legal process Congress, McCain and Jeff Flake know what is wrong.  Dave

    in Phx,. AZ   He is not doing anything worth while for US. Dave in Phoenix, AZ

  • Obama will never admit he screwed up.  He will put the blame on

    some one else, perhaps in his cabinet, some one he can throw under the bus.  Impeach B.O. now.  I bet there are Dems that want him gone.  He hurts their party. I am a Rep and a Vet.  Dave In Phoenix

  • With you Dennis E Moore. I personally believe your wrong Prentiss M Davis,. Traitor muslim Obami IS the Problem!!! Not our Republicans; NO half of America don't support Obami. Only confused Dem's, who rae Loyal & kind of dum. AND Collage Kids who are being tought by Terrorist & Commi's; Obamite Killer punk street gangs.
  • God bless America and Fox News for reporting what no one else will and not letting censorship control them from keeping the truth from being known. Some how we need to find a way to rid our country of Barack  Insane Obama he is intentionally destroying our country Because HE IS A Muslim. He is our worst nightmare but its not a dream  

  • A long time conservative I recently joined the Tea Party because of my disgust at Republican inaction.  How can congressional Republicans allow Obama to spend our country into oblivion?  Have they changed the constitution since I went to school.  Doesn't congress hold the purse strings anymore?

    Forget about ridding ourselves of Obama.  The real problem is that roughly half the American people support him.  Our schools, press and nearly all public organizations have been corrupted with liberalism.  

    The revolution should begin by disbanding all public employee unions and reputating all government employee contracts.  A good place to start is the IRS who's union has supported the election of liberal politicians who then support the IRS abuses.  Who represents the tax payer?

    Next congress should refuse to fund any public school district represented by an employee union.  The taxpaying citizens need to take our public schools back from the radicals who now run them.  It would appear public schools mostly teach communism, anti-Americanism and radical environmentalism. While we are at it we should outlaw tenure at any school receiving one dollar of public money.

    Next we need to simply shut down  much of the federal government including the departments of Energy, Agriculture, Education, Commerce, HUD  and the EPA.  Anyone who ever worked at one of these agencies knows their daily contribution is mostly waste, corruption and disruption of free capitalism.

    Anyone in government guilty of any wrong doing should not only be discharged immediately but any pension benefits forfeited.   Additionally, we should take a good look at the retirement benefits elected officials are receving.  I don't believe the taxpayers ever approved these outrageous pension benefits and I feel these "public servants" are owed nothing after living for years on taxpayer largess.

    Many agencies like the civil rights division of the Justice Department are totally out of control and there are no doubt hundreds of federal employees who belong in prison for their lawleness.

    Prentiss Davis

    Midlothian VA

  • Things are getting totally out of hand, the only way to save the country is to get rid of Obama and all his cohorts, and soon. The values we believed in for so long are being destroyed by perverts, greedy politicians and aethiests who believe they are just accidents of nature, If violence is the only way to save our beloved America, then so be it. It has to begin now though, or it will be too late. Cecession is a good idea for the states who still have enough loyal Americans to take action.

  • Proud to be a member with you fine folks! Thank you!!
  • Good Morning, Dee!

    I don't think I have a way to throw him out, but you are right-membership has gone up by over 200 in 2 days!  Maybe people are waking up and realizing it's time to do something!  And we don't need the trolls, so if you would do the honor. . .

    Have a wonderful day! Here in Michigan we are blessed with summer and sunshine this morning again-hope it's the same where you are. 

  • Hi Dee-I entered this on the moderators' page, but thought I'd call your attention to it:  Bob Hunter seems to have taken Carter Sellman's place.  Same snarky type of comments.  Seems like a lot of people have caught on to him that he's a troll. 

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