Obama Has to Be Stopped

I have given up on Facebook,for the past 4 years i have spent several hours a day bashing the President and for what,he's still President...This man is a liar,a fraud, a radical liberal set to destroy the constitution and rule the country as he see's fit.I do not believe a word he say's,he doesn't love this country,he never did,he spent his youth studying Marxism amd Communism.He has to be stopped,I believe he has broken the law enough to be Impeached...He is responsible for the deaths of 4 good men in Bengazi....He has bypassed Congress so many times it's scary...This man is spreading lies about the GOP and would like to do away with the 2 party system all together....I am sick of this man...How are we going to get this man out of office,he is pure evil.

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