Cruz's plan is to "DELINK healthcare from employment"

Cruz's plan is to "DELINK healthcare from employment"  Everyone NEEDS to pay close attention!!! I finally got the answer to a key question regarding Cruz's healthcare reform. It was in my friend’s Cruz phone bank talking points.  If you vote for Cruz, you WILL lose your employer based healthcare. Trump's plan does NOT do this. This means a vote for Cruz is a vote for increasing your healthcare insurance costs by thousands as your employer will not be paying for all or part of it anymore. There is also no part of Cruz's plan to remove the frontloaded deductibles that are destroying family's savings to the tune of $6,000 to $12,000 a year.  We WILL all end up with HUGE insurance payments and HUGE deductibles under Cruz with NO employer contributions. We WILL end up far worse off than we currently are. Trump lets you keep your employer based healthcare but allows companies to buy across state lines to reduce the cost through competition. BEWARE: Why do we want to vote for Cruz and make our own lives worse and end up paying even MORE for insurance than the outrageous prices we pay now? Remember when Reagan  allowed the HMOs? The insurance companies denied treatments for years before the republicans finally revised the law and people were able to get proper procedures and treatments without administrative denials. Can you afford to pay MORE for health insurance for years - if you can vote Cruz - he WILL make health insurance more of a nightmare than it already is while bankrupting your family at the same time. Remember, Cruz and republicans are in the pockets of the Chamber of Commerce, big business and insurance companies who care about profits NOT your family getting an affordable plan!!!!!!

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