Anyone actually active in this state?

Lets start working people, this is communist territory and every day is a day we need..

Lots up for stake this year.

Cantwell must GO.

Lots of communists n congress here.

If we can carry king county for the gop we can carry the STATE.


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  • Unfortunately, Neil, we are long beyond politics.  Look up Rosa Koire on YouTube.  April promises to be an UGLY time in our history.  FREE money is the beginning to the end of our FREEDOM.  The three thousand or so Global Elites - headed by the Rothschilds (for centuries) are intent on taking over the globe, reducing the global population to under one billion and eventually, replacing us all with robots.  This is not SYFY.  The Second Amendment makes the United States Citizenry the only hope for the entire globe.  Once organized, NO ONE, NO GOVERNMENT, NOT EVEN THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, can defeat us.  I am prepared to be the first to die....KNOWING.....that the rest, the millions, will harden into a invincible cause to take down all elites where they live and hide.  I would far rather trade eggs for potatoes than to succumb to the .1%.  Make a STAND, or die with a whimper.  I will die soon enough.  I will NOT die in vain.

  • Neil, I have just recently undertaken the position of director of Washington Tea Party. Our numbers are growing but I have been waiting for us to grow a little. If anyone, any of you, have ideas on what direction we can take now than put the idea out there and see what we can do with it.

    • I have done just that, Mindy.  I graduated CSUN 1975.  I became successful and owned a home with four fireplaces and I drove V-12 BMWs.  I was unaware of what was really going on.  When I lost all of that in 2010 (no work in Construction: NONE), I began to study what our government had done and what they have continued to do on an unsustainable scale.  The Virus, the Free money, is all planned.  Listen to Rosa Koire on YouTube.  They are taking us down.  The Second Amendment is our only hope.

  • I live in Tacoma WA!

    I can meet you Neil any time any place in the Pierce County area. Outside of Pierce County will need to arrange.


    • I applaud your willingness to meet.  That must happen.  But, ask yourself..."am I willing to die for my children and grandchildren (who may not yet exist) to maintain freedom in the United States.  Conviction among the millions makes us invincible.  Government is now so corrupt that I believe who we vote for is no longer an important issue.  By this Summer, many will understand what has been created and how it is expected to end.  Listen to Rosa Koire on YouTube and WAKE UP to this Brave New World.  Make your life count.

  • How can you carry King county? even the dead democrats vote there.

  • I would be grateful any signatures you can get for me...

  • Oh Lordy, my husband would have a fit!  This may sound like a cop out, but he will tell you we don't have enough time together as it is.  Actually I am a far better conduit for the dissemination of factual information.

    I didn't get really interested in politics until ObamaCare was in the works.  It's like God laid this burden on my heart to study the bill, learn the truth and send it out.  I went to a couple of town hall meetings.  The one here in Everett with Rick Larsen was interesting because he and I went round and round about the section that states the Feds will have access to our financial records to "determine if we are financially responsible to pay our portion of the bill 'at the time of service'".  I didn't get the opportunity to go a round with Inslee, the self-righteous, 'how great I am' typical Democrat at his town hall meeting.  And now he has abandoned his constituents to run for Governor.

    My best role is behind the scene.  Working with a campaign, donating my graphic design abilities…and I could even spend some time gathering signatures on a petition.  I am not shy when it comes to talking with people.

    • God Bless You All but...we are well beyond 'signatures'.  We will not make it through the Summer without life-threatening issues.

  • There is a 1740$ filing fee, but for every signature we get it is 1$ less. The form is on, I am collecting signatures for myself but I want to be gathering for 10 guys at once and get it all. 

    If you will run for congress I ill get signatures for you.

    At the very least it will give us a good chance to badmout obama/cantwell/all things democrat until the election.


    Diane Thomas said:

    Is the petition like the petitions for Referendums?   I have signed a bunch of those.

    And do you canvass neighborhoods seeking signatures, or set up in front of stores (like they do for petitions to get a referendum on the ballot)?

    Like everyone else my time is short 'cause I am self employed and (thank you Jesus) work lots of hours.  That's what I am doing up so late tonight, finishing a project.

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