The Manchurian President

Obama, as reported in the socialist-linked journal Social Policy Winter 2003 edition, had trained the socialist front group ACORN’s activists for years. (This of course directly contradicted Obama’s lie in 2008 that the only contact he had with ACORN was as their attorney for the so-called “Motor Voter” lawsuit).

Obama more than likely also had contact with Marxist sociologists Francis Fox Piven and Richard Cloward.  With deep ties to ACORN, they advocated collapsing the American economy in order to usher in a socialist utopia.

Of course, Obama’s presidency is following what is called the Cloward-Piven plan to a tee—that is, creating a crisis where the welfare state, through an unsustainable debt, collapses the economy, creating an economic apocalypse whereby the central planners can then easily usher in a totalitarian Marxist state.

If Barack Obama is in fact a Marxist plant, then his actions since coming to power make complete sense.

Western Center for Journalism

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  • Thanks Ralph- thanks for the reminder. Acorn w/ all their fraud illegal votes. obama= socialist= commie= marxist= muslum. If it walks & talks like a duck its a marxist obama= TRAITOR to America has committed TREASON & TYRANNY, muslum marxist o the real domestic TERRORIST We The People must apply all the 2nd Amendment. This pig muslum o is an illegal corrupt fraud trespassing in We The Peoples White House, hes trespassing in DC, hes trespassing in our country our America. We The People must send this puppet whore of satan back to hell where he came from. God Bless & Long Live the Tea Party & America.

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