I'm writing to report a fact that really disappointed me also surprised and maybe you can explain me.
I'm an american citizen who lives in Italy. I joined the Italian Tea Party because I belive in the cause and it's a way to support the cause and be linked with USA...and my family is Republic since ever...
In my city, Prato (Tuscany) in May 2014 there will be the elections for Major 
Today I read the news that the Tea Party decided to support a Democratic candidate...I was shocked reading the news...How the Tea Party can support a candidate of the left?! A Acndidate from the italian democratic party?
I'm on the right party I will never join the left...How we can trust the left? Especially the italian left?!
Sorry but I really need for an explanation..
Another thing ...I think that if there is a tea Party outside America the chiefs musyt be american citizens...

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  • My ancestors arrived in the U.S. from Randazzo, Sicily in 1892.  I am considering going back home!!!!

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