Homeland Security Takeover - We are now a Communist country!

Once again, President Obama has signed an unconstitutionally-expanded Executive Order giving himself kingship (See the Order:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/10/26/executive-order-establishing-white-house-homeland-security-partnership-c).  This new Executive Order unconstitutionally expands the Department of Homeland Security to be the all-encompassing and all-powerful United States authority which answers only to the President.  Mr. Obama claims his actions are being undertaken to stop terrorists, even though his previous actions have actually facilitated jihad inside the United States by prohibiting the criminal intent of jihad, even prohibiting the words "jihad" and "Islam," from being used in the investigation and prosecution of jihad crimes.  Therefore, jihadists can now merely claim their actions were accidents and their true intentions (Islamic jihad and the seditious enforcement of Shariah law) cannot be investigated or prosecuted as sedition, hate crimes against non-Muslims, or acts of war.  Yet, the Department of Homeland Security can, under this new Executive Order, restrict the constitutionally-protected civil liberties and rights of (United States) law-abiding citizens by directly subjecting them to its undefined and unlimited priorities.  This Executive Order establishes and mandates "partnerships" between the Department of Homeland Security and ALL state and local authorities (and even non-governmental agencies such as churches) in order to "support [non-defined] homeland security priorities."  President Obama has, in effect and right before the presidential election, voided the Unites States Constitution and made the United States Government a Communist entity. 

Since the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been complicit with Mr. Obama's agenda and is not likely to do his job of investigating and prosecuting Mr. Obama for treason and violating his oath of office to "PRESERVE, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States," [Emphasis added], it is up to We the People to make Congress impeach, investigate, and prosecute him and repeal/make void all unconstitutional laws, governmental agency regulations, and Executive Orders.  It will not happen unless We the People unite and demand action.  United we stand, divided we fall.  www.impeachpresidentobama.weebly.com

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  • It is amazing how much we have accepted and ignorance is the problem. Evolution, scientifically is a lie but we allowed our schools to support it. This has happened so long that scientists in NASA and others are looking for beginnings of life? So what is going on with this? Lately a group of scientists in Texas showed up in a book approval forum conducted by a board. Of course, some how, a Professor lady showed up insisting on the books she wanted. They all were non-science facts and supported an apparatus that was not used to produce amino acids! But the scientists had facts and she was shot down! The apparatus given to our children is a lie!

    I am 67 and have lived through all these lies, from the military rejection in Nam, which we really won, except for Liberal lying media here. It was all setup long ago during the Korean War. Note the M.A.S.H series that did not support war against the worst of enemies. We should be real! Communists had to kill 10x more of their own people than Hitler to keep control! The estimate is 50 million to 150 million as they cover the info... But minimum of their own is 50 million! People want to be free and only the foolish support ignorance! We have this in our own America, started in the late 50's and promoted by our own USA MOB, which connects to our own CIA! Obama just appointed another CIA head! Wake up.. this is happening so fast because fools support this President, get your guns ready and do all to support the idea in "A Few Good Men!" They followed orders and were convicted. Obama is out of reach for now!

    • In response; there are parts of evolution which are true combined with other scriptural truth which can only be understood when one is in proper communication with the Creator. It is fact whether anyone believes it or not that liberal thinking is the judgement against them allowed by the Creator. A liberal has no understanding of truth because truth cannot be fathomed with a liberal brain; reason being, the liberal brain functions on lies and never truth. It is the liberal legacy so to do. That being said anyone who presents the truth to a liberal will be ridiculed and shot down as a nut case by the liberal community due to the lack of understanding every liberal is cursed with; the wage for turning their back on their Creator.

      Killing those who disagree with the liberal agenda actually benefits the victims because they then spend eternity with the Creator.

      Make no mistake, Obama will be dealt with  but America must get right with the Creator before that happens.

  • GGGGRRRRR!!!!! the occupant of the WH - must be removed... Preferred method arrest and criminal trial and then justice will be done!

    Semper Fi!

    • We have the lying Liberal media which support anything he does. We note that and we need to put them in poverty by not buying any products that support their deceit and lies.

    • The "News" Media functions as a propaganda arm for the subversives because most of the "News" Media is owned by One World Government proponents.  Know that fact, the "News" Media cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

  • It's not so much the crime it's always the cover-up but this crime is TREASON punishable by death.

    • But we don't know for certain O is an American citizen. If he is not he isn't bound by the U.S. Constitution and is probably then a foreign national with no allegiance to America and therefore not a U.S. citizen. Only U.S. citizens can be charged with treason against America.

      Case in point....during one of the claims against O's eligibility a judge apparently ruled in favor of insufficient evidence to prove his real father's identification; because the Democratic legal team later prepared to certify O's birth, and when the Republican legal counsel got wind of this they fired off a letter to inform the Dem legal team that they risk perjury charges if they certify O is legitimate.

      It wouldn't surprise me to find O claiming diplomatic immunity if he gets cornered and sees no way out.

    • Since he's neither an Ambassador NOR a "foreign emmissary", doubt he can pull that off!

    • Problem is there is too much hidden truth for America to know just exactly WHAT he is; but in any case; he is NOT what he says he is and if you want to level treason charges they must be directed at Congress and the judicials protecting him.

      Certainly misrepresentation is the primary fraud being commited.

      Giuliani has publicly asked O to resign so we know there are people who know the truth who have some say in the matter and believe America is better off without O.

    • The Congress was wrong, but they had no backing. The Senate has 80% of the Communist elects! It is from a black Congressman they cannot refute! He has an impeccable record and they can only spit at him with no real accusation!

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