Homeland Security Takeover - We are now a Communist country!

Once again, President Obama has signed an unconstitutionally-expanded Executive Order giving himself kingship (See the Order:  http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/10/26/executive-order-establishing-white-house-homeland-security-partnership-c).  This new Executive Order unconstitutionally expands the Department of Homeland Security to be the all-encompassing and all-powerful United States authority which answers only to the President.  Mr. Obama claims his actions are being undertaken to stop terrorists, even though his previous actions have actually facilitated jihad inside the United States by prohibiting the criminal intent of jihad, even prohibiting the words "jihad" and "Islam," from being used in the investigation and prosecution of jihad crimes.  Therefore, jihadists can now merely claim their actions were accidents and their true intentions (Islamic jihad and the seditious enforcement of Shariah law) cannot be investigated or prosecuted as sedition, hate crimes against non-Muslims, or acts of war.  Yet, the Department of Homeland Security can, under this new Executive Order, restrict the constitutionally-protected civil liberties and rights of (United States) law-abiding citizens by directly subjecting them to its undefined and unlimited priorities.  This Executive Order establishes and mandates "partnerships" between the Department of Homeland Security and ALL state and local authorities (and even non-governmental agencies such as churches) in order to "support [non-defined] homeland security priorities."  President Obama has, in effect and right before the presidential election, voided the Unites States Constitution and made the United States Government a Communist entity. 

Since the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, has been complicit with Mr. Obama's agenda and is not likely to do his job of investigating and prosecuting Mr. Obama for treason and violating his oath of office to "PRESERVE, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States," [Emphasis added], it is up to We the People to make Congress impeach, investigate, and prosecute him and repeal/make void all unconstitutional laws, governmental agency regulations, and Executive Orders.  It will not happen unless We the People unite and demand action.  United we stand, divided we fall.  www.impeachpresidentobama.weebly.com

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    • We are a threat to the Caliphate.  The Caliphate believes they have conquered America.

  • John Brennan, the current Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, will chair this mob.  He has stated that his focus on terrorists is on "extremists", not "jihadists" because using the jihadist term indicates one who is struggling for a holy goal.  He then states that he believes that gives the jihad murderers religious legitimacy they seek which then suggests the U.S. is at war with Islam. 

    This callous political stance is applaling as our men and women fight the jihad terrorists in the middle east.  We must fight the jihad based terror with a call to Islam to overcome the radical jihadists by identifying the terrorists immediately.  Otherwise, Islam, regardless of John Brennan's depiction, is the problem. 

    The Europeans failed to correct the NAZI party terror, we cannot afford to make the same mistake with the jihadists who wish to destroy America.

  • The American experiment in government is on a slippery slope and we are heading towards quicksand.  1776 was the year that a new form of government came on the world scene.  Prior to that happening, people all over the world were ruled by kings, lords, self proclaimed messengers of a god.  They ruled with absolute authority and in most cases brutality.  They were the ones who owned the land and everything on it, including the people.  Our founding fathers brought to the world the concept of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Over the years we have allowed the people we elected to represent us, slowly make a u-turn, and start heading us back to the rule of a privileged few with ultimate authority and power over every aspect of our lives.  We are abdicating our responsibility for our own liberty, freedom, and lives.


    This return to separating the people from the government and making the government a separate entity of itself dedicated to promoting a larger and more powerful ruler of the people was slow but deliberate.  Now this trend is threatening all that made this country the most generous, successful, and champion of liberty.   Under the guise of protecting us we are losing all that this country brought forth on this world and our liberty along with it.  Some things seem quite benign like restrickting the smoking of tobacco.  Others are quite insane.  There are people who insist that soft drinks and baby formula become controlled substances and at the same time legalizing the use of dope.  They are concerned with the rights of proven criminals but trample those of law abiding citizens. They are concerned with the freedom of expression for those that have vowed to destroy us while restrickting the expression of Judeo-Christian values. 


    Free enterprise is almost nonexistent in America.  It is prohibited in many areas of this land for children to sell cookies or lemonade without permission from the government by way of requiring permits that cost much more than can be made from the sale of these things.  If a person wants to be a taxi driver the permits to do so cost thousands of dollars in almost every city in America.  Many restaurants and retail stores were started by people who put together a little money to buy products and a cart and would sell them to the general public.  Now a day, the permits, and other restrictions make if almost impossible to start a small business on a shoe string.  If one does put together enough money to start a business the government throws more and more obstacles in the way.  In many instances even established enterprises are being forced into bankruptcy by government restrictions such as those on coal mining. New endeavors such as gas and oil exploration are not permitted regardless how much starting capital one may have.  The EPA has even put a stop to some solar and wind power plants.  That is except for those who have contributed to promoting the power of the government.  Those who support the current administration are not only encouraged to start businesses but are provided with funds to do so even if their business plan can only lead to failure.


    The bigger the government the more powerful it becomes.  The more powerful the government is the less liberty we have.  Our current administration’s life styles are that of the potentates of the old world and just as callous to the concerns of the people.  The old speaker of the House demanded a private jet to transport her, her relatives and friends back and forth across the country while the people were losing their homes and jobs.  The cost of our president’s trips is more than the GNP of many countries.  We have allowed our representatives to become a royalty of sorts.


    WE have to put a stop to this decline of our country.  Regardless of political party we must elect only those who are willing and able to serve the nation and not those that demand to rule us.  By the same token we must vote out of office those that work only to promote their careers and grow the government and usurp more and more power.  If we do not put forth the effort and make the investments to do this we all are doomed.  I urge you all to contribute time and money to make the changes that are so badly needed.  Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of our country and preserve our heritage, Judeo-Christian values, and freedom.  There won’t be a tomorrow if we don’t do this now. 

  • If Homeland Security actually initiates stops on highways, then I believe it will be time to revolt and start shooting the people responsible for creating such an un-Constitutional action.  We're not creating this situation, they are! We can meekly allow ourselves to be ruled by a defacto Dictatorship, or we can start making them wish they never started what they did.  As usual, the people responsible will always be hidden in  the background, but ordering the low intellect dupes to do the dirty deeds .  We need to find out who is directing the Gestapo type action and target them as enemies of this country.  Don't target from the bottom up.  Target from the top down.  That means a shooting to kill revolution to get rid of the Traitors.  It's a good possibility that such a revolution will happen, considering that Congress does nothing to slow Obama's subversive and treasonous activities?     

  • I have felt like a subject for almost four years.

    • Steven - it more like 20+ years...

      Semper Fi!

  • Obama is going to do everthing possible to control citizens of the USA before he is thrown out of office

    • If he oversteps his authority one step too far, he may find his foot chopped off.

    • Hi Ralph,

        Have you finaly come around to understand that govt cannot just shoot american citizens just because soldiers have taken an oath to defend the country from enemies within and outside the united states. The govt cannot just take peoples firearms because of some sort of disaster,louisiana has such a law now on the books. The military cannot go above and beyond the constitution"ever" and the rights of ( CITIZENS),AMERICAN CITIZENS, have more authority than any president will ever have,the president needs the citizens of this country to agree and approve of any such move. You said to me before that you would do what the president says and that is totaly wrong and we just may be forced into such a disgusting situation where we just may have to fight back against the communists trying to take over. The oaths taken are for american citizens to protect and defend american citizens according to the constitution ,the bill of rights and the declaration of independence- NOTHING ELSE, PERIOD.

    • You should change your "cannot" to "not supposed to." 

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