I often wonder as I go on my little tangents about Saul Alinsky and the radical left if I am saying anything new or informative. With the discovery of Alinsky, Marxism and the left in general all came into view for me during the first term of president Obama. His first term coincided with my second year of college, and his admission of seeking out the Marxists and Structural Feminists was pretty intriguing to me. I guess you could say I owe him a little gratitude because if he had never said that I would have never been interested.

I felt compelled to say this because while I thought all of this was new information I realized during a particular tea party meeting that many people have known about the radical organizer for a long time. That’s when I also realized his radical ways were nothing new and in fact may be material worth nothing more than a yawn to some people. However, sometimes I feel that I can bring an interesting twist by highlighting how some of his “rules” are being employed in daily events and this is what I enjoy sharing with you

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  • Towards the end on the "Communization Process", many will begin to see the light. But as has happened in the past with other nations....it's been too late... We need ideas and an action plan...


    What I think is amazing is how much they have infiltrated the Christian and Catholic faith. Priests learn Social Justice and Philosophy in seminary instead of the Bible..

    • Perhaps we should begin to group the 45 goals and bring them up to date !1

    • Thats an excellent idea...

  • You're absolutely right.  And while it has been known for a long time, I am encouraged to find out that more and more people are finding out about Communism in America.  Because I know that you are one less person that they can corrupt and brainwash.

    "An informed citizenry is the only true repository of the public will." Thomas Jefferson

  • Ralph, anytime you can post knowledge and one person be enlightened, it is good because ignorance is what allowed communism to get a foot hold in America.

    Keep it up.

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