William Jennings Bryan

My friends, we declare that this nation is able to legislate for its own people on every question, without waiting for the aid or consent of any other nation on earth; and upon that issue we expect to carry every state in the Union. I shall not slander the inhabitants of the fair state of Massachusetts nor the inhabitants of the state of New York by saying that, when they are confronted with the proposition, they will declare that this nation is not able to attend to its own business. It is the issue of 1776 over again. Our ancestors, when but three million in number, had the courage to declare their political independence of every other nation; shall we, their descendants, when we have grown to seventy millions, declare that we are less independent than our forefathers?



Have the mighty forgotten who we are a group of riffraff who sought a better life?

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  • Its not just this Dictator, its all of the useless tools in every branch of our government with the exception of the Men and Women currently serving our country in the armed forces.  Republican or Democrat doesn't matter we need a more choices in government.
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