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I’m no anarchist but I do believe in freedom and this country needs help a little bit of crazy is needed now more than ever.  In days of yore when men were men battles were fought with words and backed up with pistols, swords, fists, and cannons.  The economy can be fixed rather easily stop trading with communists.  People who have no concept of individual thought therefore give no question to making cheap replicas and selling them back to us at twice the price.   Human rights are unheard of in a village mentality which is how communism is works, the greater good.  You want greater good and peace well you gotta be ready to pay the price.  The crusades never ended for islamists, they still want the holy land and Jews have it and christians make the occasional pilgrimage while the russian mob runs the country.  In Japan they kill whales and spill nuclear waste because nobody thought ahead.  But guess what they ought to be used to the radiation by now.   How can we have world peace when we have 12 year old boys raping 2 year old girls.  Lets start getting our guns out and using them bring back the power of a lynch mob and let the cops turn a blind eye for acts such as these.  No hoods and sheets rather a six shooter and a rifle, lets turn the clock back a bit start breeding horses and using them for transport stop giving money to people who would cut your head off if you didn’t convert.  Take all the cars and line’m up on the mexican border and remember the Alamo. Fight back send a message to the drug and human traffickers No More.  Davey Crockett was a drunken states man with more honor than the entire United Nations.  Sam Houston lost his wife ran off with an indian woman to texas and laid down the law with the help of others.  Its time to a little farther south the war on drugs needs to be a war on drugs.  Lets go after the cartels with same intensity as we did when Nuked Japan and leveled half of Europe. Lets play the game of risk, the world needs leadership and nobody seems to see it.  Its enough to drive men crazy, but lets face it with the Absence of Leadership we have nothing to look forward to.  In America people look upon the government as God and that my friends is the Golden Calf.  We need leader who speaks softly and carries a big stick. Yeah Churchill said it he was nothing more than a drunk who saw the truth about an evil man.  You want to find real leadership find me a drunk who isn’t ashamed of his past and know right from wrong.  Yeah in school your taught play follow the leader but we have no leader thats why the world is in chaos.  I want our next president to be shepherd whose not afraid to fight off the wolves.   Leadership comes with a price and until we have a president who is willing to pay it we will be wandering in the wilderness.  Yeah the way the world used to come up ideas on how to make things better was to sit down with a bottle of whatever  and have a debate but if you crossed the line you had to pay the price.  Ask Aaron Burr about what happens when you crossed the line.  I Honestly believe Congress would be better off if they were all drunk.  We need statesmen who can have a debate and come to a conclusion even if it means pistols at dawn.  It days of yore wars war often fought by the two men representing their particular sides.  I’ll take Hulk Hogan vs the Iron Sheik any day of the week.   Our experiment with democracy was a failure,  somebody needs to speak the truth Russia, Canada, England, Australia and anybody else you could name aren’t our allies we have no allies its a dog eat dog world and we are the pit bull that has been castrated by the absence of leadership.  We need to fix america and the only way to do that is to expand and find the leaders among us that are hidden because if the speak the truth they will get yelled at by some one and discredited.  The muslims hate us, asians think were idiots, south america sell us our drugs and cheap labor while we have all the children on pharmaceutical drug it’s depressing. We have become slaves to the government and worse we are also slaves to technology we need some one to unite us we need some ex-patriots to step up and protect our boarders start hijacking all the ships coming in from china and learn how to build things with our own two hands.   When I was in university my professor in ethics asked me what my goal was, “I want to raise an army and conquer the known world so that it can be run the right way.”   Help me help america, stop electing idiots, stop putting your faith in the government put it in God or at least a God fearing man.  Money is power that corrupts all men, I would rather be broke running around in the hills I’d probably have a higher life expectancy.   We need ordinary people in congress, you can’t have this modern aristocracy running around like spoiled brats.  “How can you help the poor if you never been poor, how can you stop crime if you don’t know any criminals,”  as Chris Rock said.   We need ordinary people to put an end to this special interest garbage because no matter which side wins the elections everybody loses.  We have an Education system thats broken down and we keep trying to fix it with a hammer, let just tear it down and rebuild it.  Actually it would more sense to do that with all of the government.  I call for new elections and lets rise up like egypt and demand all of our leaders step down cause they aren’t leaders.  All over america is broke and we are try to fix it with a butter knife and duct tape.  Lets get the pitch forks out lights some fires and raise a little hell until the elected officials all resign and we put real people into the decision making process.  The constitution needs a little amending right about now who is going to man up and do what needs to be done.        I been all around the world met all kinds of amazing people and only three of them made me tremble.  1 Mike Huckabee 2 Harold Ford Jr. 3 was an old rabbi, I trembled because I knew I was in the presence of great men who cared more for their flock than for themselves.  Politics aside we need people to start acting right and that will come only when we start over again with the real issues, Poverty leads to Violence and life is beautiful we don’t need more millionaires we need more people who just want that nice pink house with the white picket fences.  In order to teach the banks a lesson we should allow squatting rights in foreclosed homes. Will a couple of true leaders step forward and a few great men sit down and have a civil conversation on a Sunday afternoon in a parlor room with out attempting to attack other peoples honor.  I would like to see a day when people realize we are all different and regions have different problems, for example out west try selling cars that run on solar power, and in the mid west how about some wind power and guess what for the rest of us on the Mighty Mississippi hydro power, we can still use coal and natural gas but stop the insanity.  Think for yourselves, communism has its ups and downs but remember even they had to have people who could think for themselves.  I don’t want millions I just want a nice world to live is that so hard to imagine.  Its going to take either the threat of force or the actual use of force to do this which is why we need leaders and statesmen from different breed.  Read your history books empathize and emulate the heros of our past and maybe we will get that better breed of man.

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  • No thank you for understanding

    Leslie Rose said:

    Thank you Jeff! You have made great statements and most of us feel the same way! A lot of realize that we must start fighting back now. WE can not afford to wait for the next election. We have to hold the leaders in power now accountable for their actions. We can start in the courts to show our elected leaders they have duties and responsibilities to the People of the United States and to uphold the Constitution. To many great men have served and died to give us our gift of Freedom and we are not just going to hand our great nation over just because someone says to. Our dictator thinks this is all a game... and he has nothing to lose. WELL, we need to show the ones in office that they have something to lose and then cut the head off of the snake! We can then start replacing those in power that have abused their powers... with true public servants. 

    Thank you for taking a stand! You and many others are what the Tea Party is all about. Preserving FREEDOM and America!

    God Bless you... Leslie

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