The state flag of South Carolina was adopted on January 28, 1861. The crescent symbol represents the silver emblem worn on the caps of South Carolina troops during the revolutionary war, and the background color matches the blue of their uniforms. Crescents were also a component of a banner carried by South Carolina protesters of the Stamp Act in 1776.

The flag also features the state tree (sabal palmetto).



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State Election Information

Statewide election dates
June 9, 2020: Primary
June 23, 2020: Primary runoff
November 3, 2020: General election

Offices on the ballot

Below is a list of 2020 South Carolina elections covered by Ballotpedia. Follow the links to learn more about each type.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Congress special election
Other state executive
State Senate
State House
Special state legislative
State Supreme Court
Intermediate appellate courts
Local judges
School boards
Municipal government
Ballot measures
Local ballot measures



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  • I'm in North Myrtle Beach, SC. 

  • RE Tea Party in SC

    There once was an active group in Charleston.

    I attended several rallies including one where Sen De Mint autographed his book.

    Finding anybody today is impossible?

    But I think I know of two brave enough to face the irs?

  • I really do not know if there is any in SC because I have wrote to some but never worte back

  • Please e-mail me if you can assist me in becoming involved.  radams@truvista.net

  • Is there a Tea Part group in the Camden area?

  • What can I do to help

  • I am unsure yet what time I will leave tommorrow for my route to the capitol building for thursday's quest. Would be nice if all would join even tho it is like talkin to a mirror.I am still going to express my opinions on what this administration has done and what we as a soverign nation should do to start the recovery. As I have noticed with lots of viewings of groups in SC they are small it appears that SC is a difficult state to group together we are a very divided state. Even the upstate is divided we should all be one whole state with one thing in mind and the what political fashion it is actualy is of no nature due to they are battleing with in themselves to be victorious against us regardless of what they are suppose to represent. And my friends they are suppose to represent US. Thank You
  • is there a myrtle beach group,thanks

  • George Soros' goal is economic destruction of America with the intent of applying a socialist state in our once great nation

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looks like i am going to be stuck in greenville sc for a while.so i would like to start a teaparty group right here in greenville.if there are any members that are willing to contact me please do.it is time for all of us to take the change for this country before those politicians take over our lives.

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Your infidel taxpayer dollars at work! The dome on Capitol Hill will be gilded in no short order. Where is the separation of mosque and state? Head slap! There s no separation. Mosque is state. (hat tip Creeping Sharia)The Congressional Muslim Staffers (CMSA) – a group we told you about numerous times now (read previous posts here), and their leader Jihad. Well, he chose the name Jihad it always seems to be abbreviated to J. when the media is around.Folks – this is the United States Capitol…

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