4997372684?profile=RESIZE_584xPennsylvania's flag features the state coat of arms on a field of blue. The state motto appears on a ribbon at the base of the design ("Liberty, Virtue, Independence"). The Pennsylvania coat of arms is also featured on the state seal.



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State Election Information


Election dates

Some states have made changes to election dates and procedures in response to the coronavirus pandemic. For the latest, visit: Changes to election dates, procedures, and administration in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, 2020.

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D) signed into law legislation postponing the state's primary election to June 2, 2020. It was originally scheduled for April 28, 2020.
Polling places: Polling locations are subject to change. Click here to access the state's official polling site locator. For more information, contact your state election officials.


Statewide election dates

June 2, 2020: Primary
November 3, 2020: General election

Offices on the ballot

Below is a list of 2020 Pennsylvania elections covered by Ballotpedia. Follow the links to learn more about each type.

President of the United States
U.S. Senate
U.S. House
Congress special election
Other state executive
State Senate
State House
Special state legislative
State Supreme Court
Intermediate appellate courts
Local judges
School boards
Municipal government
Ballot measures
Local ballot measures

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  • Did you hear the 99% want to be our friends and talk us into voting for Obama.
  • I can't believe Corbett is setting up the exchanges. I am so mad. I think he should give back the money.
  • Never stop the fight!
  • I wanted to announce my new book:

    Christian TEA Party – Tough Evangelical Activist

    There are free chapter samples at www.SpiritImpact.org.

    Hopefully you will find it very interesting and helpful.

    Thank you,

    Pastor John

    DelCo, PA

  • I will talk to my state rep. and try and find out Bradly

  • I just received information that Governor Corbett is moving to create a PA insurance exchange for Obamacare. I supported him because he sued to stop this piece of crap and he is now trying to support it under the radar? Does anyone know if this is true?

  • We Have a Golden Opportunity to Get the White House to
    review and understand  that the USFSPA is Biased, Unfair and Outdated and ready for Disposal!
    But there’s ONLY ONE WEEK Remaining to Get Our Petition Completed and to the White House before the Opportunity Expires!
    What then needs to happen by Saturday, October 22?
    The White House has made this offer, an offer we would be foolish to refuse!
    “Eliminate the permanent division of retention/retirement pay of members of the Uniformed Services in a divorce “
    "The permanent division of retention/retirement pay of members of the Uniformed Services in a divorce as property under the authority of 10 U.S.C. 1408, the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act, PL 97-252 is inconsistent with prevalent family law concepts, unfairly singles out personnel of the uniformed services for unequal treatment of a divorce, is discriminatory on its face and in impact, is inconsistent with other federal laws, violates the constitutional concepts of federalism, and unconstitutionally interferes with Presidential and Congressional duties to provide for the Armed Forces.  Such action by the President and Congress will reestablish the proper legal precedent as established by the U.S. Supreme Court in McCarty v. McCarty, 453 US 210(1981)."
  • Liberty Belle I agree with you I am working very hard to9 turn out the vote here in Northumberland co.
  • I agree that Obama will visit phili often in the year. We must think of a way to change their opinion of him. I just don’t know how to do that. He is their god.
  • My concern about Pa is I think the state can elect a Republican for President but the Democrat turn out in Philly decides the election. Obama is going to come to Philly a lot closer to the election to rev up the black vote. We really need a massive plan to turn out the vote everywhere else.
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PRAY for them! PREY for him! SERIAL RAPIST to be released AGAIN into a S. California community.

Kalifornians and New Yorkers are drinking WAY TOO MUCH OF THE COOL-AID!  They have destroyed two very beautiful parcels of coastal beach property. If you reside in either State - RUN!! Could this happen where you live?PROGRESSIVE judges and LIBERAL parole boards allow/direct/approve this horrific release and placement. Rumor has it that the prison will let him take his pillowcases with him as well, whenever he is released. CATCH & RELEASE  only works for FISH, NOT FELONS! Any…

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common law grand jury

Hi all I want to share with you a way in which we can save are great nation please go to: http://nationallibertyalliance.org/ And watch the power of the common law grand jury it is half way down the page.please read the highlighted portions of the supreme court case United states v Williams. US v Williams.pdf

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A REVOLUTION is in order NOW!!!

This president is the enemy of the United States!!Is it not obvious enough when the enemy abroad rejoices over his re-election and watches happily as he deliberately destroys this country from within!Americans need to WAKE UP and FIGHT NOW and not let their freedoms be taken from them right underneath their noses!!!

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