An Awakening

I for one am utterly disgusted and angered at the government over the latest violation of our basic liberties.  Socialism is defined as a ruling government that does and provides everything for you. It is one step from communism.  Social security, Medicare, welfare, housing, banking, transportation, the price of milk. All broken. And now, somehow, we need them to control our health care. Socialism. Pure and simple. so. When I get the forms in the mail to sign up for insurance that I do not have, nor do not want, I am writing "Return to sender" in bold red lettering across the front of the envelope. I urge everyone reading this to do the same and spread this simple yet affective method of protest. I refuse to conform!!!!! I do not need anyone to pay my way through life! I am capable and willing to do so on my own without having my hand held by the government!

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