5059565068?profile=RESIZE_584xThe Ohio state flag has a unique swallowtail design which is more correctly called a burgee (pronounced bûr’je) rather than a "flag" or "banner."

The Ohio flag was designed by John Eisemann and officially adopted in 1902. The blue triangular field represents Ohio’s hills and valleys. It contains seventeen white stars - thirteen stars surrounding the circle are symbols of the original thirteen colonies. Four stars at the apex of the triangle raise the total number of stars to seventeen (Ohio was the 17th state to enter the Union in 1803).

The red and white stripes represent the roads and waterways of the state.


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November 3, 2020: General election


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    4. 74% Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH)


  • Please OH, we must remove this man from office next time around: 

    Sen. Brown: Why Not ‘Medicare for the Whole Country?’ It ‘Would Be Terrific’


  • Coming to a district near you: 

    Republican Leadership Wants Barack Obama to Run Congress


    An outside spending group aligned with the House Republican leadership will run $200,000 in ads defending lawmakers who voted for the long-term Department of Homeland Security funding bill.

    The Main Street Advocacy ads, which begin airing Monday night in the Ohio districts represented by Republican Reps. Rep. Steve Stivers (R-OH and Rep. Pat Tiberi (R-OH), will air on radio stations in six districts. . .

    . . .The spot harshly criticizes “bullies” who linked the vote to fund DHS with attempts to block President Barack Obama’s executive actions on illegal immigrants. Republican supporters of the long-term funding bill argued that, after a federal judge in Texas stopped Obama’s executive action to shield 5 million immigrants from deportation, the DHS funding vote was not a wider referendum on immigration. . .


    As the secondary title of this article states:

    "Steve LaTourette can go flip himself"

  • Is this what you voted for your Governor to do? (underlining is mine to highlight points):

     John Kasich's new coordinated welfare approach to start with teens, young adults


    Gov. John Kasich will propose new approaches for Ohio's welfare programs in the budget he unveils Monday, targeting teens and young adults as part of an effort to intervene at an early age to stop poverty.

    The changes would require individual counties, which administer the assistance programs across the state, to designate a lead entity that will be responsible for coordinating help -- assistance programs and job training efforts -- and matching them to clients.

    Individual clients would be able to one-stop shop with a caseworker who could connect them with assistance programs and job training needed to get them work.

    The initial efforts would target people aged 16 to 24 with the idea of intervening before they get stuck in a cycle of poverty.Those clients would also have to take some personal responsibility,  participating in job training and be willing to help themselves.

    The goal is to expand the approach to all Ohioans on public assistance by July 1, 2016. . .

    . . .While he discussed the new approach as one that will benefit individuals with the goal of lifting them out of poverty, he also issued a warning for the counties that administer the programs: Get on board or get left behind.

    "We get this through, and I think we will, we're going to tell the commissioners (in Ohio's counties) that you will designate a lead agency and someone will be in charge of coordinating everything that involves the person in need," Kasich said. "If counties do not do this, and they do not meet the metrics ... we are going to take every dime of TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) money out of that county and give it to a county that wants to do it, or we will privatize it or we will take it at the state level.". .

    NOTE: be sure to read the comments after the article to get a perspective on how some of our fellow OH's feel about this. 


  • Thanks Gov Kasich. . .

    Ohio’s Obamacare expansion has already cost over $2 billion


    . . .If recent enrollment and cost trends persist, Kasich’s Obamacare expansion will be more than $1 billion over budget by the time Ohio’s 2015 fiscal year ends on June 30. . .

    Looks like it might be time for calls/emails/action:

    . . .The governor is expected to include a continuation of his Obamacare expansion in the proposed 2016-2017 budget his office will release Monday. A two-year appropriation for the expansion would likely cost federal taxpayers more than $6 billion.

    Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, a Clarksville Republican, has signaled surrender to Kasich on the Obamacare expansion.

  • Ohio governor slams Obamacare opponents in Montana

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich on Wednesday accused Montana lawmakers of letting poor Montanans die by rejecting Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

    Kasich’s meeting with state legislators in Helena marked the second Balanced Budget Forever event in as many days where the Republican governor promoted Medicaid expansion and bashed its critics. . .

    . . .Although Kasich asserts his Obamacare expansion is funded entirely with Ohio money, the expansion is projected to cost federal taxpayers more than $50 billion in its.... . .

    . . .Kasich became visibly annoyed when his Obamacare expansion position was challenged again at a pre....

    “John Roberts gave me an opportunity in the Supreme Court for the state to make a decision as to whether they want to reclaim this money or not,” Kasich told state legislators, repeating a line he used in Pierre, S.D., the day before. “There’s no money in Washington, it’s my money, okay? And so, I brought my money back to Ohio.”

    As noted above, Kasich’s Obamacare expansion is expected to cost federal taxpayers over $50 billion in new spending through 2022. The only involvement Chief Justice John Roberts and the Supreme Court had in Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion was in empowering states to opt out. . .


  • Seven union front groups fighting labor reform this year

    Watch for union bosses to fight state labor reforms using pseudo-grassroots front groups this year, though the tactic has seen mixed results.

    Right-to-work, loathed by labor bosses because it enables workers to choose whether to pay a union, is seen as a possibility in Wisconsin, Ohio, New Mexico, New Hampshire, Missouri and West Virginia in 2015. Several states are considering paycheck protection, which prevents using taxpayer resources to collect union dues.

    In 2011, government unions created We Are Wisconsin and We Are Ohio to spin government union reforms as attacks on workers. Unions failed to block Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s Act 10 but successfully overturned Ohio Senate Bill 5in a referendum against the law limiting public union power. . .

    . . .We Are Ohio, calling itself a “citizen-driven, community-based bipartisan coalition,” has received 96 percent of more than $40 million in total funding from unions. Roughly half of We Are Ohio’s funding has come from union bosses in Washington, D.C.

    Ohio legislators hoping to advance right-to-work for both the public and private sectors are up against fellow Republicans —including Gov. John Kasich — who are frightened of or friendly with union bosses. Many Ohio Republicans get campaign contributions from unions.

    Kasich was endorsed for re-election last fall by several private-sector unions, including International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18. IUOE Local 18 runs Keep Ohio’s Heritage, a propaganda shop funded with $1 million from IUOE headquarters in D.C. . .


  • Ohio employers paying higher taxes thanks to state’s unemployment debt

    Ohio employers are paying higher taxes for unemployment compensation in 2015, a direct result of the state’s failure to repay billions borrowed to cover unemployment benefits during the recession. . . 


  • Good to know--we need "all hands on deck" so to speak--Happy New Year! 

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