Richard D Gregory Sr

I am a very opinoinated man.

I will start with something I posted on "JOINTHETEAPARTY.NET"

This will bother many Christians; but I cannot help that.

                        I believe that America was protected by GOD since before its inception.

            I am having a hard time with all the ignoring of America’s trying to disprove the Christianity of America. I think it is time we said something about what we believe and stop ignoring our faith. HE said if we are ashamed of HIM now; HE will be ashamed of us on that day! I am not ashamed of HIM!


Today is THANKS GIVING DAY; what are you thankful for?
I am thankful for the nation I live in.
I am thankful that we can still do what Dr Martin Luther King did; I only wish he had lived to see how we are progressing toward his dream. We are not there yet, but we are on the way.
 Others created my country. And when I realize the blood sweat and grief that went into creating this country; WOW!

I believe this nation was created with the help of GOD. How else can it be!
Our forefathers fought against one of the greatest and strongest nations in the known world; and WON!
Then, again I believe it was the hand of GOD, when we fought a war against ourselves; brother against brother; son against father in what is called a CIVIL WAR, which IF the south had won; we would be have split into a bunch of city states, speaking a different language. Not capable of winning WW I or WW II. Think on that!
We would not have been available to fight off the Germans or the Japanese when they attacked us.
Both of these latter wars were against the Germans.
 The second one, they were allied with the Japanese and Italians.
You can say what you want; HE was with us. We were unprepared.
The secular people will have to agree, there were so many coincidences, and they could not have all been coincidences.
Consider; General Patten asked his Chaplain to write a prayer for him as he was socked in with a pea soup fog and could not get the planes off the ground to fight.
The Chaplain wrote; Gen Patten prayed; and the events moved in the battle to win those battles.
Can we say that today? Will HE be willing to save us from what we are facing today? Are we not in a spiritual war?
If we have another time when we need Spiritual help; will HE be with us? Well, I believe we need HIS help again..
I think HE left Scriptural Prophecy in such a way for U.S. to have a choice to do something.
You see I do not see anything about America there;
I see Russia (Magog), I see Israel (Israel), I see the East (China, with trouble on the horizon) I see the   Mediterranean. Look in Daniel and Revelation, See?
I think HE left something for U.S. to fight for as well. HE protected U.S. for hundreds of years; I just believe He will help; if we do what HE asks. Repent; pray; seek HIS face. Get involved by speaking out when we see the public teaching things that are lies. Like “millions and millions of years ago“. 

We know the

I am grateful that I will hear HIM call, That is when you start to understand Christianity.
To whom much is given, much is required; that is us! HE gave us much.

I believe HE has placed U.S. in THIS position to say
I think HE has given U.S. this bastion of freedom to fight for so the persecuted can have somewhere to run to during the end.


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  • This has been a major thorn in my side for many years. Our constitution guarentees the right to worship any way we wish but no where did it say our nations government will embrace athiesm.

    There is also the speration of church and state. The First Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof   and Article VI specifies that no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.

    Nowhere there does it say the government has to get rid of God in all its dealings and embrace atheism and the way the courts have ruled on the subject means they have set legal precedence for atheism which is a religion of itself.


    There has to be a way to block the liberal athiest who want God to have no part of our nation. Our nation was founded on the princilpe of In God We Trust and we the people let them the haters dictate to us that God is no longer allowed in our nation. Thats just wrong on so many levels.

    • There never was a "separation" of Church and state.

      That was the letter to the Danbury Conn Baptist church.


      There is available a free issues guide for voters.

      It is a short message from D. James Kennedy. about what we should be thinking before we enter voting booths across our nation.

      Please listen to :


       Richard D Gregory Sr


  • America Never Was a Godly country.  It was Blessed, like all other nations, in spite of its people, not because of them.  Yes, there were Christian influences in the formation of our nation.  But we are sinful people and so were our ancestors.  Like Abraham, who lied to Pharaoh about his wife's identity, our founding fathers were flawed men who took what they understood of scripture and applied it as best they could to the world around them.  But they did not have perfect faith; Our country was bathed in the blood of soldiers at it's birth, in stark contrast to the founding of the church which was bathed by soldiers in the blood of the believers.

    You do what you want:  Fight, Pray, Vote ... It is your will... your freedom to make the choice.  You Cannot change the mind of the Unchangeable God, but you can align your will to His.  Either way, He will have His will weather this Nation, your family, or you are with Him or not.  He does not need us.  Watch what you are doing, saying, and thinking. 

    • When you say
      "America never was a godly nation"

      Stop and think first.


      See this video :l  before you give incorrect information.


      There is available a free issues guide for voters.

      It is a short message from D. James Kennedy. about what we should be thinking before we enter voting booths across our nation.

      Please listen to :



      Richard D Gregory Sr
  • AMEN !

  • Great article, Richard!!!

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