All of you on this ning group.

Remember this guy named Brian D. Hill of USWGO Alternative News. He used to have his website ta, defeated Righthaven LLC who tried to sue him for copyright infringement that had ties to the Obamas to go after alternative media blogs that didn't agree with Obama.

Brian regrets not being able to inform you of this. I am Stanley Bolten and have temporarily taken control of his account until Brian is off of federal probation or is acquitted in federal court.

Brian has been a victim for years since his shut down in 2012. He has suffered one violation of he constitution after another in the corrupt federal court system.

USWGO Alternative News is gone forever and he wasn't able to tell you about what all had happened.

There is so much to tell you.

This website has the details of frauds upon the court by the Assistant U.S. Attorney Anand Prakash Ramaswamy in North Carolina. Brian fought back and filed a FOIA lawsuit in 2017.

Then he had carbon monoxide gas in his home and for months it had gotten bad, his blood cell counts were abnormal, he had sinus tachycardia. He started wandering away from his home walking at night without telling his mother. Brian has Autism and Type 1 Diabetes. A guy in a hoodie threatened to kill his mother if he didn't take his clothes off on the hiking trail in Martinsville, Virginia, and he was charged with indecent exposure even though he was found by police in the middle of the night not making any sense.

The hospital was going to test him for drugs but then the tests were ordered to be deleted and he was arrested and charged, then was found guilty of his charge. Brian filed a Writ of Error Coram Nobis proving that the police never opened up a restricted delivery envelope with evidence of carbon monoxide and a threatening greeting card that his mother received from Nashville, Tennessee. So he proved incompetence. He also proved spoliation of evidence that would exonerate him and would have caused the criminal charge against him to have been dropped since Brian was a victim of long-exposure to carbon monoxide gas.

Brian seems to be in a never-ending federal judicial war against him ever since 2012-2013. Somebody in North Carolina, the town of Mayodan didn't like what he was posting on USWGO Alternative News. I also heard his mother's car breaks kept going out in 2017. The breaks were fixed and then soon went broke again, multiple times.

Brian also tried to help Roger Stone as well in his case.

Now the Circuit Court that convicted him is refusing to let him proceed pro se, refusing to let him present any evidence in his favor, and won't let him have due process. They are also demanding over $1,000 in legal fees or he faces jail time and another federal probation violation. They are garnishing his SSI disability.

I believe that Brian is being targeted by the Deep State and has been targeted since 2012-2013. There needs to be alternative media coverage of this. If you know any media people here, please inform them of Brian's situation, I beg of you. God bless you!

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